What is Your WHY?, What is Your Purpose?

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”, Thomas Edison

“Results? Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward….” Thomas Edison

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”   WILL ROGERS, The Reader’s Digest, vol. 76, 1960

“Memory is the mother of all wisdom.”    AESCHYLUS, Prometheus Bound

Sometimes people don’t like me because I’m too honest; I speak the truth.”    HANNIBAL

Champion Movement Review

 Company Purpose – What is Your WHY?, What is Your Purpose?

This Champion Movement Review is about a company, its origin, its products, its management and its philosophy.  The Champion Movement is a movement associated with a company.  All Movements have a set of common beliefs that the members believe and use to recruit other members who believe the in the same ideas. A brief summary of these beliefs are:

  • One person can change the world but it is more likely if we do it together
  • Taking action is better than doing nothing
  • Knowing your WHY can change everything in your life
  • All should discover our WHY – the purpose that motivates you.
  • Discover your ability to uniquely contribute – the contribution that you can make to others when you discover your WHY.
  • Provide help in identifying the contribution that only you can make in the world
  • Provide help in packaging these discoveries in a manner that inspires those around you and those you love.
  • Desire to use a platform that enables you to live your WHY and serve others while you are making some money.

 Simon Sinek – Start with WHY

Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why, and his concept of WHY is embedded in the Champion Movement.  One explanation is that Sinek’s Golden Circle contains truth.  His WHY / HOW and WHAT finds order and predictability in Human Nature.   Some relevant questions raised by the book are:

  • WHY  – – – our purpose, cause or belief
    • Why does your company exist?
    • Why do you get up every morning?
    • Why should others care?
  • WHAT is what you do and what a company does. It requires a rational explanation.
  • HOW is how you do something – – – It requires a rational explanation
  • Inspired leaders and companies think, act and communicates from the inside out.
    • People buy because of WHY you do it – – – not because of WHAT you do.
    • Leaders challenge the status quo and ask WHY rather then HOW or WHAT.
  • Knowing your WHY is not the only way to become successful. It is the only way to maintain a lasting success and have a blend of innovation and flexibility.


There is a biological basis for us to know our WHY.

  • Lymbric Brain
    • Controls decision making
    • Controls our feelings
    • Influences what we do
    • Makes the decision as to whether we learn a stable job or start a business in our basement
    • Products with a Clear sense of WHY give people a way to tell the outside world who they are and what they believe
  • Neo Cortex Brain
    • This is the WHAT level.
    • It is the source of rational and analytical thought.

Champion Movement Company History

In order to get a picture of the Champion Movement and its product set, it is necessary to briefly review the background from which it sprang. Then, the products, management, pricing and strategy become clearer.   The founders of The Champion Movement are those that were some of the executives of Wealth Masters International (WMI), Vertical Rising (VR) and Vertical Legacy (VL). WMI has been in the marketplace for about 10 years and had roughly 3,500 members located in 140 countries as of two years ago.  Vertical Rising was a subset of Vertical Legacy and was a two-year-old offspring of WMI.  They have now morphed themselves into the Champion Movement.  In my mind, the founders changed from WMI as he marketplace changed for online marketing.

John Jackson (known as JJ) and Ryan Nelson are the founders of the Champion Movement.  It is closely affiliated with the concepts originally put forth by Simon Sinek in his book, Start with Why, explains why do we do the things that we do?  – – – and asks the question:  What is your WHY?

 Changes in the Marketplace

The on line marketplace is constantly changing as it reflects people lives in different parts of the world.  Since 2008, the world has seen a deep economic recession.  People are losing jobs, jobs are hard to find, and everyday life is becoming disrupted. The market place change is that this recession calls for products that will enable entrepreneurs at relatively low cost to create businesses from home and become financially independent.

To do this, the entrepreneur will want to set up their own Blogs and websites in order to make money as affiliates of others’ products or from their own products. Most need help and education in navigating the internet, setting up websites, creating and POSTING blogs, doing SEO optimization of their sites, getting affiliates, learning how to create their own products as well as learning and implementing other forms of internet marketing.

As a result, the Champion Movement was born. It is a low cost, easy to use platform that was designed to do all of the above. It does the above using the Champion Movement website. In addition, it provides training on how you can discover your WHY, help others discover their WHY and use your WHY to contribute to society in a way that is unique to you.

The Champion Movement uses Ryan Nelson’s “Vertical Rising” blog creation software which is easy to use since it is quite sophisticated.  He also adds a library of internet marketing educational videos that teach entrepreneurs “How to do it”.  These videos address the concerns of new members delineated above. In addition, Ryan has added a feature that he calls “alliance marketing”.  He places everyone on a single domain site and adds independent pages that are independent Blogs for all members.   There is one domain – Champion Movement.   All other members that join have their own websites and blogs but they are sub domains to the Champion Movement.  Think of Amazon.com with its different marketing focus pages.

In addition, by including and emphasizing an individual WHY,  the Movement plans on “Making a Difference” in the community and the world.  When you help others find their WHY, you form a small team that is doing good for the community.  These businesses will make money but also provide positive services to the community.


The first advantage is that Ryan and his team can overview all articles and Blogs from the SEO dimension and suggest changes as well as physically make changes.  A second advantage is that as Blogger A gets individuals to his blog, they may also be interested in visiting Blogger B or Blogger C’s blogs and read their articles. By doing so, an alliance of bloggers is born and they help one another get viewers and select more affiliate products. The third advantage is that by sharing overhead costs, the blogs are lower cost.   Now let us review the entrepreneurial personalities that should find this type of product interesting. These are people that want to create their own business and run it from home.  

 Entrepreneurship and Creating Your Own Business

If you are reading this article, you are probably considering starting your own business.  Moreover, you are considering the use of the Champion Movement. The purpose of this review is to give you enough insight into this system to make your decision.   Starting your own business is a difficult task taking money, time, resources, and stamina – the characteristic of “never giving up”.   In the process of creating that business, you should be looking for tools and systems that will make the task easier and possibly increase your probability of success.  Many will attempt and a few will make it. The reward at the end will be worth the effort. What is the major difference for achieving success?  In entrepreneurship, the answer may be “mental attitude”.  Let us see what I mean by this.  It is the attitude of tenacity, “grit”, optimism and the ability to “fail up” or fail and improve from that failure.


Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker created a list of 13 things that mentally strong people avoid in an Entrepreneurs article – http://www.forbes.com/sites/cherylsnappconner/2013/11/18/mentally-strong-people-the-13-things-they-avoid/

It is an impressive list that I would like to share since I believe that it is a good description of the entrepreneurial spirit that you must have to succeed and that you the reader probably possess.

  1. Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves:  Mentally strong people do not feel sorry for their circumstances or dwell on the way they have been mistreated. They have learned to take responsibility for their actions and outcomes, and they understand the fact that life is frequently not fair.
  2. Give Away Their Power:   Mentally strong people do not give others the power to make them feel   inferior or bad. They understand they are in control.  They know their strength is in their  ability to manage the way they respond.
  3. Shy Away from Change:   Mentally strong people embrace change and welcome challenge. Their biggest   “fear,” is becoming complacent and stagnant. An environment of change and   even uncertainty energizes a mentally strong person and brings out adaptive   powers and their best.
  4. Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control:  Mentally strong   people seldom complain about bad traffic, lost luggage, or other people because they recognize that all of these factors are generally beyond their control. They can only control their own response and action.
  5. Worry About Pleasing Others:  A mentally strong person strives to   be kind and fair and to please others where appropriate, but is unafraid to   speak up. They can withstand the possibility that someone will get upset and will   try to explain and soothe with grace.
  6. Fear Taking Calculated Risks:  A mentally strong person is   willing to take calculated risks. With mental strength, an individual can   weigh the risks and benefits thoroughly, and will assess the potential downsides   including the worst-case scenarios before they take action.
  7. Dwell on the Past: A   mentally strong person acknowledges the past but avoids focusing their mental   energy in past disappointments or in fantasies of the “successes” now gone. They   invest the majority of their energy in creating a present and future.
  8. Make the Same Mistakes Repeatedly: A mentally strong person   accepts full responsibility for past behavior and is willing to learn from mistakes. The ability to be self-reflective in a productive way is one of the greatest strengths of successful executives and entrepreneurs.
  9. Resent Other People’s Success:  Mentally strong people have the strength of character to feel genuine joy and excitement for other people’s success. They do not become jealous or resentful when others succeed rather they take notes and are willing to work hard for their own chances at success.
  10. Give Up After Failure:  Mentally strong people are willing to fail   repeatedly, if necessary, as long as the learning experience from every “failure” can bring them closer to their ultimate goals. Thomas Edison said,   “I have not failed.  I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”
  11. Fear Alone Time:   Mentally strong people enjoy and even treasure the time they spend alone. They   can be happy with others or be happy alone.   They usually use their downtime to reflect, to plan, and to be productive.
  12.  Feel the World Owes Them Anything: Mentally strong people are prepared to work and succeed on their merits, at every stage of the game. They realize that the world does   not owe them a salary or a comfortable life, regardless of their schooling.
  13. Expect Immediate Results:   In starting a business, mentally strong people are “in it for the long   haul”.  They have “staying power” and they understand that genuine changes take time.


If they do, read on because your Mental Strength is what it will take to become a success at Online Marketing and the Champion Movement – belief in yourself and your WHY.  Most if not all Online Marketing activities that make money require that you create and start your own business.  My two articles, here and here, on the economy and job losses show that the jobs are gone, they are not coming back soon and that the best way to find financial independence is to rely on yourself and start your own company. This will take money and your time and Mental Strength to endure and overcome the challenges of understanding technical interfaces and reaching out to talk to others that will be incurred. If you succeed, you will have your own business that provides an independent source of income that can make you financially independent and you can do this from your own home. The rewards are great but there is work required.   To reduce the risk of failure and to remove a lot of the work involved, you can use the Champion Movement system of products and services about which this review is being written.

Champion Movement Blogging

This product is an improvement on Ryan Nelson’s Vertical Rising product.  Let us start at addressing what is a Blog and why is it necessary.  Wikipedia   says that a blog is a discussion site or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consists of discrete articles, or comments, called posts.  Until 2009, blogs were usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often covered a single   subject. More recently   “multi-author blogs” (MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited. MABs are now from newspapers, universities   and special interest groups.  The Champion Movement is an Alliance Blog where multiple independent authors create their individual page blogs as sub-domains on the same platform or domain and share resources and visitors.  This is new and has only been done on Vertical Rising.  This was Ryan’s creation for Vertical Rising and has been added to and improved upon in The Champion Movement.

Blogs emerged in the late 1990s with web publishing tools that facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users.    Previously, a knowledge of HTML and FTP protocols was required to publish content on the Web.  These tools are incorporated into the Champion Movement Blogging that makes the creation of blogs relatively easy for non-technical people.  They just need to write the article on the   topic of their interest and Post it on the blog supplied by the Champion Movement, which is a copy, and paste operation. On the Champion Movement, the blog set up is made easy by the use of videos explaining each step. This is an integrated package that enables the user to create his personal blog, link into aWeber and have affiliates added   to the Blog with simple steps. Blogs are expanding exponentially.

In 2011, there were 156 million blogs and growing.  Blogger, recently purchased by Google, is the most popular blogging service used today. One makes money off of a Blog by creating one; writing articles or making posts with content in areas that the user has expertise; use SEO techniques to ensure that the article “pops up” on search engines for that topic; and when the user comes to the blog, attract him with interesting affiliated ads that are located on the blog site.

Every time an affiliate ad attracts a viewer, you make some money.   The critical element is the content in the article and the SEO techniques used to make it in the top 10 in searches.  The Champion Movement Product makes this process easy and affordable.

Now what does The Champion Movement attempt to do?  It gets you started by helping you with tutorials.  Some of these tutorials cover:

  • Understand your intent for a blog
  • Define a plan of action for your blog
  • Shows you how to set up the blog

(a) Creating a Google account

(b) Setting up your marketing page which includes your personal profile

(c) Creating a marketing page where you get visitors to sign up

(d) Setting up Google AdSense account

(e) Setting up an Amazon Affiliate account

(f) Shows you how to load up your first article or blog.

Afterwards, the team looks at your article and suggests or makes SEO changes that make the article appear higher up on Google searches.  It is a complete kit for “How do I do it?”  This is an invaluable help for beginners and intermediate online marketers.

Launch Pad

I think of the Launch Pad product as the other half of the Champion Movement product.  It provides videos that teach just about anything and everything that one can use in internet marketing.  The depth and breadth of the video library is measured in the hundreds. It is being added to constantly.   They provide training on things ranging from creating a blog to how to make videos and put them on your blog site.  It is complete, dense, tested and represents years of work by Ryan Nelson.  It is complete because it is Ryan’s personal library accumulated over years of work and success.

A reasonable strategy for the novice or intermediate entrepreneur would be to join the Champion Movement, take the Simon Sinek WHY course and find his WHY, then populate his personal basic blog with a few articles.  One could add Launch Pad to educate oneself on video marketing and the other forms of marketing such as “pay per click” that are described in this package.  As one got into the various forms of online marketing, one will need this library of online marketing resources.  These are training videos on just about any topic you can imagine usable in online marketing.  Having access to this library is like having a technical consultant hanging over your shoulder as you march forward to getting your business up, online and profitable. For those with some experience in online marketing, who want to “go to the next step”, this library is it.  It covers the techniques on online marketing with tutorials. It appears to be added to every week.

The Champion Movement Website

The website promotes the movement itself and helps you find your unique WHY.  This is essential to you finding and helping others find their WHY and making your unique contribution.  The site has three buttons to get started.

  • Fast Start
  • Webinar – explanation
  • Create site – Sets up your site virtually automatically.  Just a few step process.

Included also are many instructional and tutorial videos for you to improve upon and enhance your site.  Let us review some of its features currently listed:


  • Champion Project
  • Discover Your WHY
  • Have a M.A.D. day
  • Launch Pad
  • Blog Sharing
  • Rewards Program


  • Champion – You
  • Do you see yourself as a victim anywhere?
  • Financially, Physically, Spiritually
  • What choices have you made to make yourself a victim?
  • What choices have you made to ensure you are the victor?\
  • Champion You
  • Do you trust yourself?
  • How do you feel when you are judged?
  • Can you appreciate the differences and uniqueness in others?
  • What is the unique gift you possess that has a possible positive impact on the world?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • What would your life be like if you were able to ignore what others think of you?
  • What is it about being a friend that is important to you?
  • When did you do something for others and it really mattered to you and caused an authentic connection
  • What made you smile about that story
  • When have you been moved to tears? Why?
  • Champion Your Inspiration Before You Discover Your WHY Course
  • Champion your message after you complete the “Discover Your WHY” course.
  • When asked, what do you do? After the course, your answer changes from “I write” to:
  • Champion Others – Friendships
  • Your Inspiration:  Go to and take the Simon Sinek Course – “Discover Your Why” This is my WHY –

“I help people explore the truth in what is possible so that . . . they can actualize their full potential.”

  • Ask yourself, what is your lofty goal or impact that you want on the world?
  • Discover your WHY course with Simon Sinek
  • Start the Champion Project\
  • Completed – Discover Your WHY
  • Login – Course
  • Champion the Movement
  • Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek
  • Fatal Flaw
  • iPod Effect
  • Your Movement

3.    DISCOVER YOUR WHY – Simon Sinek Course – Truly unique to Champion Movement


Shows – Select and Go To Feature

  • Champion Morning Show
    • JJ Jackson- M 11:00 EST – Inspiration and status on the search for your WHY
    • Ryan’s Road Map – Thursday 11:00 EST

“How to” on the website and blogging

  • JJ’s Café – F – 11:00 EST – Temporarily suspended
  • Videos
    • Introduction
    • Create a Website
    • Select a Design
    • Create Dummy page
    • Navigation Bar
    • Settings
    • Edit your page
    • Picking a Theme
    • Images / Banners – I
    • Customer Sidebar
    • Images / Banners – II
    • Customer sidebar



This Website is different and interesting. It introduces you gently to the detailed concepts in the Simon Sinek course.  It gets you prepared.  The course itself is intense and personal to you.  The questions are tough but only because they are about you and you probably have not thought that way about yourself before.  The online course is completely confidential between yourself and the computer. No one else can see what you wrote. It is online learning – – – about yourself.

The website helps you set up your own website, modify it, as you desire using the video instructions provided.  It guides you through the process of finding your WHY and challenges you to help other find their WHYs.


Describes via instructional videos –

  • Blog overview
  • Your Profile
  • First POST
  • Formatting POSTS
  • Tips After POSTS
  • Posting Ideas


The Champion Movement is a company with one level of compensation.  It compensates when you bring someone into the movement or they buy their services.   There is a one-time compensation and monthly compensation. The rate is generally 50:50. This adds up as we can see below.

 Rewards come from selling Champion Movement Products are shown in Exhibit 1, Champion Movement Rewards Example.   Look to quantity “1” to see that the commissions are 50%.   Two examples are shown.  One is for 20 new members and the other is for 200.  This can be either a part time or a full time process.   People will join to find their WHY and convince others to join to find their WHY as well as to practice their WHY.

The WHY component of the Champion Movement can easily be under appreciated.  This is a serious movement to get others to discover their WHY and act upon it.  This usually means giving service to others and the community. Many believe that the movement has the potential to change the world – if enough of us start living our WHY.  Because of this phenomena of living your WHY, when small businessmen discover their WHY, they often want to bring their employees into the Champion Movement so that their firm is differentiated from others.   Their firm will take on a new Aura because it does things that are more positive for the community.  This will make them more money and grow the community.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1  Champion Movement Rewards Example

Champion Movement 360

As the movement grows, the Champion Movement 360 is planned to be a 3 – 4 day conference with excellent speakers.    They will provide insights and education as well as hands on training in branding and website optimization.  The first meeting date has not been set as of today.  However, they are planned for the near future.  A three day advanced facilitator training took place in San Antonio in November of last year. I attended.  It was very informative and worthwhile about the WHY program and the process of facilitating others to search for and identify their WHY.  The meeting agenda is not settled for this year yet; however, two types of meetings have been discussed.  First, is to run another WHY facilitator session.  If you get a chance, I recommend that you attend. The Second, is to run an advanced workshop, review of Blogs.  It would have excellent speakers to make presentations at a fun resort.  I would expect topic experts on certain topics such as the economy, health, gold and national debt.   Speakers are chosen by their expertise in a   topic, relevance to the times and the WHY program.



The Champion Movement Thought Leaders

Thopught Leaders

I have included Simon Sinek as a thought leader since he created the special course provided in The Champion Movement to find your WHY.  I have taken the course and found my WHY with this process.  It is thorough, complete and will make you understand yourself much better. Each person’s why is different. Most have a service element for reaching out to our fellow man.  There is a close relationship between Simon Sinek and Johan Jackson or the special course would not have been designed and built.

 The Champion Movement

The critical variable in all startups is the management team. Do they have experience? Have they been   successful? Do they work well together as a team?   All of these questions are critical to the success of a startup.  Let us go through the list.

Do they have the resources?   Given that the market is there, can this team and this set of products   reach them and do it profitably? In this case, there is high probability that this team will be successful since they have made similar companies successful.    The capital resources are minimal because it is primarily people.  Ryan Nelson already has the servers and resources established to support the company.  This capital is required.  People time from Ryan and JJ is required and these individuals have worked successfully together for years.  With that said, let us review the team and their backgrounds.


Ryan has been in the business of online marketing, tools development, website development, blogging, blog development, SEO and branding for most of his business career. He has published several popular books out in these areas.  He is one of the outstanding leaders in the industry. His depth of knowledge and breadth of knowledge may be matched somewhere but is not exceeded in the field of  internet marketing.

In a number of cases, he created the concepts that are widely used in the industry. For WMI, Vertical Rising and Vertical Legacy and now The Champion Movement he was the “technical guru” behind the scenes.  As such, he created the blog site that allows new members to put their blogs on a single site where an “alliance” is born among users. This “first” allows Ryan and his team to SEO all the blogs, add common new educational videos and provide better support and at lower costs.  What is the difference this time?  He owns the company with his partner JJ Jackson.

Without the Alliance Blog that Ryan created, Vertical Legacy (VL) could not have been launched. He proved the concepts with volunteers from WMI (I was one as a Founding Member of VL and VR) and created Vertical Rising (VR) where he worked out the glitches. It now runs smoothly.  In the last year, he moved his expertise and resources to a new company, The Champion Movement (again, where I am also a Founding Member), which he owns with JJ.  It too is up and running smoothly. I expect the company to grow from here.

Ryan and JJ are focused 100% on making this company work from the standpoint of “Making a Difference” in the world.  He announced to the early Champion Movement members that he is challenging himself to produce successful entrepreneurs.  He intends to teach them how to make money in the online marketing mode of the internet.   The Champion Movement is Global.  Obviously, he is a critical asset of the firm.

What about Ryan as an individual?  I have listened to him on his shows for many hours over the last three years, met him in person and worked with him in one situation.  On a personal level, he proves himself a principled Christian and follows closely what he thinks is “Right” even when he might lose money.  I found him to have high integrity who does not wander far from his Christian ethical standards. He produces what he promises.

Technically, he is extremely competent in the field of online marketing.  I retired from IBM with 40 years working with “techys”.  He is very competent.  This means that he knows how to set up websites, blogs, and articles and understands Google to the point of getting your articles ranked high.  It also means that he is proficient of what should be said, how it should be presented, what colors to use, where to place the item on the page and which ad words to highlight.  That is the marketing piece.   Further, he displays an attitude that is encouraging, helpful and enthusiastic on making his students successful on their own efforts to make money and to make a difference in the community.

Finally, he is a motivator to get people to do what they instinctively feel that they should be doing. He promotes the idea that at times, one must have your own idea, march to your own drummer and ignore the “Dream Killers” who say you cannot achieve or should not attempt to reach your dream.  He uses stories to illustrate his points.  We all have a unique and special “WHY” and can make unique contributions.  He encourages that and promotes that the money will follow.  He has made a lot of money but cautions – “Don’t chase the money – Chase your dream!”


He was the daily “Charge Call” commentator for WMI for years and now has his own business where he is the commentator for the Champion Morning Show (M) and sometimes sits in for Ryan (Thursday).   Thus, one can get up to 2 hours per week for business owners that are part of the Champion Movement.  However, I have never been bored. He rotates subjects and is always well prepared.

He has a strong persona and business relationship with Simon Sinek as represented by the Champion Movement being the only source of Simon’s online interactive “Discover Your Why” that enables an individual to search out and find his WHY.  In the final stages of this search, facilitators have been and are being trained to work with new members to help them find their WHY.

Now let us talk about JJ himself. I have been listening to him for three years, met him several times and have been in his home. I am much impressed with him. One might reasonably ask, why? It is simple. I look for certain things in people if I am going to work with them.  He meets my criterion. First, I look for honesty with himself and others. Listening to his morning shows over a period of three years is an experience since he honestly expresses himself and analyzes his own thoughts and actions. It helps you better understand him.  He is a good psychologist but may not know it.

Next, I look for integrity. “Integrity” is JJ’s middle name. He has strong moral Christian values that are family-oriented and he does not waver. He lives the values of honesty, caring, service and love for others. When he speaks, one thinks that he might have made a good preacher.   However, he never forgets the business side of Champion Movement.  He does know that this Movement is about people and he introduces you to ways to influence them by helping them reach their goals. Both he and Ryan believe that if they are successful in growing the movement, the money will follow because the world will be better off.

JJ’s WHY is “Service for Others in a Loving Manner”.  Over time, while listening to him, you will recognize that his character has been formed by hard work and dedicated service to help others reach their goals.  He lives his WHY.  He provides a good example of what we could do by living our WHYs.

JJ’s has a unique quality and competence in dealing with people via public speaking, motivational speaking and personal interfaces.  He has some knowledge of the intricacies of online marketing but that is not his “long suit”.   JJ lives, breathes, and sleeps the Champion movement. He is enthusiastic and it shows. He wants others to participate so that they can learn their WHY, improve their lives and start serving others.  In the process of serving others, they will bring other like-minded people on board the movement and make some money for themselves.

JJ and Ryan complement each other and together they make a great team.  That is why I believe that the Champion Movement will be successful – – -a good idea and a great management team.


The Champion Movement has the ability to draw others into the Founders’ inspirational goal to “Make a Difference”.   They believe that the momentum and performance will draw others into this fold.  That will make the company very successful.  The marketplace exists and is there simply because over one billion people are online and reachable.   By reaching people that have an interest in learning their WHY, which usually has a component of serving others, then the affiliated products of the Champion Movement will allow them collectively “Make a Difference”.

This company brought with them Founding Members who were experienced in WMI, Vertical Rising and Vertical Legacy business and technology. These members were believers in Ryan and JJ.  In addition, these founding members brought a lot of experience with them.  This company is international and broad in product scope. The Founding Members and new members have a new market with an outstanding support team to help them get into the online marketing business.  In time, they will be in 130 countries and a large membership.  They already get 50,000 visitors a month.

They do not expect much competition in their niche.  They focus on the WHY of new members and Simon Sinek created and talks about that.   The cost of entry for a competitor to set up servers, back room software and videos is prohibitive in money and time.   It appears to me that – – – The sales will come – the profits will come – the company will be a success. Now let us examine that word, “success”.   What is going on here?  We have critical Executives from WMI and Vertical Legacy filling the critical management slots in The Champion Movement.  Why?


Most people associate Success with making money.  If you own a company rather than work for a company, then you endure the risks but you also are the principle participants in the awards.  The Champion Movement will make more money for both Ryan and JJ.  It they are successful, you will be also.

They have been successful in the past and have money that they invested in this venture because they believe in “Finding your WHY” and in themselves.  They funded the start up with their own funds.   In my view listening to them, money was important but not the primary element.  They honestly believe that a WHY movement can change the world to become a better place.  That is the reason they put in all the hours to make this company successful.

It appears to me that the objectives of the Champion Movement are essentially the same as that of the company they left – Vertical Legacy.  The major difference is the products.  The Simon Sinek, “Find Your WHY”, product is unique and when fully implanted with thousands of members, will make the members lives better and is planned to improve the world.

The objectives to the Champion Movement appear to be something like this – – – “Build an integrity-based company that consistently operates in harmony with the values we share with our families, friends and neighbors.”

I have met the management team and their wives and have listened to many hours of their presentations over the last three years.  I believe that this is a philosophy that is consistent with their beliefs.

The HOW one achieves that mission is to have the Champion Movement whose philosophy is

  • Help others find their WHY
  • Help others create a business using their WHY to make money for themselves and help the community.



  • Private Company: A private company that is owned by two individuals that founded it.  This allows them the freedom to “Work their dream” independent of whatever anyone else believes.
  • An IPO: This would be possible and is probably only a matter of time when the financial market is right and the Champion Movement Company has become very successful.  It is too early to say today.
  • The focus for new members is to learn, find their WHY and concentrate on building their own business using the Champion Movement Platform.  Ryan has built the platform in a way that anything you do on your Champion Movement site is portable to another site if you so desired. If you stayed, and built your own business, it is quite possible that the Founders would consider some equity participation arrangement for their members if they went public.

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