Article 13 – Obamacare vs. Freedom – What Conservatives Have Done


The Supreme Court held that Obama care is a tax not a health wall. As illogical as this may seem we must address it as such. It is taxation without representation since it has been forced upon the American people by a very small set of dedicated zealots in Congress. It is a bad law along many dimensions. The first dimension is economics. The administration claims that this law will cost the American people $1 trillion over 10 years. This is nonsense. It will cost the American people over $1 trillion every year for 10 years. This is due to expenses assumed by the federal government to replicate all the health departments in all 50 states. Further, it is building an army independent of DOD and training and arming them. This is expensive. No rationale is provided in the law as to their use or for justification of why they even exist. Another area where the law goes against the freedom of choice that America has been grounded upon is the fact that this law is socialized medicine. The freedom of choice for insurance is going to be removed over the next 2 to 3 years. It is clear that Medicaid is what the government wants to institute and it is providing significant penalties to anyone not choosing this common direction. Finally, the quality of care is going to decline in the future. It is inevitable. The supply of doctors will decrease as they will be economically forced to join the medical staff of hospitals who can handle the overhead of the new regulations. Their existing entrepreneurial independent service sectors will be forced out of business. In the future the doctors will be supplemented by nurses, nurse practitioners and foreign doctors. The incentive to join the medical profession which has provided profitable businesses will be degraded to decent salaries working 40 hours a week for medical hospitals.

Much ado in the press that the conservatives overstepped themselves is again misleading. In fact what they did was wonderful. They brought the Medicare package to center stage. There is only one solution – to repeal it. However, this cannot be done in this administration because the Senate is controlled by the liberals and the President would veto any repeal. Thus, the only alternative is to defund it. This is quite possible and can be done by the House of Representatives

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