Article 12 – An Analysis of a Scandal: Fast and Furious/Benghazi- Gunrunning- A Question of Treason.


This article contains three themes. First it gives an analysis of fast and furious the scandal where the Justice Department was selling guns to Mexican cartel gangsters. Second, it provides an update to the Benghazi article previously written and available at .   This is where guns were sold to the rebels that were fighting in Syria. Finally, it provides a historical analysis of the origin of natural law from Sophocles’ Antigone to modern times. The article shows the differences between Roman law which is based upon Plato’s philosophy of government and the American founder’s Constitutional law which is based upon Aristotle’s theory of government. In Plato’s philosophy of law, the king or ruler is allowed to overrule black letter statute law put in place by the people. Aristotle’s philosophy was different. Aristotle assumed that Kings would be corrupted by the power that was given to them. Therefore, he proposed ruling a nation with a Constitution and a system of laws where the king and the people lived under the same set of laws. The Greek playwright, Sophocles, in his play Antigone introduced the concept of natural law. His idea was that under Plato’s law the king was not the supreme law but that God could overrule him. The concepts laid out in Antigone were taught to Greek and Roman citizens for hundreds of years. Thus, it was common to believe that all Kings were not the supreme authority but rather that God was the supreme authority. In Roman law, the Emperor was allowed to “play God” and override the written law and customs. This paper follows the concept Natural Law through Emperors Constantine, Julian, and Justinian and finally on to John Locke, the founding fathers, David Thoreau and modern day uses of the Natural Law concept at the Nuremberg Trials and described how Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi used the concept. This is a long history of 2,180 years. It is apparent that Obama is using the philosophy of claim in is the current administration. He acts as if he is above the law or the law cannot be used to constrain him. However, this is outlaw action because the Constitution restricts his actions. However, he reasons and acts as if the fact that the Attorney General reports to him, he is above the law.
A chronology of events is used to illuminate the lies, distortion and reversals on both Fast and Furious and Benghazi. The chronological record proves beyond any doubt that the leaders of this administration purposely lied in their formal carrying out of office at the UN, on TV for from the White House in both Scandals. Judicial watch further states that there is a growing body of evidence in the Benghazi situation that shows that weapons were provided to the rebels who are Al Qaeda fighters to displace the legitimate King of Syria, Bashar al Assad. Thus, in Fast and Furious, our government illegally supplied guns to our enemy, the Mexican drug cartels. In Benghazi, our government supplied guns to our enemy Al Qaeda. Both instances call into question the Constitution and how it defines treason.
Many questions remain and are postured in this paper. The biggest question is why the government doesn’t allow witnesses to Fast and Furious and Benghazi to come forward. Rather, these witnesses are being threatened, hidden, retired, transferred and “fake fired”. “Fake fired” means that the individual was not really fired but was transferred to a different organization but only after the government announced that he was fired.

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