Who Funds ISIS?

Who funds ISIS?   My book is still at the publisher.  I think I have finished other than correcting the things that they find.

In that book, I disclosed names, players and events about ISIS funding – – — I was not politically correct.   In fact, my publisher tells me that  – – – –  by telling the truth, my book is now considered  “very” “controversial”   – – — – “Golly, the world has changed since my youth – – – WWII – – when men put their lives on the line for this nation”.  In those days it was considered mandatory to tell the truth.

The book revealed two individuals who were government employees that showed where ISIS money comes from – – – our intelligences agencies – – – with deposits in Deutsche Bank.  They became political prisoners for a time and then were let go when they started talking to the military.   They testified before the Senate Intelligence committee, upon which sat Hillary Clinton, Obama, Lindsey Graham.   Just to keep one  of the Whistle blowers quiet, he was given a “Whistle Blower award” if he did not say anything.  How much?   $104 million.  You did not see that in the papers – – -the military industrial complex and our politicians in power would not want that truth coming out.

Now – – others are talking

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IZAKOVIC — Sunday, 22-Feb-2015 07:34:36

Read my article – – — The U.S.  should not be there.  To give Obama the War Powers Act freedom to act to continue this religious civil war is simply stupid.    See my article by clicking Here

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