“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act”. Dietrich Bonhoeffer
“The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.” Otto von Bismarck

“Politics is the art of the possible.” Otto von Bismarck


The situation in Greece will be watched by the world to see which way they will head.
The situation in Greece has been brought about and will be fought behind the scenes by the Giants of geopolitics. On the one hand, you have the United States with its Confederates of the European Union, its banks, the Brussels’s banks, and the IMF bankers. On the other hand, you have the BRICS with Russia and China in the lead. Both combatants know that Greece is the cornerstone between Asia and Europe. Both would like Greece to be in their camps. Let us see how it plays out. However, let us also preview the players and the battlefield so that we better understand the results. That is what this article attempts to explain.

Greece Facts

The facts are that the nation of Greece is now in default on its loans to the IMF to the tune of 1.7 3 billion dollars. This occurred on 30 June 2015. The profligate spending of previous leaders in Greece such as Papandreou put Greece into a massive amount of debt that they cannot pay off. I suspect that he knew it at the time but figured that he would be gone before the debt became due and could not be paid. In addition, his policies created a socialist extreme society where the people were more or less supported by the government and not private enterprise. The private enterprise in Greece is really small businesses who apparently cheat on their taxes. There are no large sustaining businesses such as the old shipbuilding that can be taxed and to support the nation and its people.
The nation consists of many small businesses and a Greek orthodox religious belief. This religion has several outward trappings that are different from Roman Catholicism but the theological tenants are basically the same. The major difference is that in the 7th century, they split from Roman Catholicism because of the phrase in the Nicene Creed that says

“We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life,
who proceeds from the Father and the Son.”
The Greek Orthodox deleted the term “and the Son” from the Nicene Creed. Otherwise, the two religions have the same theological tenants. The result was a split between Rome and Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Greece has this Greek orthodox religion in common with Russia. For this reason, they sided with Russia during the Serbian conflict where the United States (Clinton Administration) leveled Serbia a Greek Orthodox nation and allowed the Muslim contingent to take over the nation. As a side note, this also allowed the distribution channel for heroin grown in Afghanistan to come into Europe unhampered by the Greek Orthodox religion and government that does not agree with this traffic. The result was that they heroin supply is now clean, voluminous, and as a result, the price of heroin has gone down in the EU. It raises and unanswered question, were our politicians involved in the drug traffic? I will leave that unanswered for now. Now let’s get on with our story.


The issues are clear. On the one hand, Tsipras, the current far left socialist leader of Greece, wants Greece to increase taxes in order to meet the IMF $1.73 billion next payment shortfall. On the other hand, the Brussels group of bankers,led by Germany, want Greece to go into a massive austerity program and cut costs. The bankers realize that there is not enough self-sustaining income in the nation to support their levee of interest put in place on highly questionable bonds during the Papandreou era. The principle source of income to Greece right now is the tourism in the form of international traffic from visitors to Greece. This is not enough to sustain the economy. This situation is characteristic of a number of countries in Europe. I am thinking of Italy, Spain, Belgium and possibly France.

Superimposed upon these banker issues are the facts associated with Ukraine. Ukraine is expected to default on its IMF loans on 21 July 2015. If it does, it will affect the New York banks, who issued the debt and who put this information out. Let us now look at the alternatives that the Greek people face in their upcoming vote. The principles established here in Greece by the IMF will affect the Ukraine.

The Vote 5 July 2015

A yes vote by the people of Greece to accept the Brussels demands of the austerity rather than tax increases will automatically usher Tsipras out of office. Greece will remain in the European Union and somehow money will be found to finance the IMF loans. This may mean taking a further haircut by the IMF, but the geopolitical Giants are willing to do this in order to retain Greece in the union.
On the other hand, a no vote by the people of Greece will open up three alternatives for the nation.
• They can remain outside the European Union, but sustained by the BRICS in the form of help from both Russia and China.
• They can join the BRICS and get their loans from the BRIC development bank.
• They can throw both of them aside and follow the lead of Iceland and become a free independent nation.

Option 1

Both Russia and China want to be close to Greece. They realize that it is a center pin between Asia and Europe. The Greek people and Russia feel close together because of their religion and their languages. They have been doing business together for many years. The Chinese are new to the game but have a massive amount of money, thanks to America banking, and thus can use this money to increase their presence in Europe. They are spending approximately a trillion dollars to create “The Old Silk Road” which the world will see come into being over the next five years. They realize that by helping Greece, they will have an inroad into the EU as well as the nations in the deep Mideast.

Russia can open up a pipeline into Greece as the port of entry from its oilfields in the East. Russia would close their pipeline into the Ukraine, who they believe are charging too much for royalties as well as the region is unsettled and could damage the pipeline. This pipeline terminating in Greece could provide possibly enough royalties in of itself to sustain Greece as a nation. The oil and gas, of course, would flow into the EU.

Option 2

The second option is for Greece to join the BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Possibly it would be called “GBRICS”. In this way, Greece would have direct access to the BRICS development bank, which has more than enough cash and assets to sustain them. If in addition, Russia terminated its pipeline in Greece, then Greece could become self-sustaining and begin to lean more to Russia and China than the European Union. They would also be allowed to retain their freedom.

Option 3

The third option is far more interesting. What if Greece chose to go the way of Iceland?
In this instance, they would mount investigations of the bankers and the politicians who drowned them in debt during their administrations that the people of Greece were not aware of, did not agree to and cannot afford. In the case of Iceland, these bankers and politicians were investigated, prosecuted, and a number were put in jail. Further, the nation of Iceland nullified all bank debt to the European Union, and to households (mortgages) which bankrupted its banks. The bank management teams fled and were captured and some are still at large and being looked for by European police. Finally, the nation left the European Union, left the euro and created their own currency. They negotiated bilateral agreements with critical nations such as China and Russia and now are soaring financially with the people out of debt, the nation out of debt, and the people are free.


Which way will they head? Which way will they vote? The answers are unknown at this point; however, given that the press is not exposing the people to option three, I would say that only option one and two are viable. I say this even though option three would probably be the best choice for Greece as a nation. This is the land where freedom was born. The people need it. They have become softened by the socialist leaders who convinced them that the state can afford to pay for anything that they want. It cannot and never has been able to do that. Nonetheless, the people probably need to learn that themselves by going through a long period of austerity. As a consequence, I “guess” that they will vote yes. Personally, I hope they do not; but as an outsider, it appears as if they will. The choice then becomes, do they want to keep TSIPRAS and join the BRICS? Alternatively, do they want to join the European Union, come under the yoke of the Brussels’s bankers, and go into a period of 20 to 50 years of austerity? These parameters exist prior to the vote. Now it is up to us to sit back, watch, and see what happens.

One last issue is “Will we go to war over this issue?”  I doubt it but when you have a President that acts as an Emperor rather than an Constitution constrained individual, then anything is possible.  My hope is that there are a number of level clear thinking heads in the military that will thwart any efforts in that direction.   Note, that I did not say “Political members of Congress”. To me, most of he leadership have already sold their souls to the highest bidder who of course is the military industrial complex that General Eisenhower feared.

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