Fascist government

Analysis of the Benghazi Cover Up

ABSTRACT On September 11, 2012, our Embassy and Ambassador’s official residence was attacked in Libya by terrorists. Four Americans were killed – the ambassador and three Navy Seals. The Obama administration is in consistent denial of a terrorist event Why? They are covering up something. Judicial Watch has opened Freedom ...

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Obama at Bilderberg In May

News Release – Rumor Mills News 19 sec video you won’t forget, Obama at Bilderberg in May 2014 (views: 633) 19 sec video you won’t forget, Obama at Bilderberg in May 2014 (views: 633) CapnGriff — Wednesday, 25-Jun-2014 18:38:32 You need to see and hear this yourself. To me this is ...

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Berghdahl, Swiftboaters, American Heroes and Treason

ABSTRACT  – Article 27 This is about the Bowe Berghdahl release for 5 terrorist leaders of the Taliban – this nation’s declared enemy. It examines the philosophical question of – what is the War on Terrorism, are the Taliban our enemy; is desertion under fire treason; what is a Hero; ...

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