“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act”. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“Classes struggle, some classes triumph, others are eliminated. Such is history; such is the history of civilization for thousands of years.” Mao Zedung

“The Chinese Communist Party is the core of leadership of the whole Chinese people. Without this core, the cause of socialism cannot be victorious.” Mao Zedung Talk at the general reception for the delegates to the Third National Congress of the New Democratic Youth League of China (May 25, 1957).

“The force at the core leading our cause forward is the Chinese Communist Party. The theoretical basis guiding our thinking is Marxism-Leninism.” Mao Zedung Opening address at the First Session of the First National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China (September 15, 1954).
Communist Party

Communist Party

The Communist Party in China is interesting in that it controls a nation of roughly 1.2 billion people using the same methods of those in Rome in about 100 BC. When Julius Caesar came to power, the nation was democratic and the people were important in running the nation. After he was killed, the elite in the nation took over the function of appointing emperors and allowed the people to run their entrepreneurial businesses. The Emperor allowed this to be in order to collect taxes which paid for the Armies of Rome. When the taxes of Rome became too much, the empire started deteriorating. It still took a couple of hundred years for the empire to collapse.

In the case of China, the current ruler appears to be consolidating power so that an empire can be announced or defacto run. The problem with this philosophy which is that of Plato, is that “Power Corrupts”. The emperor always forgets his people when his personal interests are at stake. In strong contrast to the philosophy of Plato is that of Aristotle, which assumes that the leader is corruptible and MUST be controlled by law that controls all the people – even him. This was the philosophy that our founders followed in the creation of this nation and putting in place the Declaration of Independence, the philosophy document, and the Constitution, the rule book that follows the Declaration of Independence.


Today in America, we have a problem that China does not have. It they find a leader the does not follow the philosophy of Marx or Lenin, they simply remove him from office and execute him or put him in jail for life. Who makes that decision? The leaders of the party. They of course use the courts to cover their actions; nonetheless, that is how it is done. In America, we now have a President that is operating as an Emperor by running the country with Executive Orders and a Supreme Court that has taken upon itself tot write law from the bench. Both, in my mind, are in violation of the very clear words in the Constitution. The President is modifying and making law using his Executive Orders. The Supreme Court is rewriting and creating law in its rulings. The Congress has ceded its power to the other branches in these matters. No one from Congress is standing up and saying that these are jurisdictional encroachments of their powers. Now let us see where we may be heading if the Illuminati and their control organizations get their way.

Geopolitics and China

Geo Political News is the study of man in his cultural and political environment as well as his geographical location and his interface with his immediate neighbors. This note is on China. Note the following:
• China is a communist nation
o No private property unless allowed by the state
o No belief in God
o State has total power and legislates what the people can or cannot do.
o There is one party – the communist party that has 87.9 million people with 7.0 million in party positions.
o The population of China is about 1.3 billion

• The New World Order wants to implement the Illuminati goals – explained in my forthcoming book. Who’s Next?
o State control with total power in the state
o No belief in God
o No private property

Please note that only 8% of The Communist Party of China (CPC) membership are employed as Functionaries in Party and State Organs.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) had a total of 87.793 million members at the end of 2014, a figure greater than the population of Germany. Last year, CPC members increased by 1.1 million compared to 2013, up 1.3 percent, according to the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.

The grassroots Party units increased by 56,000 to 4.36 million, also up 1.3 percent, the department said in a communique published ahead of the 94th anniversary of the CPC’s founding on July 1.  The statistics showed that the growth rate of CPC members has dropped while the structure of its members has improved, a proof of the increased vigor and vitality of the Party, the communiqué said.

In 2014 the CPC recruited 2.057 million new members, 351,000 less than in 2013, including 962,000 members from the front line of work and production, accounting for 46.8 percent of all new members.

The drop in recruits is a result of the new CPC’s guidelines for recruiting members, which require all localities and organizations to enlist new Party members in a “prudent” and “balanced” manner.

The figures suggested an emphasis on youth and education, with 1.7 million new members aged under 35. A total of 37.755 million members, or 43 percent of the total, have college degrees or advanced degrees, up 1.4 percentage points.

The Party has 21.672 million female members as of the end of 2014, up 0.4 percentage points.

The coverage rate of grassroots Party units has increased, especially in the newly-emerging sectors. More than 99 percent of grassroots in city sub-districts, villages and communities have CPC units, and 1.579 million non-public enterprises have CPC units, accounting for 53.1 percent of the total.

Here is a close look at the CPC members, which account for less than 7 percent of CPC has 87.79 million members: authority
(China Daily) 17:08, July 01, 2015


The Communist party has evolved and now allows certain segments of society to function as entrepreneurial enterprises. However, overshadowing everything is the fact that the Communist party can shut down businesses overnight or allow them to stay open. This is one of the Party’s problems – corruption through bribery. Periodically they purge the system and eliminate the “bad guys”. However, many times that means to use these purges to eliminate these men who might rise in competition to men currently in power.

It is not a free society. Yet, with the government regulations enforced on our free society, neither is ours. Try to get through the permit mess in California and create an amusement park. Disney gave up on building a ski resort in California. Permits were the problem.

In the middle of society, the people have come to a compromise. “You politicians can run the country but leave me alone to run my business.” 7 million appears to be a lot of managers but it represents 0.5% of the population. That would be 1.6 million in America. Not bad but it must be a totalitarian government to do that.

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