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North Korea: A Threat or An Excuse?

I do not believe that North Korea is a threat to America.  On the other hand, it is being used by our government as one.  Why?  My belief is that North Korea provides an excuse / air cover for us to create another war zone to throw men and equipment ...

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Cyprus – Banking Theft / Bail In

My article #3 on this Blog, America?s National Debt, What It Means for Investors, provides a background and context to understand the significant financial events in Cyprus. It also discusses the Cyprus banks actual financial constraints placed on its depositors. In effect, the Cyprus government and its banks folded to ...

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Geopolitics and Hyperinflation – China and Japan hyperinflation

China and Japan hyperinflation   This Blog is about the investment environment that I define as Geopolitics and Economics.  The Geopolitics of Japan affects the investment environment of those in the United States.  How so?  Let’s look. First, the Japanese government has just announced that they will be in lockstep ...

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