An Analysis of the Benghazi Cover Up


On September 11, 2012, our Embassy and Ambassador’s official residence was attacked in Libya by terrorists. Four Americans were killed – the ambassador and three Navy Seals. The Obama administration is in consistent denial of a terrorist event Why? They are covering up something. Judicial Watch has opened Freedom of Information suits against the Obama administration to get more facts. Their investigations and disclosures so far have led me to believe that the “Embassy” was used as a front organization for illegal arms transfer from Libya to the Syrian rebels via the use of our ally’s shipping in Turkey. This government’s cover up modus operandi is the same as used in their illegal gun running to the drug lords in Mexico, called “Fast and Furious”.
This article is about the Benghazi Cover Up in the face of the facts. Government cover-ups as shown in Fast and Furious and now Benghazi proceed using the same cover up modus operandi.
1. Outright lies by denial of fact and substitution of a “cover story”;
2. Outright denial using “plausible deniability”;
3. Refusal to have any witnesses at the scene of the incidents interviewed;
4. Reassignment of the government employees to better jobs as “rewards” for keeping their mouths shut;
5. Time is used as an asset when denial goes from months to years as in this case
6. Continual and incessant reinforcement of the cover story. This is the Hitler method of “A lie repeated and repeated is eventually believed.” He used it against the Jews.
A proposal is made about what to do about this cover up to make the government tell the truth.

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