Releasing my 3 eBooks – -“39 Years of Clinton Scandals and Corruptions”

Joe’s Corner August 26 2016

Today I am releasing my 3 eBooks – -“39 Years of Clinton Scandals and

Corruptions” Book 1, 2, 3

The following coves the Server which I cover in Book 3 of my Series. This

woman should be in jail.

Here is a Congressional Hearing where

 The emails that Hillary did not secure and did not protect. But , were

read plain text by others are so SECURE that the Congress of the

U.S. and the Director of Intelligence for the U.S. do not have the

proper clearance to be told what they are or the content type!

See this for your self and join the crowd of disbelievers that have a hard

time comprehending how this woman is not in jail.

James Comey, Director of the FBI, is a liar. This is a criminal case.

Other cases do exist and he designated them as criminal. I cover a specific

criminal case in Book 3 of my series.

Finally, do you remember “Pardon Gate” where Bill Clinton let off 140

criminals with presidential pardons on his last day in office. Most of these

criminals were murders, rapists, etc and they were serving 35 year

sentences on average. Why is that important? The release of these bad

guys was so bad that a Special Prosecutor was appointed. He investigated

and gave the Clintons a clean bill – no crimes. So what? His name was

James Comey – our current Director of the FBI.


The United States has been kidnapped by the National Security Act, as

shown so well, in this interaction between Congressman Jason

Chaffetz (R-UT) and Charles McCullough, Intelligence Community

Inspector General (ODNI OIG), during a hearing of the United States


Committee on Oversight and Government regarding the High

Security nature of Hillary Clinton's emails.

When asked by Rep. Chaffetz which intelligence agency is in

possession of the "hot" emails, McCullough responds that those

who have "ownership" of them will not release any information

about them, as they are characterized as "ORCAN"

(Originator Controlled).

Furthermore, McCullough cannot say which actual agency is in

possession of these emails, "In an open hearing."Chaffetz grins

at the ludicrousness of this situation, commenting, "So, you

can't even mention which agency won't allow us, as member of

Congress to see something that Hillary Clinton allowed someone

without a security clearance, in a non-protected format to see!

"When pressed further for the general reasons as to why this

information is so protected, McCullough replies, "We shouldn't

get into the content of these emails in an open hearing."

Chaffetz backs down and says, "I don't want to violate that but

the concern is that it's already been violated by Hillary Clinton –

and it was her choice, she set it up and she created this problem

and she created this mess and we shouldn't have to go through

this – but she did that."

McCullough responds: "This is the segment of emails that I had

to have people in my office read in to particular programs to even

see these emails. We didn't possess the required clearances

and compartments -"

"So, even the Inspector General of ODNI didn't have the requisite

security clearances?" asks Chaffetz.

"That's correct," replies McCullough.

Chaffetz reacts,"Wow. Wow, wow,


The YouTube creator of this clip believes that ODNI McCullough

should technically have the right to view all artifacts deriving from the

US intelligence community and she speculates as to whether or or not

the "owner" of this intercepted cache of emails might not be the

UN (a thought which would never cross my mind).

Video: (7 mins):

Clinton Emails So Dangerous, Congress Does Not Have Clearance so-dangerous-

congress-does- not-have- clearance-27807

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tab buy Book 3 – – -$7.95 – – it tells all about the Server and covers a

criminal case on Comey’s watch – he lies.

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