Article 14 – The Stationary Economy – The Triumph of Fascism and the Shadowing of Entrepreneurs


Our current economy is at a standstill.  Why? It appears as if we are at the end of a cycle.  Further, it is becoming clearer every day that the “Quantitative Easing to Infinity” does not work to grow our economy.  Rather, it only helps the Fascist Banks increase the “balance” in their balance sheets. This cycle was first describe by Henri Perenne and was subsequently labeled “Perenne’s Pendulum”.  If it is accurate, we should come to expect some “creative destruction” of the old system of enormous banks, enormous corporations and a lessening of the fascist government.   To achieve and maintain growth in the economy, new businesses, new sectors and entrepreneurship must thrive.  Hopefully, more truth in government will occur also.  If so, after the destruction of the old systems a new world of growth and opportunity should arise. The growth of or re-birth of the new system could be based on Constitutional Principles that may have been seeded by the Tea Party and its member beliefs.  Only time will tell.

 Investment Environment

The current investment environment of economics and politics is one of turmoil.  In times of turmoil, one should be cautious and sit aside because, in these times one cannot predict the future very well.  The old economic patterns are being disrupted by events such as QE to infinity, massive unemployment, fabricated government statistics, a non-working Obamacare that will occupy 17% of the economy and a general public that has become more and more distrustful or financial institutions and our government.  When Quantitative Easing stops, a major economic disruption will occur.  Another financial disruption will occur when the White Collar criminals in banking and government enact “Bail Ins”.   I have described what it is and how it will work in the two part article,

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