In this interview between Ed Snowden in Russia and a British /Canadian interviewer in Canada, I think you will fined that this man is

Calm, reasoned, thoughtful and intelligent in his answers, comes across as sincerely interested in internet freedoms from government and at times eloquent in his views.

He received a standing ovation at the end.  Basically, I consider him a hero for freedom from “Big Brother” and a patriot for our 4th Amendment.  A rare 35 minutes worth your time and you will come back much better informed on NSA programs that are ongoing and not revealed to Congress or the Press.  He says that many more revelations are coming and they are much bigger than those already revealed.


He raises a philosophical question of government for the modern world.  Who controls whom?   If government security programs are run independent from the Executive (He does not know they exist) and the Congress (They do not know that they exist) and the People (We do not know they exist) and are put in place by a “Cover” of protecting us from terrorism  by a group of self appointed “seers” in the intelligence community – – – – – DO WE HAVE FREEDOM?  




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