An Analysis of 4 Scandals: IRS, Benghazi, Sebelius, Associated Press

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An Analysis of 4 Scandals: IRS, Benghazi, Sebelius, Associated Press

These four scandals are not an ordinary set. This set is the worst scandal since Watergate. They call to question the integrity of the entire American system of government and our ability to trust our government, its leaders, its workers, and agencies such as the IRS, ATF, Justice, FBI and the State Department.

Tyranny is defined by Webster as an oppressive and unjust government.  Using that definition, our government has become tyrannical.  Fascism, as defined by Carroll Quigley is, “the adoption by the vested interest in a society of an authoritarian form of government in order to maintain their vested interests to prevent reform in society.”  Using this definition, our government has become fascist.  This paper investigates both of those claims.  Let’s look at the four scandals:
IRS: The IRS is the collector and enforcer of direct taxation which became law in 1913.  The evidence shows this administration used the full power of government, not only the IRS, in an attempt to squash the Tea party and its other political opponents and have been doing this since 2008.  These attacks were systemic throughout the IRS including extraordinary audits, the leaking of critical political opponent’s IRS information and use of other agencies such as the ATF, OSHA and the FBI to audit and intimidate. This was systemic, broad-based, and used the full power of the government for Political purposes.   Historically, the IRS has been used by politicians as a power weapon for the last 80 years. The only way to eliminate tyrannical use of power such as has occurred is to eliminate the weapon. Politicians always use this club.  Why?  Because it is easy to use; it is effective; it is easy to cover up; and when caught no one does anything.

Taxation is still required but other forms of taxation are better suited for the American people than direct transaction. This paper examines other tax methods and concludes that a flat tax is better than a direct tax since it eliminates Congressional and Executive Office meddling. The flat tax in Europe of 15% has been very successful. The paper concludes that a combination of a flat tax, tariffs, and fees appear to be the best solution for America today.  The paper also concludes that a Congressional special committee needs to: (1) investigate the IRS illegal actions and upon reviewing the facts to recommend a different tax method that is less political. (2) This committee needs to recommend as to whether to open presidential impeachment hearings similar to those of Nixon because Article 2 of Nixon’s impeachment record documents precisely what occurred in this scandal.  .
Benghazi:  This scandal requires a Special Counsel to search out the truth. When concluded, it could lead to impeachment hearings for treason against Obama, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta. The press is compromised on these issues because the presidents of CBS and ABC both have children in the White House working directly for Obama and they were interfacing directly with the national Security Council on the issue of Benghazi.  This is a clear conflict of interest. Upon analysis, this author concludes that there are many issues that this administration is avoiding and covering up. One stands out -The White House will not let 31 people who were witnesses to the Benghazi attack testify before Congress. The White House and State department issued three “stand down” orders.  This fits the “aiding and abetting” the enemy phrase that defines Treason and needs to be investigated in that light.  At least four Americans were killed – an Ambassador and 3 Seals.

In the Benghazi situation only an Independent Counsel can find the truth.  The White House is stonewalling the Congress (31witnesses).  The administration and Congress will not find the truth with a committee from the Justice Department. That is a cover up technique.  This Independent Counsel could conclude and recommend impeachment hearings based on the charge of treason based on the evidence.
Kathleen Sebelius_ Obamacare_ Iran Contra Affair:  Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Health, was told by the House of Representatives that they were not going to appropriate money for the insurance exchanges for the states. As a method of getting around the House of Representatives direction, she was involved in the founding of a nonprofit corporation; called corporations that would benefit from Obamacare and asked them for “donations” into the nonprofit corporation; then she used the funds to start the state insurance exchanges. This action is precisely what Ollie North did to help the Contras in Nicaragua. The Congressional hearings found those actions illegal and people involved with the operation went to jail. A congressional investigation similar to that of the Iran Contra needs to be created in order to determine whether illegal actions occurred and to put the players in jail in the same manner as occurred during the Iran Contra investigations. The situation is almost congruent with Iran Contra with respect to motivations, actions and results.
First Amendment – Freedom of the Press:  In this scandal the Justice Department directly attacked the freedom of the press and the First Amendment. The government subpoenaed from the telephone company two months of reporter conversations that included private as well as business conversations.  These reporters effectively had their private as well as office phones tapped without their knowledge.  The Associated Press was not aware, neither were the reporters. In this process the Justice Department broke the sanctity of the “freedom of the press” by illegally gathering private information without the knowledge of the reporters.  Further, the Justice Department positively and knowingly avoided all interactions with the court system to keep the AP from challenging a subpoena that it was not aware of.  The freedom of the press is now compromised. A Special Independent Counsel needs to be appointed to ascertain who was involved, how many reporters’ conversations were compromised and what abuses of the First Amendment were incurred. Then, they should indict and prosecute the government employees involved in our Justice Department.   A Special Independent Counsel needs to be assigned for the investigation of the facts concerning two months worth of illegal wiretapping. This needs to be investigated as to the facts, the individuals, the rationale, and indictment and prosecution needs to be made against the government officials that were involved with this. This action clearly violates the First Amendment.

In summary, any one of the proposed investigations could lead to indictable offenses.  At least one could lead to impeachment on the charge of Treason.

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