Benghazi_60 Minutes_ A Question of Treason?


When I posted this, the CBS video showed a 15 minute informative segment of “60 Minutes”. The URL was correct but someone removed the “60 Minutes” segment from Utube. One can only guess as to who. One needs to ask, “Who would benefit most if the allegation were true and they did not want it shown? Draw your own conclusions. I just checked again and the 60 Minute Segment has indeed been removed. 11/8/13 Joe H


60 Minutes_ _This link to 60 minutes provides additional evidence on Benghazi. As you know, my contention is that Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and Obama need to be at least investigated and brought up on the charges for “Benghazi” and “Fast and Furious”. Only they could have issued the orders to “stand down” .  Obama is implicated in his executive order to aid the insurgents and Holder has been held in contempt of Congress for lying to Congress  about “Fast and Furious”.  The order to stand down was issued 3 times. It is now being reported that those who objected have been removed from command. Over the last 2 years, Obama has fired about 200 field grade officers from the military.  My documentation of the events and reasoning are found on my site in two articles.

052813_ Article 7_An Analysis of 4 Scandals-IRS, Benghazi, Sebelius and Associated Press

101813 _Article 12_An Analysis of a Scandal: Fast and Furious / Benghazi

They can be found at – – —

It appears to me that evidence now shows that this was pre-meditated abandonment of the Ambassador – – The Question remains of “Why?” appears to be centered around “gun running to the enemy” which is treason as defined in the Constitution.  However, that is for an Independent counsel to discover  – – – And, this is being discussed in Congress.   “The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.”  – – – is a clause anchored in history.   The Treason Clause traces its roots back to an English statute enacted during the reign of Edward III (1327–1377).

This Benghazi action is clearly “aiding and comfort” to the enemy which is the term used. It is embedded in Article III, Section III of the Constitution to define treason. The words read, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only of levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” [my emphasis] Only an investigation will clear this up. Will it happen? I doubt it. The RINOs in Congress are the Senate and House Leadership and they have no backbone against the Democrats on the basis of principle.  Further, the Democrats have a ring through their nose that is controlled by Senator Reid who is in lockstep with this administration. Nonetheless, people should be made aware of what is going on. The cover up continues. The methods are described in my articles  View them and pass them on.  Only when the public is informed will we get change.

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