The TPP failed to pass the Senate today.  I am against the TPP.  See my Article here – — – – Dick Morris is right. It is unconscionable that McConnell is actively helping Obama rather than fighting him on this issue.  It clearly shows how the old line Republicans are in the big corporations pockets.  The only winner on this Law is the Transnationals
1.    The GOP gives power and support to Obama
2.    Congress walks away from their constitutional duties of Treaty approval and gives it to the Executive.
3.  The American people will see mass immigration – non stoppable by the Congress
    – This will increase costs in Police, Education, Prisons, Medical
    – This will cause further loss of jobs
    – One of the countries in the TPP that have FREE immigration rights include Indonesia. It has 1 billion Muslims.  Do you want to see America become like Europe?   With Sharia Law?  This Treaty would enable that.
4. Once ratified, the Congress would have ZERO or NO control to change anything the treaty says
5.  Once ratified, the Congress gives up their authority completely over this Western Trade.  The entire Culture of the country could be changed.
6.  If a Committee of foreign nationals agree to ” XXX” that puts something in place that the American Citizens do not want – – the citizens will not get a vote AND their Congress will not be able to stop it.
Contact your Congress man and say NO.   The Obama backers are introducing it again in the House and the Republicans there appear to want it.
The Treaty lost today and did not pass the SENATE because the Democrats know this is bad for the voters.   WHAT THE HECK HAS HAPPENED TO REPUBLICANS?   IT IS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
For more detail see the Dick Morris Video that follows.  Click on Browser or paste this URL  into your browser.

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