TPP Passes Congress and American Sovereignty  With It

I agree with Alex Jones on this one.  Our Rinos and Dinos in Congress sold their souls and passed this legislation.   About $1.3 million distributed to Congressmen.   My Congressman, Steve Pearce voted against it – in spite of the pressure from Boehner.  However, our Congress passed it:

o Without reading it

o Without us being able to read it

o In conflict with 90% of Americans that did not want it

o In conflict with the Constitution

o  In opposition to TEA party candidates in Congress – – – – just not enough of them

Now we must wait while Obama dons his Emperial robes and tells us, as the emperor with complete control over this nation,  what the Large Transnational firms want that will maximize their profits

Trans-Pacific Partnership fast track authority passes as U.S. sovereignty takes devastating blow: Obama now a “dictator”

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