Karen Kudes Interview – Collateral Accounts – New Currency?

Karen Kudes Interview

Ron Van Dyke Nov 14, 2013, www.metagroups.info, interview with Karen Kudes.

I don’t normally put up posts such as this. They are speculative. However, in this instance, Karen pulls together two trains of thought that I have been following for some time trying to figure out what is going on. She clarifies the issues. The first train of thought is about a hoard of gold for the people of the earth. It is called by various names, St. Germaine Trust, SwissIndo Trust and Collateral Accounts. What is truth and what is fiction? She clearly defines this issue by tracing the source and clarifying who is the signatory. She is “matter of fact” as if she investigated it from the inside and this is what exists.

The second train of thought is related to whether the U.S. is a corporation or running under a Constitution. She clarifies that point and claims that she is drafting an agreement to transfer gold to the American people to back a new Treasury dollar. If true, then the Federal Reserve notes would be recognized as worthless and the new U.S. Treasury Notes would be the new international currency. The relative value of all currencies in this new world would have to be determined by a new Bretton Woods agreement.

Having said the above, is it true? I don’t know; however, it appears credible and could be true and for this reason, I am publishing it. I like the fact that she open about her sources and is in contact with Jim Sinclair, “Mr. Gold”, in my mind.  Listen to the interview and use your own judgment. 

Karen Kudes

Karen worked for the World Bank for more than 20 years as an attorney. Many of you have heard other interviews where she has exposed facts about the matrix that are not generally covered in the mainstream media. In this interview, Ron asked her about the world trusts, including St. Germain Trust and SwissIndo Trust. She claims both of these are misinformation and not valid. She goes on to talk about the global collateral accounts and a new economic system being created. She claims that the Collateral Accounts are real. Listen as she names some of the movers and shakers creating significant change that will affect us all. http://www.kahudes.net

Collateral Accounts

I found this interview very revealing in that Karen has been on the inside at the World Bank, knew what was going on, started blowing the whistle and got fired for that. That in itself is an endorsement that she is one that one should pay attention to. This interview covers a lot of territory but I will briefly outline it here to help the listeners.

1. Karen is an attorney formerly on the inside and now working with others to try to legally break up the corruption of ownership and control of our world financial system.   2. She is writing a legal document to transfer gold from the Marcos trust called the Collateral Accounts to the free nations of the world so that they can back their currencies with gold.
a. The gold was gathered by Queen Victoria’s twin brother (Joe: Who I did not know ever existed.) who had been exiled to the East to keep him out of the way.

b. He accumulated 600,000 – 700,000 metric tons of gold and put it into a trust called the collateral accounts. 170,500 tons of that is stored in Hawaii and is designated to back a U.S. Treasury dollar. Recently, I sent out a picture of that gold – – -it exists. I just did not who owned it. It is ready to be issued.

c. She claims that the signatory of this Collateral Trust is Wolfgang Struch, a German citizen in the Philippines.

d. The receiver of the funds for the people in the U.S. is a Sheriff, Tom Murphy, who has agreed to sign it for the Sheriffs of America. Note: Sheriffs in America report to the people, not the County, not the State and not the Federal Government. They have a lot of power.

e. The Document will then be signed by the signatory and the receiver. It will be up to the people to enforce it – – – that is us.

f. This document and signing appears to be imminent.

3. What to do with the bad guys in banking. She recommends – – – do nothing. They are in the seats of power and will fight it if they think they will go to jail. The question is Punish or Correct. If they participate, then it could happen and debts would be forgiven – she explains how.

I am reporting this since she is credible, she is drafting the transfer document and if signed and enacted it would change the financial world to one of law and not the piracy that is going on now. It is worthwhile for all thinking people to follow these actions and keep informed.

Karen also mentions two other informed individuals that are writing about this. I am not familiar with them but mention their names for you to look up and follow: Elaine Caldwell, UK and Mark Novitsky from an unknown country.

The effect of doing the above would be transformational. It removes the shackle of debt that has been placed on free people of the world and allows them to be productive again. It puts the power of law back into power. That law would be Constitutional law not Admiralty law. It would affect all investments globally and thus this is potentially very significant.

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