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“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.”  –  Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ― Albert Einstein

“Some [Most] people think the Federal Reserve Banks are the United States government’s institutions. They are not government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign swindlers.” — Congressional Record 12595-12603 — Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency (12 years) June 10, 1932

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”– Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

 Who’s Next? Analysis of 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths – Why I Wrote the Books

The purpose of this article is to describe why I wrote the two books – Who’s Next Part I and Who’s Next – Part II.  These books should be in publication and available very shortly.  Many respondents to my articles have written about the articles but also asked me for more in depth articles.  This is it!  In fact, it is quite unique.  The Justice Department gave fines to 5 of the largest transnational banks for felonious conspiracy to fix rates on LIBOR, FOREX and mortgages. The Justice department announced that more fines are coming to 9 banks associated with mortgages. They did not specify if the original five banks were part of the forthcoming nine bank fines.  However, no one, including the government,  ever said how much was stolen.  These books calculate the amount.  It was about $14.5 trillion per year for 10 years.

The books have many images, many charts and a number of appendices.   As in my articles, I try to do my research and show that research to the reader and then draw conclusions.   That approach is also used in the two books.

There are two books since the material was dense and voluminous.  Also, Part I dealt with the FED banks theft on the open seas of international trade – FOREX and LIBOR.  And Part II deals with the FED banks theft on the American continent.  Part I deals with the 66 Mysterious Banker deaths and Part II deals with the origin of the FED, origin of the New World Order and the BRICS who are challenging the FED.

I thought that the best way to introduce and preview the books would be to provide material that I gave to the publisher, Trafford Publishing, for them to create press releases.  They asked many intelligent questions and when I got finished answering them, I ended up with this article.

Book Titles

  • Part I (Book I) – “Who’s Next?”  Analysis Of 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths – Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crime

CVR Book I

  • Part II (Book II) – “Who’s Next?  Analysis Of Federal Reserve Bank Plundering In Port Usury (NY). How Much Booty Is It? Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes”


Book II Cover

 Joe’s Introduction to White Collar Crime

While working on my Ph.D. at the Wharton School, I was also working on the IBM Sears Team at the Sears Catalog plant in Philadelphia.  This was the world’s largest catalog plant.  It had 80 bays for 40-foot vans that were loading and unloading merchandise 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.   The plant supplied all the Sears stores in the Northeast and was a $1 billion per year operation.  At Christmas, they had 10,000 workers picking merchandise for those vans and reloading shelve inventory.

Thus, I was on the IBM Sears team and I was looking for a dissertation topic.  I went to the General Manager’s office asking whether he knew of a topic that I could work on.   We got along well and this was a man whom I admired. He was both honest and tough.  He had just asked me. “Do your know what today is?”  Then he went on and said, “25 years ago today, I was in the Navy and was a load master circling the Ducks before landing Marines on Iwo Jima.”   We talked about that for a while.  Finally, he then said, “Yes, I have a topic.  I have a theft ring working my plant.”  I asked, “How do you know?   He replied, “I was walking across the yard last week and I saw one man knock down another man, pull 45 and put it to his head and say. ‘If you say anything, I will kill you.’”  This was my introduction to White Collar Crime.  It too can get rough and dangerous.   I wrote my dissertation on How to Detect Theft in a Retail Warehousing Operation and gave them a copy.  They were happy and I graduated, joined the IBM Point of Sale Marketing team as a manager and announced the IBM Point of Sale system 18 months later

What Inspired Me to Write This Book?

It was almost by accident.  Sometime in 2013, I noticed that the papers were reporting what seemed to me to be a large number of “banker suicides”.  I read a few of them and thought that they were odd enough that they might not be suicide but possibly “assisted suicide” or outright “murder”.   I wondered if there were any common connections between them. With an internet search, I soon found out that they all worked for large transnational banks, many were traders, former CEOS, high-level data processing executives and that several not only knew one another but also worked together.  Interestingly, some worked together for the same bank but on different sides of the Atlantic.  Before I knew it, I was gathering too much information to keep track of it in a comprehensive fashion.  I thought that this might make a nice article for my Blog, www.joehawranek.com.

Spreadsheet of Death Events

As a result, I created a spreadsheet and collected information from multiple newspaper released information on the Internet.  I collected date, name, age, employer, job title, job function, cause of death and a few internet comments reported on each death.  These were high-level visible executives that merited headline reporting of deaths in various parts of the world.  All were bankers, all were high-level executives or CEOs of banks; most were traders, investment bankers or data processing executives. I became very curious when my list grew to 29 executives and they were occurring at one per month on average for the first year.  The second year (2014) and third year (2015), they grew to two per month.

I started investigating and found that most of the executives were employed by Federal Reserve banks such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibank or their correspondent banks in Europe such as Deutschebank, United Bank of Scotland as well as some insurance companies which were owned by or working with these banks.

I wondered if some transactions may have gone bad and these men had found an “easy” way out by committing suicide. This led me to determine the type of transactions that they worked on.  Most were investment bankers who usually made loans with insurance wraps to guarantee payment of loan.  Thus, I documented a typical large national loan such as Greece with an insurance wrap (derivative) that these men usually were involved in making.   My calculations surprised me in that a 10% reduction in the assumed risk could lead to a 100% profit increase. A number of these suicides were “risk assessment officers”.   About

Man-of-war - Three Hierarchesthis time both our Federal Government and the British Government started Sovereign nation investigations of LIBOR rate setting, FOREX price setting and Gold market manipulation. I added these events to my timeline spreadsheet.  I wondered how much money these banks were stealing by manipulating the prices of the multi trillion daily money flows involving billions of transactions.  I calculated the potential theft at $14.5 trillion per year. The calculation results surprised me but gave me a solid potential motive that was common to all these deaths. I was “hooked”. These people worked late frequently. That fact provided the opportunity for foul play.

 Who Owns the FED?

I then set out to see what motivated the bankers who owned the Federal Reserve System since most of the banks were in the FED which has nothing to do with Federal or the U.S. Government.  The System and its banks are private, and primarily owned by European banks and banking families.  They report to no one.  The President, nor the Congress or the people control them. They are a free from any constraints including audits.

The Laws Governing Finance in the U.S.

While investigating their authorization to practice banking, I discovered that the laws governing banking were created by the bankers who were writing the laws using their lobbyists and getting Congress to pass them. This is Pure Fascism.  The laws helped the bankers not the American people. These laws were The Federal Reserve Act (1913). Glass Steagall (repealed); Graham, Leach, Bliley (derivatives); Dodd – Frank (too big to fail), G20 Stability Board Strategic Plan (Extends too big to fail to 20 nations), FATCA (global tax law on Americans)

 Financial Pirates

Upon downloading and reviewing these laws, I soon concluded that these banks were acting as “Financial Pirates” and their modern day cannon were black letter laws that they wrote and influenced Congress to pass. I found the Pirate metaphor very fitting. I reviewed Henry Morgan, the world’s most successful pirate and compared his accomplishments to that of Alan Greenspan.  I also found that their accomplishments paralleled each other.  Both were Admirals of a fleet of pirates, both organized fleets that plundered, both made massive amounts of money, both brought money back to the Queen of England and both were Knighted by the Queen. Both retired to a healthy wealthy life as famous men.

After doing the above research, it was 2014.  I updated the spreadsheet, and found that there were now 53 deaths and that the number of sudden deaths, suicides, murder suicide and murders had increased to a pace of two per month.

WHAT Was Going On and HOW It Was Happening

I had figured out WHAT was happing – manipulating of global rates of LIBOR, FOREX and Mortgage rates and HOW they were doing it.  They had “SAFE” trading rooms on both sides of the Atlantic where only selected and “safe” traders were allowed to trade and where the rates and trades were set to their advantage.  This is collusive theft of the first order of magnitude.  The next step, which led to BOOK II, was to research and discover WHY they were operating dishonestly behind closed doors rather than operate in fair and honest ways.

WHY the Banks Were Acting Dishonestly

I wondered what the Pirate Fleet did at its Home Port Usury (NY) within the continental U.S.  I soon discovered anther dishonest theft that has not been investigated by our government.  I calculated the amount of theft on internal American financial institutions as $41.5 trillion over 100 years dating from 1913 when the FED was founded.

As noted, I wanted to know WHY they were doing this.  My research led me to research the New World Order; the origin of the Bank of England; the English bankers actions in the U.S. to found the U.S. Central banks; the history of the First, Second, Third Central Bank and the English banker’s masterpiece, the Federal Reserve private banking system that controls every financial institution in America and creates the Nation’s money supply.   They wanted power over the U.S. government and its citizens and this gave it to them.

Upon reflection, something felt wrong about the 1910 meeting at Jekyll Island.  I spent 40 years in business, many as a senior executive, and instinctively I knew that the 5 most powerful bankers in the U.S. would not spend 9 days cooped up anywhere without discussing everything that affected them and this was a lot more than the Federal Reserve system that was closely modeled after the Bank of England.  Therefore, I speculated on what really happened at Jekyll Island when the banking conspirators set out to control this country.

Joe’s Speculation on What Was Discussed at Jekyll Island

I postulated that these men set out to control the money supply and thus control the country not just the money supply. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 accomplished control of the money supply. I believe and analyzed how they controlled the Wilson presidency; how they controlled the Press; how and why they changed the Education System in America by introducing and funding progressive education versus the founders education that make this country great using McGuffey’s Readers.

Finally, I commented on the BRICS that represent the rest of the world saying that they no longer want to be dominated by the FED and its Armada of banks.  They want a parallel, independent and HONEST system of banking.  The BRICS are providing that.  When I was done, I found out

  • The list had grown to 66 banker deaths;
  • The 5 largest Transnational banks admitted to Conspiratorial Felonies in setting the prices of LIBOR, FOREX;
  • The Justice Department announced that 9 banks will admit to felonies in fixing and manipulating mortgage rates and that announcement will be made sometime in the future.
  • The 5 largest transnational banks received a $6.5 billion fine and were told to “continue as usual” by Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the US. The normal regulatory bodies that had missed $14.5 trillion / year of theft will monitor their future business transactions. Nothing changes.
  • The DOJ ruling was in sharp contrast to the Savings and Loans ruling where 1,200 FBI agents investigated and made 6,000 criminal referrals, 1,000 indictments that led to 600 executives going to prison. The LIBOR, FOREX and Mortgage rates investigation took 120 FBI agents and made zero referrals, zero indictments, no names divulged and the banks admitted to one incident for LIBOR, FOREX and Mortgage Rate manipulation after a 3-year investigation.
  • The DOJ has freed these institutions and their executives from a RICO investigation that was obviously needed. If the banks had been made to admit to 2 incidents rather than the 1 that they admitted, then they could have been indicted under RICO.  Then, the CEOS of the banks could have been indicted, and if proven guilty, have all their assets taken.

Upon completion, 66 deaths were recorded.  I could only record the headline deaths. I do believe that others exist.  The $6.5 billion fine occurred on June 15 and the mysterious deaths stopped occurring that month.

Summary Of The Books In A Few Sentences

  1. This is a tale of White Collar Crime where the principals, bankers and collusive government employees get no penalties and are rewarded;
  2. The banks admitted crime was to conspiratorically organize to manipulate LIBOR, FOREX and Mortgage rates in a way to allow them to steal $14.5 trillion / year for over 10 years.
  3. The bankers behind the FED believe in a New World Order where they run the world and therefore have manipulated the laws to place them in control as central bankers for “free world” sovereign nations.
  4. The New World Order requires a Fascist government and a Communist political philosophy among the people.  These philosophies have been encouraged and funded by bankers and their private charitable foundations because they expect to be the ones that rule in the New World Order.
  5. Only the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have said “NO” and are now creating a financial network independent of the FED and its backers.
  6. Solution is to Fire the FED (a private company) amd use the Treasury; Reenact Glass Steagall; Repeal Graham, Leach, Bliley; Repeal Dodd Frank and  FATCA; Drop the G20 Financial Plan that justify Bail Ins.

What Is The Theme Of The Books?

Using a metaphor, the FED is the admiral’s ship of a flotilla of banks that are admittedly stealing wholesale from the people of the earth by setting rates in LIBOR and FOREX to their advantage.  This is a White Collar Crime where the Government is complicit by not doing their jobs of regulatory monitoring.  The 5 banks’ fines of $6.5 billion are for admitted theft that has occurred over a period of at least 10 years.  They admitted to one instance for each charge and the Government let them do that.  If the Government had insisted on two instances then the banks would have been subject to RICO charges.  This book describes the New World Order, its origin, its methods, its organization, its financial arm (the FED) and what it has done to education, the revolt of the world in the form of the BRICS and what is necessary to correct this problem of open theft by the banks and that is not add more fines.

Where Does This Book’s Action Take Place And Who Are The Main Characters?

These mysterious deaths occurred globally wherever there was a transnational bank involved in LIBOR or FOREX trading.   It is a sovereign nation Central Bank BIS problem. On another level, it takes place over 300 years in the history of Pirates and Central Banking.

Alan Greenspan and other heads of the Private Federal Reserve Banks are the Admirals and Captains of the private flotilla of private banks that have been stealing by manipulating rates to their advantage.

Why Do I Think That These Books Will Appeal To Readers?

First, the books are about possible cover-ups using murder, murder-suicide, suicide, accidental death and sudden disappearances of 66 executive bankers.

Second, anyone who has a mortgage, who has a loan, has been paying excess lending rates for years. Conceptually, you have been paying for Jamie Diamon’s private island in Indonesia.   Any nation that issues bonds or any municipality that issues bonds is paying excessive rates because of these conspiratorial thieves. They all contribute to the $14.5 trillion / year in excess fees.  This is a “salami slicing” form of collusive White Collar Crime – theft.

How is the Book Relevant to Modern Society?

Today, we have a society in which the leaders of government and banking are in a state of Anomie – moral normlessness. This state is where actions are justified by and attitude expressed as “If I don’t get caught, It is ok because all my peers are doing the same thing”.  Certain high-level people in power in private enterprise and government ignore the law.  The moral absolutes of ‘Thou shall not steal; Thou shall not kill; Thou shall not lie”; are being ignored and their attitudinal directed actions are rationalized as a way of doing business for their organizations – as long as they do not get caught.  Today, the system is rigged such that even if caught, the company pays a fine and the individual goes free.   This, in my mind, is wrong.

In fact, this type of conduct is a way to kill civilization, society, and America because America was founded on Judeao-Christian principles where the institutions of government must assume individuals that follow the 10 commandments occupy those positions of trust.  When these men are not taught these principles in school and realize that they can lie, cheat, steal and possibly kill with impunity, our institutions fail.  One for instance is our politicized Justice Department with their decision of fining the 5 banks rather than using RICO. Another is our politicized Supreme Court with its recent politicized decisions on “Obamacare” and the “same sex marriage” decisions.    In China when a bureaucrat is found stealing, he is removed from office given a life sentence or executed. Our system does not work that way.

What Makes Your Book Different From Other Books Like It?

First, there are no other books like it today.  No one has attempted to state how much plunder is taking place with this admitted to White Collar Crime.

Second, this is not opinion based on belief.   It is opinion based on research and facts such as  estimates of the amount of theft, the amount of planning in the laws, the number of deaths and relationship to the large banks and their jobs at the banks. There are no other books that do this for the Federal Reserve System.  I let the reader fill in the linkages on his own.  However, if he thinks, the relationships become obvious.

 What Do You Want Readers To Take Away From Your Writing?

First, this is an honest attempt to size a very difficult social problem. Specifically, the Federal Reserve and its banks are an admittedly dishonest and thieving organization that needs to be deep audited and fired (they are a private company) after the audit reveals the depth and breadth of the theft instituted by this organization on America. This will remove the Admiral’s ship from the Flotilla of Banks that have been stealing from the world.   In fact, the audit may prove corruption that justifies removal of the highest levels of management while the lower levels could be moved to the Treasury.

How Did I Learn About This Topic? (personal experience, education, etc)

I earned a PH.D. in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. My dissertation was written on the topic of White Collar Crime – how to detect it and stop it.   Alan Greenspan’s Ph.D. in Economics is “Honorary” and is from Columbia. He did not earn  his Ph.D. I earned an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Virginia.  I worked at IBM in IT for 40 years taking a leave of 10 years where I ran my own consulting business.   My last four years at IBM was as a Senior Global Services Banking Consultant in a 14 state region in the Midwest.

My educational background enabled me to see WHAT was happening.  My IBM experience as a Certified Consultant in Communications as well as my expertise in Business Resiliency (backups) and Security enabled me to see HOW these banks were “pulling off their theft” but the WHY took further research.  I concluded after much study that the Bank of International Settlement (Think tank for Central banks) and the Federal Reserve System of banks was the principle financial arm of the New World Order.  I also concluded that a critical element of very rich banking families actually believe that they can rule the world using a Plato philosophical system of government with a benevolent “king”. The founders of this nation rejected the Plato philosophy of government. They chose Aristotle and his system of Constitution and Law that all men must adhere – including the President.  I believe that these billionaires and trillionaires are wrong. I hope that this book does a little to expose their goals and their misguided dreams and their “above the law” attitudes.    They have money. They only want power – over you.

 Personal Information – Who Is Joe?

I was raised in Virginia and Pennsylvania.   I put myself through college on scholarships and by working multiple jobs. I attended VMI and U.VA. then joined the Air Force, was stationed in Florida at Patrick AFB where I worked as a launch officer on the Minuteman program and participated in over 50 launches.   After the USA, I joined IBM, worked on the Saturn V Moon Rocket launch, and then returned to school at the U.PA.  Wharton School where I earned a Ph.D. in Economics and Business.

For a career, I worked as an engineer, engineering manager and executive.  As a manager, I brought many products to market such as the IBM Point of Sale Systems; TELXON hand held computers; Honeywell X.25 packet switching system, TENERON encrypting modems and California Microwave’s 802.111 wireless Point of Sale systems.   I worked high tech and state of the art because I understood and enjoyed high tech.   The technology was always changing and challenging.   I gained enough knowledge that I left IBM for a period and ran my own consulting company, Raven Communications, for 10 years.  While at IBM, I received IBM’s OUTSTANDING CONRIBUTION AWARD for work done on the IBM Point of Sale Systems.

Finally, I rejoined IBM as a Global Services Competency Principal for
Communications, Security and Business Resiliency.  I am an IBM Certified Communications Consultant.  IBM calls mainframe back up “business resiliency”.   I worked with large financial institutions in the financial sector across the Midwest.


Once retired, I moved to Las Cruces, NM where I got involved in Constitutional education.   My goal was to educate others on how important the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were to this nation. In Las Cruces, I co-founded a TEA Party, the Las Cruces Sons of Liberty, http://www.lcsonsofliberty.com , which was getting 5,000 inquiries per day when I left.   I had fun doing this.   However, it introduced me to what I call the application layer of the internet – Internet marketing. Up to that time, I had generally worked at the communications layer.  It also made me do deep research into the Constitution and he principles upon which it is based.

 Internet Marketing

Internet marketing intrigued me for a number of reasons.   The profession was only 10 years old and new.   In addition, it was the most rapidly growing segment of business in the world with 1 billion people online and 2 billion users.   Furthermore, internet marketing is expected to create 10 million new millionaires over the next 10 years – and it can all be done from home.   Being an old “fire dog” for bringing new products to market, I was intrigued. I had already decided that as a retiree, I wanted to work from home, which I knew would curtail my “technical consulting” because that required too much travel. Becoming an “online marketer” sounded ideal because I could learn new technology, use my years of experience to help others, write about my obsessions – geopolitics, financial education and economics – and make some money.

I researched the internet and found a few companies that interested me.  I joined Wealth Masters International (WMI) as a M3 member and became a Founding Member of Vertical Rising, Vertical Legacy and the Champion Movement when the WMI management team formed these new companies.   This was my first venture into becoming an online marketer; therefore, I wanted to work with experts to learn the business.   After watching and listening to Ryan Nelson at WMI, I became one of his enthusiasts because he understands both the technology and the marketing aspects of being an online marketer.   I learned a lot from Ryan and his team.  He advised, “Choose something that you are passionate about. create a website, start writing on a blog.  He was right.  He has helped me build a website, write a personal blog, publish 128 + articles and publish two Books.

On my educational site, http://www.jpfinancialeducation.com, I surprised myself because within 10 months I had over 16,000 readers who read and commented on my articles.   This woke me up that anyone could do this – including me! If you have a passion, get a website, write a Blog and become an affiliate marketer.   In this way, you learn how to make money from home while doing something that you love.  Currently, I have moved all my articles to http://www.joehawranek.com  and there are 128 + articles posted there.  Furthermore, I have over 100,000 responses to those articles and it is growing every day.  I am working toward announcing a newsletter called Raven Report – Geopolitical News From Around the World  – before the end of the year.

Have I written other books?

I have written product Requirements documents for corporations that were used to develop their products.  These products went to market and are shipping  $billions per year.  These requirements statements  require industry analysis, competitive analysis, pricing analysis, application descriptions, product functional analysis requirements, financial analysis including sales forecast and profit and analysis forecast. These are in fact books.  The ones written  include Point of Sale Systems, Hand Held Computer Systems, Wireless Devices, Encryption devices and X.25 Packet Switching systems – – forerunner of internet packet switching.  I also wrote the Strategic Plan for the 32,000 student Scottsdale Unified School District, Scottsdale, Arizona.

 Do I have an existing website?

I have four sites but from now on will only post on two sites because the work involved in keeping up with 4 sites is too much.

http://www.joehawranek.com– – – – – — – — I intend to use this site from now on

http://www.joeraven.com   – – – — -this is the same site as joehawrenek.com.   I have redirected all traffic from Joe raven.com to www.joehawranek.com

http://www.ravenreport.us – – — this is a new site and will become active when I launch my weekly Newsletter – – “The Raven Report” Geopolitical News from Around the World





This provides a good summary of the books and my background that led to these books.  I have others planned but first want to Launch the Newsletter, The Raven ReportGeopolitical News From Around the World.

I think you will enjoy the books, learn a lot, get angry and I hope you actualize yourself to get involved and support the Audit of the FED.  It starts here with cold hard facts.  After that my books lay out a path that would get this country back on track.

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