Ecomomics Basics

It is important for all entrepreneurs have some understanding of basic economics.Why? You will need it to make your business profitable. My intention is to create an eBook by using a power point presentation with voice overlay as a methodology.As I get more adept, I will try to include meaningful videos on topics.Currently, in my mind, I have an outline.This is obviously subject to change as I begin the creation of the courses.

I will probably place some free and paid material on both my   sirtes and sites as well as low cost eBooks

My intention is that the lessons will cover topics as follows:

  1. Foundations
    1. Economic Thinking
    2. Economic Principles
    3. Economic Concepts
  2. Capitalism and the Market Economy
    1. Private Property
    2. Exchange: Direct (Barter Prices), Indirect (Money)
    3. Division of Labor
    4. Entrepreneurship and Competition
    5. Income, Saving and Investment
    6. Supply and Demand
    7. Interest, Credit and Debt
    8. Profit and Loss
    9. The Stock Market
  3. Socialism and Command Economy
    1. The Failure of Socialism
  4. Intervention and the Mixed Economy
    1. Price controls
    2. Taxes
    3. Tariffs
    4. Economics of Prohibition of Alcohol or Drugs
    5. Inflation
    6. Government Debt
    7. Business Cycle.


I realize that the above is a lot of material; however, it is designed to cover the basics of Economics. It will take me several months to create these lessons but I look forward to it. In the end, I will have done a “memory dump” of some of the material that runs through my head as I read the papers and become amazed at the antics of our “politicians” that are elected to run this nation.

The founders of this nation were gifted, intelligent and learned men.   They read their ancient texts in Greek and Latin so that they would get the information correctly from the source.   For instance, Jefferson ,  John Adams, John Quincy Adams and Franklyn were proficient in Latin, Greek, English, French.   Adams was also proficient in German and Dutch.   Franklyn picked up Spanish.   John Quincy Adams, John Adams son and Jefferson’s protégée student was proficient in Dutch and Russian in addition to Latin, Greek, English and French.   Is it any wonder that these men who influenced the foundation of this nation were honored and respected by all the Europeans that they met.

These men studied all possible forms of government and rejected kingship proposed by Plato.   They endorsed and collectively chose Aristotle and not Plato and not his Republic as the model for the American government. They wanted a nation of constitution and laws, freedom of choice for individuals, capitalist freedom for individuals who kept the earnings of their labor which is property  – – –  not legislation handed out by benevolent kings nor men that acted like that. They knew that you cannot count on benevolent gifted men because “Power Corrupts”. They had the wisdom of history and chose wisely to create a Republican Democracy. This little course is designed to give you the basics that with your free will thinking should lead to wisdom.

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