Race Hustlers & Thugs Won’t Like What This Florida Sheriff Has to Say to the Black Community

I liked this for two reasons.

  1. It is a message to the black community that if they are here, they are Americans – – -not Afro Americans
  2. It identifies the social problem of Anomie.  This is the state where individuals are not governed by social mores, religion precepts or standards of any type.  They just “do” if it feel right by them .  This is precisely the social culture that pervades our banking today and that I identify in my book,   Who’s Next? 

Food for thought.   Anomie is in our society.  It affects all of us.  It did not happen by accident. It has been planned and activated in our society and is associated with the New World Order.  Read my book to see if this statement is valid or not.


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