Who is Joe ?

Joseph P Hawranek

I was raised in Virginia and Pennsylvania.   I put myself through college on scholarships and by working multiple jobs. I attended VMI and U.VA., then joined the Air Force, was stationed in Florida at Patrick AFB where I worked as a launch officer on the Minuteman program and participated in over 50 launches.  This developed the Minuteman I and II program of multiple vehicle entry of thermonuclear weapons that has kept this nation safe since the 60s.    After the USAF, I joined IBM, worked on the Saturn V Moon Rocket launch.  This was the rocket that put the man on the moon.  Then I returned to school at the U. PA Wharton School where I earned a Ph.D. in Economics.

For a career, I worked as an engineer, engineering manager and executive – including CEO.  As a manager, I brought many products to market such as the IBM Point of Sale Systems; TELXON hand held computers; Honeywell X.25 packet switching system, TENERON encrypting modems and California Microwave’s IEEE 802.11 wireless Point of Sale systems.   I worked high tech and state of the art because I understood and enjoyed high tech.   The technology was always changing and challenging.   I gained enough knowledge that I started and ran my own consulting company, Raven Communications, and ran it for 10 years.

Finally, I rejoined IBM as a Global Services Competency Principal for Communications, Security and Business Resiliency.   IBM calls mainframe back up “business resiliency”.   I worked with large financial institutions in the financial sector across a 13 state region in the Midwest.  I am current in communications systems, networks and security systems.


Once retired, I moved to Las Cruces, NM where I got involved in Constitutional education.   My personal goal was to educate others on how important the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were to this nation. In Las Cruces, I co-founded a TEA Party, Las Cruces Sons of Liberty, http://www.lcsonsofliberty.com , which had about 5,000 inquiries per day when I left.   I had fun doing this.   However, it introduced me to what I call the application layer of the internet – Internet marketing. Up to that time, I had generally worked at the communications layer of the System Network Architecture.  It also made me do deep research into Constitutional principles and fed my natural desire to focus on geopolitical events.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing intrigued me for a number of reasons.   The profession was only 13 years old and new.   In addition, it was the most rapidly growing segment of business in the world with 1 billion people online and 2 billion users.   Furthermore, internet marketing is expected to create 10 million new millionaires over the next 10 years – and it can all be done from home.   Being an old “fire dog” for bringing new products to market, I was intrigued. I had already decided that as a retiree, I wanted to work from home, which I knew would curtail my “technical consulting” because that required too much travel. Becoming an “online marketer” sounded ideal because I could learn a new technology, use my years of experience to help others, write about my obsessions – geopolitics, financial education and economics – and make money.  As an aside, I consider economics the study of man in his daily life.  Accordingly, I consider geopolitics as the study of a sovereign nation in its daily life.

I researched the internet and found a few companies that interested me.  I joined the Champion Movement as a founding member. This was my first venture into becoming an online marketer; therefore, I wanted to work with experts to learn the business.   After watching and listening to the founders such as Ryan Nelson, I became one of his enthusiasts because he understands both the technology and the marketing aspects of being an online marketer.   I learned a lot from Ryan and his team.  He has helped me build a website, write a personal blog, publish 200+ articles and publish seven Books based on my ideas.  On my first educational site, “www.jpfinancialeducation.com”, I surprised myself because within 10 months I had 16,000 readers. I moved those articles to www.ravengeopolnews.com. This woke me up that anyone could do this – including me!  If you have a passion, get a website – then write a Blog and become an affiliate marketer.   In this way, you learn how to make money from home while doing something that you enjoy.


My career in corporate American led me into teaching because for 40 years I was always involved as a manager in bringing new products to market.  This requirement to educate the field force and customer base gave me a broader experience than engineering – – – how to teach and the best ways to present new material.    As a manager, I set up educational programs for products in four Fortune 100 companies.

I am still evolving my ideas about this site. I recommend that one finds your WHY.  I joined the Champion Movement and found mine –

I help explore the truth in what is possible so that others can actualize their full potential.”

I just completed an Economics Course, Economics for Entrepreneurs, that should be available within a month. I will include it in the 6 week webinar that I am currently working on.