Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – Is it Good For AMERICA?

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“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act”. Dietrich Bonhoeffer
“Patriotism means standing by your country. It does not mean standing by your President or any other public official.” Teddy Roosevelt
“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” Abraham Lincoln

What is TPP

The trans-Pacific partnership (TPP) is a free trade agreement that will provide a confederation of the following countries but it is not good for America – Australia, the United States, Japan, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico and Canada. I got the idea for this article from an article by Jordan Bailey, “TPP”, International Forecaster, 1 April 2015. The government’s propaganda concerning the purpose of the TPP is to –
• Unite the regional corporations that service this area of the world
• Be sensitive to corporate needs. Note it does not say citizen’s needs or sovereign nation needs. It is focused on increasing transnational corporation profits.
• Created and written by 600 paid lobbyists – similar to how Obamacare was created
• Written in 100% secrecy as was Obamacare and the Patriot Act.
• It is Top Secret in the U.S. Government – – – a sure sign that our government is doing something that they want to hide from the citizens.

• Senator Bernie Sanders on a national webinar on 15 April 2015 says that as a Senator he can go to the room where the document exists but he cannot take any staff and cannot take notes.  Bernie Sanders said That is how secret this “treaty” is.  It is being promoted by Wall Street with the leadership but others do not know what it is or do not want it. “We have to keep fighting this.”

Barack Obama is pushing hard to get the TPP accepted without Free Ttade

Senate approval or interaction. He is going to the extent to saying that the Senate does not have to approve this treaty because the UN will and we will have to abide by the rulings. If it passes the way Obama wants, large transnational firms will stomp upon many of freedoms of American citizens. Further, our sovereignty will be challenged by the imposed courts.
Opponents Fears
The shroud of secrecy surrounding the creation of TPP leaves most people in the dark as to what is actually in the agreement. Again, our government is keeping this from the American public. Therefore, many fear the actual line items that will be included. Specifically, they fear:
• Corporations will go to extreme lengths making profits, thereby
o Exposing populations to toxic food and GMO food
o Destroying the environment
o Sacrificing sovereign nation financial future for short term corporate profits
o Supporting war to sell more armaments
• Tribunal courts that can override the decisions of local, state and national courts within a sovereign nations.
There has been one leak. A TOP SECRET TPP chapter reveals:
“The TPP text proposes creating tribunals (courts) that could overrule the decisions of our state and federal courts, as well as our local, state and federal laws – and state and Federal Constitutions.”
No one knows what is actually in the treaty. It is important to note it is proposed to be a treaty. As such, once signed, it supersedes any law that Congress may pass. Thus, it is a “run around end” to eliminate the Senate in the process. It is classical despot tactic and Obama tactic.

Free Trade

I am against free trade agreements. Large transnational corporations who have influenced our government to promote free trade have sold them to the American public. The corporations are behind our government politicians. Let us look at what they are, in fact

“Free trade means unrestricted, uncontrolled access to our economy, tariffs and duty-free, for goods made in other parts of the world at less than four dollars per hour.”

There are several characteristics of free trade, which are not discussed in the newspapers or media for the American public Free Trade

because the truth is generally abhorrent to these men. Some of these are:
• Free trade helps transnational corporation and their profits. They make more money by going and paying $0.50 to $3.00 / hour overseas with no medical, retirement or insurance benefits.
• Free trade hurts the population of sovereign nations who have high individual wages per hour. The average wage is $21.50 / hour and it has 15% of benefits such as medical, vacations, worker’s compensation added on to that. This brings it to $22.58 / hr. or 752% higher than the $3.00 labor. The difference is captured by the corporation and they either
o Bring the profits back $18.58 / man x 2080 hours – $38,646 / year and pay taxes on the profits of 39.5%.
o Keep the profits overseas and pay no taxes.
o Reinvest the money in more plant, equipment and people overseas thereby taking more jobs from America.
o Each $1 million/ yr. spent overseas steals 21,300 jobs from this country
o Currently, the corporations have about $3 trillion in non-redeemed profits left overseas.
• Free trade, as it is currently handled, will allow transnational corporations to make products overseas at low cost sell them to the United States and keep the profits overseas. They pay no taxes until they bring the profits back to this country.
• Currently, free trade has allowed transnational corporations to acquire $3 trillion of profits offshore.
o They pay no tax on these profits until they are repatriated into the United States.
o They generally repatriate the profits every five years at 15% rather than 39.5% because of the corporate relationship to members in Congress (this is classical fascism in action). In this case, it leaves .395-.15 = .245 x $3 trillion = $735 billion in transnational profits as taxes not paid which means profits retained. There is a way to fix this but Congress refuses to do so. This is simply corrected by taxing corporations as individuals who cannot keep earnings offshore and going to a flat rate such as 15%.
o Transnational corporations use these profits offshore to build plants, hire people, and provide more low-cost products to sell to the United States. This puts more United States citizens out of work.
• It is a matter of history that the following free-trade agreements have caused massive job losses
o North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
o Korean free-trade agreement (KORUS)
• The results of free-trade agreements made to date are as follows:
o Massive job losses
o Decimation of entire industries
o Soaring national debt as corporate tax revenue decreases
o Three dollars per hour wages does not allow American industry to compete. Thus, the companies either go bankrupt, outsource all of their manufacturing out of the country or simply sell out.
o Soaring national debt
o Large trade deficits. Finished goods will be imported rather than built here.
o Allow dangerous imports into our markets from countries that do not examine the foodstuffs and other items for the quality that we expect and have become accustomed to receiving.
o Allow and enable more drug traffic within closed containers from source to any destination in America.
o Urban decay as industries move out shut down and stops paying taxes. Detroit is but one example of things yet to come
• There will be new rules and regulations with TPP written by people unknown in places unknown as has been done with Obama care. The original Obama care was 2,100 pages. I read them. Today it has 78,000 pages of regulations. Expect to see regulations and possible negative restrictions on the following areas when TPP is enacted.
o The Internet
o Food safety and labeling policies
o Environmental policies
o Labor standards and working rights
o Financial regulation of cash flows between nations
o Patents and copyrights
o Investments
o Industrial goods trade
o Agricultural goods trade
o Legal jurisdiction and rulings


If one draws negative conclusions from the above, you are correct. Any treaty drawn in secrecy without the participation and involvement of Senators of the United States is wrong. It is a clear usurpation of power by the Executive Branch to work with its cronies in the corporate world. They supply the money, the people to create the TPP, the finished product and he supplies the TPP around Congress to the UN. This one-sided treaty helps transnational corporation but does not help the average American citizen. In short, it will benefit large corporation and the wealthy 1% who own them as well as Pres. Obama and many other government officials that are part of this travesty on the American people.
It is easy to say that the American public should be outraged over this TPP law or treaty whose whole purpose is to appease and accommodate the transnational corporation. They will get laws that allow them to maximize profits. This TPP treaty will enable large corporations such as transnationals to further rule the American government. Today we have a fascist government run by corporations in a socialist nation of laws. This is strangling entrepreneurship in small corporations and free enterprise.
The transnational corporations do not want to aid free enterprise. They want to protect their turfs and that is what this law was put in place for. It will increase their profits, exclude small business competitors, increase their control of the Congress, and increase their ability to control humankind in the sovereign region through this region of sovereign nations. The citizens themselves will suffer. It is time to wake up and say no to your Congressman.
Finally, this advances the New World Order. The New World Order objective is to have Regions of Sovereign nations controlled regional appointees and thereby reduce sovereignty. The transnational corporations will control the regions and sovereign nations within their jurisdiction. The legislatures become incidental because they take orders from the Regional groups that are controlled by the transnational corporations who of course control competition and maximize their profits. The reverts this nation to the 1600’s where we supply the raw materials, corporations manufacture products overseas, corporations sell the finished products back to us and move their profits offshore. We fought a revolutionary war to stop this practice because we wanted manufacturing in this nation. To pay for things, we went to strong tariffs and our own gold backed money. The nation grew and then soared.

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