ISIS and ISIL Islamic State Threats – Threats to Whom, How Big and Who Should Kill It


ISIS and ISIL Islamic State Threats – Threats to Whom, How Big and Who Should Kill it
are the topics of this article. First, definitions – ISIS is an Islamic Caliphate state that
covers the geography of Iraq and Syria. ISIL is an Islamic Caliphate state the covers a
Levant or larger area. A Levant could be the recreation of the Persian  (Iran) empire or a
Turkish empire or a variation thereon. The threat is the creation of a Caliphate, which is
a religious state with one religious leader that had both religious and secular power. The
power will extend beyond national boundaries.  To envision what is happening, think in
terms of the Roman Popes about 1200 AD when they had large armies  and controlled
Europe through religious beliefs and armed destruction it you did not follow the Popes’

This article addresses all the above. It discusses the tribes of the Middle East, the
origin of ISIL, the ISIL/ISIS sources of strength and the U.S. diplomatic position on this
topic. The Mideast is in a religious civil war and the U.S. should not be there but the
President (not Congress yet since war has not been declared)  insists that we will be
there. It defines the problem as the 7th century practice of beheading, calls it barbaric
and its practice only fits the characterization of a rabid animal. It must be killed.
IS, ISIL and ISIS are explained and defined.  A solution is postulated and examined with
respect to the origin of Abd al-Wahhab’s Views based on a historical review of
Wahhabism and ISIS.  The President’s speech and his proposal is analyzed and
conclusions drawn.

Some of the conclusions drawn are that the Mideast population is a set of Semite tribes,
which include Israel that are in a religious civil war; the Sunni dream of a Caliph with
both religious and secular power is being re-born in the ISIS / ISIL and being created by
the Al Qaeda / ISIL extremist terrorists; the U.S. created this monster in Afghanistan
that must now be killed; our President if not Muslim in beliefs is Muslim in support. He
does nothing to offend the King of Saudi Arabia.  He gets the U.S. to fight the King’s
battles for the King; John McCain is the God Father of the ISIS; Turkey is Sunni and will
not allow the U.S. to base any military operations out of Turkey against ISIS; the
beheadings are Psyops; and the President’s speech puts the U.S. deeper into the
Mideast war which now could expand because our government needs a cover for the
impending financial crash. There are a lot of topics covered in this short article with multiple pointers to other in depth studies.

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