Pacific Rim: TPP Deal Reached, Official Says

October 5, 2015 | 12:34 GMT

Pacific trade ministers reached a long-elusive deal on the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact on Oct. 5, an unnamed official close to the talks said, Reuters reported. Leaders from the countries involved — Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, and the United States — are set to announce the deal later in the day. The pact, if approved my lawmakers in each country, would affect some 40 percent of the global economy by lowering trade barriers and setting common standards among the signatories. The final round of talks began in Atlanta on Sept. 30, with negotiators facing steep hurdles on issues such as dairy products, auto parts, rice, pork and beef, and drug patent protections. A deal was nearly announced on Oct. 4, but the talks were forced to be extended again by another day. The accord, along with trade and investment pacts pushed by China, is at the center of Washington’s and Beijing’s competing visions for Asia.


1.  I tried to stop the TPP with articles, letters to my Congressman and frequent writings such as this.

2. Why?  It is an agreement of corporations not citizens.  As such they want low cost labor in the U.S.

3.  One of the Agreement principles is OPEN BORDERS,   You or your Congressmen cannot control it because it is a TREATY.

4.  This means unlimited and un-stopable immigration into this country.  If you say “So What?”  – – -look at what is happening in Europe Today.  Muslims are flooding Europe and their Judeo Christian foundation glue is being challenged.  In London, Sharia Law is used in portions of the city.  This is fundamentally wrong for a Sovereign Nation.  The Liberty promised in the Magna Charta is gone for these immigrants and the Women of that society suffer.

5.  The TPP leaders, Corporations not Countries, can extend the TPP to other countries

6.  The selling point of lowering trade barriers is a lie.  The U.S. has no tariffs.

7.  The selling point of common standards is a lie.  Who in the U.S. wants Malaysian standards or Brunei standards set by Kings not the people.  Who wants the other county’s standards superimposd upon us or them.

8.  This is about money, profits and power for Transnational firms.  These firms can now dictate internet standards, import / export rules, tariffs.   The people in the sovereign nations will not get a vote.  The courts will enforce the TPP rulings as Law and the transnational firms will make rulings  that increase their profits not the liberty or freedom of the citizens in their Sovereign nations.

In essence

Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysia (1 billion Muslims) and Vietnamese will start pouring into this nation shortly – – -while America slept and our President worked his unilateral evil and he was supported by Congress who did nothing.


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