The harm is that is comming if TPP is passed by this congress


The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will bring major harm to the U.S. if passed. It attacks our sovereignty as a nation. A recent article by an attorney summarizes my concerns. “Japanese Movement Against the TPP Growing”, The Real, http// – James K. Brownell, Esq. Sudbury MA.

You should read the article but here is a brief summary.
• The Japanese have access to the wording in TPP and it is in their news.
• The Japanese people are very upset and it not likely to pass in Japan.
• The Trans Pacific Partnership is a secretive negotiation being steered by lobbyists and corporations to benefit the biggest of the world’s huge corporations.
• Our members of Congress are allowed to only read the text and are forbidden from taking notes or keeping a copy of the text.
• The TPP allows foreign firms to avoid domestic courts to directly sue TPP governments in foreign tribunals.
• The foreign firms can demand compensation for domestic, financial, health, environmental, land use, labor laws, GMO labels and country of origin labels on foods, and other laws that undermine their TPP privileges.
• All countries involved in TPP talks (with the exception of Australia) have agreed to submit to the jurisdiction of foreign tribunals.
• This agreement will do away with our National Sovereignty for the benefit of mega Corporations. The TPP is about protecting the bottom line of huge Corporations who may want to exploit with impunity and have been part of writing and negotiating this deal in secret.
Our Representatives in Congress must be benefitting greatly. They are rushing this through without reading it, without taking notes on it, without discussing it and without allowing us – the citizens to read it.

Consequences of Passage

If this law passes, our Republic becomes a fascist state by law. Corporations will have more power than our Congress. Being a treaty, the Congress cannot override the regulations that will be set upon this nation by the TPP.

Call your Congressmen and tell them to vote NO.

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