North Korea: A Threat or An Excuse?

I do not believe that North Korea is a threat to America.  On the other hand, it is being used by our government as one.  Why?  My belief is that North Korea provides an excuse / air cover for us to create another war zone to throw men and equipment into what keeps bankers, who fund our national debt, and the Military Industrial Complex, who supply our arms, happy.

Let?s examine what has happened.  Kim Jong-un, the current dictator has taken militaristic stances with South Korea and Japan, effectively backed by China who has not said, “stand down”.   This action has created a new war zone on the Korean Peninsula that keeps both the bankers and the Military Industrial Complex happy.  I do not believe he is crazy; rather, it appears to me that he is just a pawn in the game. Remember, the Korean Peninsula is China’s doorstep.  What has America done to create a new War Zone to throw money at?   Let’s consider what has been announced in the papers:

* USS McCain has been deployed to the area
* B-2 Stealth bombers have been flown over the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ)
* F-22 Raptors made an appearance in South Korea
* US has sent a Global Hawk (drone) to Misawa Airbase in Japan to monitor North Korea

It is reasonable to view these moves as another step in the Asia-Pacific chess game between Beijing and the US.  Even though the Secretary of State, John Kerry, meets with the Chinese to get them to send a “message” to North Korea, it may not be in the Chinese interest to do so.  No one knows what will happen but China has already fired one Chinese leader for writing an article for the British press that suggested that China convince North Korea to “back off”.

It appears as if the net result will be a further build up to armaments, men and military missions in S.E. Asia causing the Military Industrial Complex of companies to stay in business as the Mid East War slows and the US moves back from their positions.  An investor should look then at the Military Industrial Complex of companies as an opportunity since after the current politically motivated DOD slowdown, the needs of the Korean War zone will require further armaments.

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