What is the Bonus for Killing Conservatives?

What is the Bonus for Killing Conservatives?

This is a real question.  Consider the following – I wrote an article that is posted on my Blog, jpfinancialeducation.com, called, “An Analysis of Four Scandals – IRS, BENGHAZI, SEBELIUS, ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTERS”.   At the time I did not know the person in charge at the IRS. That has come out to be Sarah Hall Ingram, a person who should have at least been fired.  In fact, my paper shows that she should have been indicted for breaking privacy laws associated with the IRS and harassment of citizens.  How much did she make for her willful obedience to Obama and his henchmen in the IRS?   Let’s see:

Sarah Hall Ingram IRS Compensation Income

                     2009               2010                       2011                    2012
BASE         $172,500          $172,500                $177,000             $177,000
BONUS         $7,000             $34,440                 $35,400               $26,550
Total          $181,509           $208,950                $214,411            $205,562

That is a nice salary for someone who breaks the law.   However, not to worry Sarah, since you took the “heat”, Obama just promoted you to be the head IRS manager at the Obama Health Care agency.  You see Obama health care has been designated as a “Tax” by the Supreme Court.  Thus, she is the defacto head chicken in charge of that coop. Conservatives better start considering going overseas for their intensive care.  It will only be a matter of time before that chicken starts pecking at you and eventually – – – kills you? I wonder what her bonus will be then?

Oh well, at one time we had a Republic and legislators and executive branch incumbents that believed in its principles as well as common law.  Apparently that is gone.   If the executive branch wants something done now, he can just direct that it happens and no one – – – especially the Congress – – – raises objections.  This is an example of Tyranny isn’t it?

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