Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty. Plato 

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. Voltaire

 Communism is a monopolistic system, economically and politically. The system suppresses individual initiative, and the 21st century is all about individualism and freedom. The development of technology-supported these directions. Lech Walesa

The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property. Karl Marx

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. Winston Churchill

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For some time I have been warning people that computer programs are going to weigh your life on the scales of algorithms to calculate your worth in regards to serving society. Financial credit scores have for some time served as a measuring stick to a person’s character and trustworthiness to pay back debts. There is now a new system in China called the “Social Credit Score”.  This new system in China will make a financial credit score look like an insignificant speed bump.

China is moving quickly to implement a system that applies to all areas –

  • Financial,
  • Law enforcement,
  • Political,
  • Business,
  • Civilian and

Their plan is to install 600 million video cameras across China.  They have already started the process and expect to have it completed by 2020.  These cameras will be in all public places such as city squares, churches, and government buildings.  They will use software for time dating, facial identity, and GPS location and do correlations with other activities by individual if necessary.   Things like those that which group is meeting will be recorded.

 The governing body of China will decide what qualifies as living a life as a good citizen and people will need to meet those criteria. Consider that the government in China means the Chinese Communist Party.  They are the state and there is no God in this dictatorship. Reason and God’s law are not allowed.   The government will decide punishments and benefits.

Social media data is collected, measured, and then rated against the government’s agenda and policies. In China, their credit rating system (Sesame Credit) uses algorithms to constantly survey a person’s transactions and “interpersonal relationships”.    If, for instance, one has good credit but associates with the wrong people, you can get a low social credit score.

If you have a low social credit score, it is already evident in China that –

  • You cannot ride public transportation,
  • You cannot rent a car,
  • You cannot travel with visas,
  • You can be locked out of dating sites and other forms of entertainment.

The social integrity system does not apply to those in power such as members of the communist party, which is one of the special criterion to gain power.  The social control is for the slaves who will soon find out that their right to make decisions and have control over their lives will be removed.

In this Chinese world, you will have concerns about pulling down your social rating if you –

  • Associate with the wrong people

Control is what those in power want.  It is not money.  Most of the time, those in power have plenty of money.  A system such as China’s is like a big present to those sociopaths and psychopaths in power all over the world.  It is a means to control the citizens 24/7 365 days a year.  It allows you to determine the scorecard.  The system measures government monitoring and citizens’ progress against that scorecard.  Finally, being digital, it is portable to other countries – including the U.S.A.   I have come to believe that if it is digital and it could be used to control the citizens, it will be used.  No one ever asks, “Should this be done?”   Rather, they just look as to whether it can be done.  Further, if it can keep the political leaders in power, it most certainly will be done. They control the purse strings for these government programs.

On the other hand, a system such as in China’s will make corruption grow and hatred of the government grows.    No one wants to be controlled to this level. Imagine a world where you can be blackballed for a simple job application, a school application by details in your life that you have long forgotten. It is a system where just one insignificant fault can make you unemployed indefinitely or uneducated.   In this environment, your social media footprint can put you in jeopardy of not accomplishing your goals in life. All systems can be hacked and data stolen or changed.  The 21st Century is one of individual freedom of choice.   This system will be deeply resented by the average Chinese citizen.  After implementation, it could lead to revolution.

On the technical level, China’s system has the potential of creating massive identity theft. Stealing a person’s social identity on such a system could be motivated by – wanting a better life, money, revenge or corporate sabotage. Here is what China’s officials say about their Social Credit System: “Social Credit is a desirable way to measure and enhance trust nationwide and to build a culture of sincerity. It will forge a public opinion environment where keeping trust is glorious. It will strengthen sincerity in government affairs, commercial sincerity, social sincerity and the construction of judicial credibility” State Council of China.   Nonsense, It will create an environment of fear.  Fear that one mistake could deprive you of something that you deeply desire.  Further, it will create a basic fear of government that used the system to control all aspects of your life in order to meet the Central Committees goals.


I spent 40 years in IT and am an expert in several areas.  I spotted years ago that if it could be done and it would enhance the politician’s ability to control the citizens, it probably would be done.  Further, I have noticed that seldom does anyone ever speak up and ask, “Should this be done? Or bring out the fact that this type of system removes all rights to privacy of the individual”   Man’s God given rights to his own person are being violated by this system.


Think of China’s system about socialized healthcare. China’s system would offer access to lifestyle details.  As a result, if the computer system thinks your lifestyle is the reason for your poor health you are in trouble. Big Brother is here.  If you sit and watch TV too much, drink too much, smoke too much and eat junk what would that do to your social score? The China healthcare system will have access to all this information and more – all the measured health records for instance.   The system will develop into such complexity that all businesses you deal with will have instant access to your social score. Think about that when applying for a loan or for college or trying to get auto or home insurance and how that would affect your payments. Here are some life style choices that will have to be made –

  • Will people agree to the restrictions and surveillance in order to lower their payments?
  • Will being private cost you?
  • If you’re penalized for not having a smart meter you’ll be penalized for your privacy

In the U.S, politicians would like this control.  One wonders, Is the U.S. setting up to run a system such as in China?  To most people, this whole concept is absurd but China will move to control 1.3 billion of its people in this way by 2020. Therfore, “Someone who plays video games for ten hours a day, for example, would be considered an idle person. Someone who frequently buys diapers would be considered a parent with a sense of responsibility”. The observer notes that the system not only investigates behavior – it shapes it   It.helps nudge citizens away from behaviors and purchases the government does not like.

Li Yigyun, Sesame’s Credit Score Technology Director “I think the best way to understand the Social Credit System is as a sort of bastard love child of a loyalty scheme. Higher scores will become a status symbol or celebrity honor.”  Rogier Creemers, Specialist in Chinese Law, Van Vollenhoven Institute at Leiden University “The Social Credit System is basically a big data-gamed version of the Communist Party’s surveillance methods. It will actually lower social trust in China. People with low scores will have slower internet speeds, restricted access to retail and restaurants and removal of the right to travel. We are also going to see the birth of a “reputation” black market as a sort of selling under the counter way to boost your score. Hackers, even state-backed ones, can change or steal the digital stored information.

The essence is that one must agree with the Communist party or have your civil liberties removed.  Then it will become much more difficult to disagree.

The Chinese system has access to your lifestyle habits.  If it does not like them, it can restrict access to the “free health care” system. In truth, this system allows government to control all aspects of your life.


In China, there are reputedly 300 million Christians.  The Chinese government does not want any religion and does not tolerate any religion.  On the other hand, they just allowed the Catholic Church to appoint Bishops that have Chinese government approval.   Currently, the Chinese government has removed most of the crosses in Christian churches.   Further, they are outfitting all churches with their video monitoring systems. The mere attendance at these ceremonies will be noted on the social card as a negative.  Thus, the attendance should fall because it is not approved by the Chinese Communist government. Attendance could  hurt you in secular areas such as car loans.

No one knows as yet how this all will fall out. On the other hand, if one believes the objectives of the system, it will lead to less church functions.    The State is the new God.  They cannot make mistakes.  If one teaches the 10 commandments, then one will be teaching that there is a higher authority than the state.  If so, it will result in a negative mark on your social report card.


In America, the people are raised in an atmosphere of individual freedom and the use of reason to choose between right and wrong.   The country was founded as a Christian nation and most of the people are still Christian.  Adherence to the 10 commandments, Christmas, Easter and religious holidays go as a matter of course in America since religious freedom exists.   This is the antithesis of what exists in China.  The state is in control of everything and outlaws God and religion.  All communist societies do this.  The state owns all the property associated with production and makes all the decisions associated with property.  More importantly, they make all political and religious decisions.   Anytime they come across a religion, they work hard at eliminating it from China.  As evidence, consider Tibet and the Uighurs (Moslem).  Next on the list are Christians.   Their system cannot exist with a competitive higher-level authority.  Thus, it must be removed.

The Chinese leaders recognize a few rules that are inviolate.  Rule #1 – All political change in China for 5,000 years has been by revolution.  Rule #2 – They have 1.2 billion people and must keep them happy and employed or they will revolt.   Rule #3 – To control anything, one must observe what the citizens are doing at all times.

Accordingly, the technology of today and the political aspirations of the elite Communist Party are in sync.  Therefore, China will go through with this social experiment of total control.   This is going to happen because the political leaders need it to happen I order to remain in control.

In the process of controlling their 1.2 billion people, the Chinese will invent techniques and possibly new technology to enable their totalitarian state.  These techniques and technologies are easily transportable.  I expect to see them in the U.S. within 50 years.   Only a resurgence of the Constitutional principles that founded this nation and a cadre of eloquent spokesmen who believe in individual liberty, Greek reason and freedom make their own decisions will be able to divert this juggernaut of state centralized control of everything – even thoughts about politics and religion.

I expect to see them in the U.S. because our politicians are so weak that they need the support of outside forces such as fascist corporations and the guns of government to enforce their ideas.  The Chinese system allows them to write the yardstick of control, which are the items to be monitored and the scores.  The rest is rote people doing their jobs of monitoring and controlling the citizens.