August 5 2019

The Wall Street Journal’s propaganda headline for White Nationalism – against Donald Trump – caught my attention.  This claim is nonsense.  The shooters in El Paso and Ohio were not white nationalists.   They were white disturbed people who needed mental help.   Right away, the politicians and media started screaming about white nationalist and gun control.   The truth is neither gun control nor political control of white nationalists would solve the problem   Not mentioned but desperately needed are mental health facilities about the country where these people should attend.  They do not exist because during the JFK era, they were all shut down.   They are needed today. These people are troubled and need to talk to someone who can counsel them – before they act.

Something positive would be to discuss, fund and implement nationwide free mental health clinics focused on potential shooters.  This would be 10 times more effective than to continue babbling about gun control. Americans are not going to give up their guns.  The constitution guarantees them for their protection against government intrusion and the people want them for their own safety.  Besides, Florida has shown when you have open carry, crime goes down and Australia has shown when you remove guns, crime goes up.

Another topic that should be breached is the removal of all free gun areas.  If people were allowed to open carry as they do in Florida, and the shooters knew that they were there, then merely being in a crowd and being armed would be a deterrent to the shooter since they do not want to be killed themselves.   They are cowards.

Thus, enough of the nonsense of “gun control” and open up the two avenues where progress can be made – “open carry” and “community mental health” facilities.   Congressmen should concentrate on those things that might help stop the problem not things that fit and enhance their liberal political objectives.  Reset their objectives to do something that would help the community.

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