Every dictator is an enemy of freedom, an opponent of law.” Demosthenes

“Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.” Plato

“I grew up in Cuba under a strong, military, oppressive dictatorship. So as a teenager, I found myself involved in a revolution. I remember during that time, a young, charismatic leader rose up, talking about hope and change. His name was Fidel Castro.” Rafael Cruz

“We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and which has as its highest goal one’s own ego and one’s own desires.” Pope Benedict XVI

“Obama is telling the insurance companies, as a dictator would, what they can and can’t do or what they must or must not do.” Rush Limbaugh

I got the idea of this article from Josh Kraushaar, “Obama Changed His Party, Not the Country”

It made me think and this is what I concluded.

Obama Objectives

On February 17, 2015, the candidate Obama expressed his desire to “Change the trajectory of America”. Upon reflection, one must documents what was America like in 2015. In my mind, the following litany of characterizations fit the nation
• The nation was Christian and expressed it openly in church, school and public assemblies.
• America was a Republican democracy based on common law.
• America had local control of its children’s schooling.
• America had limited government, with few encroachments of large federal government.
• The nation has a heritage that assumed individuals with free will working in an environment of free enterprise. It had limited government that allowed them to create their own businesses and do anything they wanted as long as it did not encroach upon their fellow citizens.
To date, Obama has attempted to change all of the above. As a result, he has transformed the Democratic Party but did not get the others in the nations to follow his lead.
The Problem
Generally, the Democrats have followed his aggressive progressive policies with minimal complaints. Others have been forced to follow in disbelief. The practice of the democrats following blindly Obama’s lead will create consequences for elections in the future. I use the term “blindly” because the Democrats used their voting block to institute laws without reading them first. They overrode all Republican objections.
According to the Gallup poll, Obama has become the most polarizing president in American history.
• 75% of the Democrats back him, but only with a 42.6% approval rate.
• Republicans have abandoned him.
• Independents have abandoned him.
These are interesting statistics. Assume for a moment a 50:50 split in Democrats and Republicans. The above means that 75% of the democrats or 37.5 % of the population back him but only 42.5% approve of his actions. That works out to .425 x .375 = 15.9 % of the voting population. This is a telling minority and shows why he must use positional authority in the form of Executive orders to enforce his ideas. He certainly cannot use a vote of the public or even the democrats.

Some Examples

Let us look at a couple of examples to explain why this has occurred.

Netanyahu’s Speech – The Congress requested the speech over the objections of Obama. This was a clear case where the executive branch is trying to intimidate the Congressional branch. It did not work.
• The speech was recognized by the world as an outstanding example of statesmanship.
• The speech was an embarrassment to Obama for two reasons. First, it supported Israel, which Obama does not want to do. Second, it showed a major flaw in the negotiations that Obama was doing with Iran. This flaw was that there was an exit date for Iran built into the nonnuclear proliferation agreement. This would allow them to build a nuclear weapon – after that date.
• Per the Constitution of the United States, the Senate of the United States has to approve all international treaties.
• Obama’s insistence that only he had the power to negotiate these treaties and that he did not need Senate approval is simply wrong. He may have the right to negotiate them but the approval of them being the policies of the United States of America is clearly a Senate responsibility per the Constitution.
• In summary, the speech was a direct affront to Obama
o It was supported by Jews in America, in Israel and Jews throughout the world.
o It was supported by people of the world who want peace in the Mideast and see the proliferation of nuclear weapons as a sure way to war and possibly a third world war. That being their desire, they could not support this treaty.
o The fact that the speech was favorably received throughout the world is a clear example of how far Obama is out of step with the rest of the electorate in this country and the people of the world.
o Obama is not a statesman. He is a politician.

The Keystone Pipeline – The Keystone pipeline is another clear example of where Obama is out of step with the electorate as well as the Democratic Party.
• The pipeline has long had popular support, even by the Democrats.
• This is 100% of Obama stoppage – The National Defense Council’s Susan Casee told National Public Radio – “I actually cannot imagine a scenario in which the president allows the project to go forward.”
• March 2014 PEW poll found
o 49 % of the Democrats supported the pipeline
o Hillary Clinton would not take a position
o 16 % of House Democrats and 20% of Senate Democrats voted for approval.

Obama Ignores Citizens

The following are but a few of the things that Obama has done since election that show his disdain for the citizens.
• Forces country into an aggressive progressive agenda by means of an executive order.
• Obama is laying the groundwork for a “boots on the ground.” In the Mideast.
• He is ruling by executive order
o Foreign-policy
o Obamacare
o Environmental
o FCC neutrality
o Legal status for illegal immigrants

There are costs associated with these types of policies.
• The citizens do not want these policies.
• Congress does not agree with them, including many dozens of moderate Democrats.


As long as Obama is in office, he will continue to keep his radical liberal following from the Democrats. After he leaves office, the liberal Democrats will have to create a vision for themselves and set a new course for the party. They know that these policies will have put a Republican president in the Oval Office in 2016.
The new Republican president can nullify all of Obama’s executive orders with the stroke of a pen. The electorate, in the form of informed citizens, has been “soured” on the Democrats in their Obama vision. They feel that America that they know and love is being torn from them. The reason is that is certainly is. A progressive socialist and fascist agenda has been forced upon the American people and most do not like it. This form of government only suits the New World Order and the elite who believe that they should rule the earth. Therefore, the Democratic Party will have to come up with a new vision and resell the American people that they are sincere about protecting them and this nation. The democrats have used up a most of their social and political capital with this administration. It is time to move on and let the nation soar again.
One suggestion is that they go back to basics. Thomas Jefferson and those who believed in States Rights created the original Democratic Party. Moving in that direction would be a dramatic change and one that is needed to salvage the image of the Democratic Party that has now been tainted by a totalitarian dictatorial brush. However, this change in philosophy would be one that would be supported by the average man in America.

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