“The end of democracy and the defeat of the American revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending institution and managed corporations.”   Thomas Jefferson, 1815

Should the U.S. Put boots on the ground in the Mideast?   I believe that the U.S. should not put boots on the ground in the Mideast.   Why?  There are a number of reasons.  The most important as explained in my article[1] here.  The headline, “Saudi Arabia: Official Urges U.S. Coalition To Fight On The Ground”, Stratfor, March 5, 2015, was the cause for this POST.   Currently, there is an ongoing religious civil war between different Arab tribes in the Mideast. Some facts might help you understand the situation better.

  • The Saudi Prince and Kingship are Sunni in belief and practice.
  • The Saudi Nation has many Shiite believers and supporters of the ISIS.
  • The U.S. in 1971 went off the gold standard and went on the fiat dollar standard.
  • The fiat dollar was guaranteed as an international standard by the Saudi Princes who made it mandatory to sell their oil and OPEC oil only for dollars. We promised to protect the Saudi Nation for doing so. This is the cause and source of Petro Dollars.
  • The ISIS is a radical form of SUNNI who do not recognize the Saudi Kings as the head or the Sunni tribes. This is fully explained in my article.
  • IRAQ is Shiite. Syria is Shiite. IRAN is Shiite. ISIS is Sunni.
  • Shiites do not like SUNNI and vice versa.
  • ISIS wants an independent Shiite State called a caliphate that does not honor the Sunni kings in Saudi Arabia.
  • ISIS uses captured oil wells as the source of their income. They sell through Turkey.
  • ISIS started in 1814 and was almost annihilated by the SUNNI king. The ISIS arose again in 1914 and was again almost annihilated by the SUNNI king. It has happened again. Now the King of Saudi Arabia wants the U.S. to put boots on the ground to “Kill their lethal enemy – The ISIS.” We are currently giving air support to forces against ISIS. This is beyond our obligation.   Troops on the ground could easily lead to a full war in the Mideast.   A war is what bankers and the military complex want since it makes them money. It is what Obama wants because all presidents become better supported in wartime.  Look at the quote from Thomas Jefferson at the beginning of this article. Are we there?
  • Folks, the Nixon agreement were to protect Saudi Arabia from external aggressors, not religious groups within the tribe. This is a religious civil war within the Sovereign Saudi Arabian Nation. It is not our fight.

[1] Joe Hawranek,

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