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Hi, I am Joe Hawranek. I use a Raven as my logo because that is how the name “Hawranek” translates from the Austrian/Czech into English. My father emigrated here from Vienna, Austria but the family lived there for generations. Native people all over the earth consider the Raven as the bird of wisdom. That sounded like a good logo for the site. If became ravengeopolnews.com – “Geopolitical news from around the world.”

I retired from IBM and started my own site and writing.  I have an education in engineering, business and economics. In addition, I have 40 years’ experience working as an engineer, businessman and executive including President and CEO.  This experience helps me interpret between the lines of everyday news.  It also helps me understand Donald Trump’s actions, which is critical for writing about him. I have a few articles published on Donald Trump and many on Hillary and Bill Clinton. Check out my article on Trump – – “Donald Trump is Yankee Doodle Dandy!”   HERE

The focus of the site is on education about current events in economics and global geopolitics. I consider economics as the study of man in his everyday life. Geopolitics is the study of a sovereign nation in its everyday life. My articles vary from 5 to 20 pages.  Sometimes, I break 20 page articles into two parts.  I like to consider these articles as situation reports. Usually, there is one topic and I analyze it from multiple dimensions. Occasionally, I use guest authors.  You will always find their Bio on the site.  Last year A friend, Victor Fischer, who was living in China, wrote 26 articles on China for the Raven Report.  His articles were always insightful, relevant and current.

I publish a Weekly Commentary where I comment on current events as well as provide access to the weekly article for subscribers.

I provide an annual forecast as well as backgrounders – for instance, I wrote a long article on the source of ISIS. A backgrounder is focused on the past.  It provides insight into a historical process behind the headlines. These are more in-depth articles, factual, and more intense academically – lots of sources and quotes.  My philosophy is that geopolitics affects economies that affect investments.  Thus, I frequently comment on investment opportunity trends.  I will do more of that in the next few tumultuous years.


I have a lot planned over the next year. Why not join me in reading the Raven Report?   I am making a special offer today that will last until March 30, 2017.  Raven Report is a weekly publication coming out on Friday at 9:30 AM EST.  It costs $108 / year.  In addition, you will have access to the 100 paid articles in the archives.  For the next month, I will provide you an opportunity to try it out FREE.

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The focus of the site and the Raven Report is on education and investment – Geopolitical and Economic education, which affects investment.  I am currently providing one article per week on various geopolitical topics that I choose. I try to look at the news and determine whether my readers would enjoy a more in depth analysis of an issue.   In some cases, I look at the issue and say that this is so complex that I should explain it so my readers get a better understanding.

In the complex category falls the decision as to what type of currency will be dominant when the “dead man walking” Federal Reserve note fails. There are four alternatives – the Fed is proposing Bitcoin, the IMF is proposing SDRs, China is proposing a gold backed Yuan and I am proposing a gold backed U.S. Treasury note.  Further, what is Bitcoin and philosophically should it be used as currency. What is the citizen’s exposure to bitcoin?   I cannot write about everything, but I try to make my articles truthful, precise, clear, factual, in-depth and well documented with my sources quoted…

One of my projects for next year is to understand the Chinese Silk Road. What is it? Why is it important to Americans?  I will write a series on this.  It is not much in the Western press but China is going to spend approximately $1 trillion on it. They plan to spend $40.5 billion in Pakistan. It is a significant achievement and will economically affect everyone on earth.  It needs to be brought to the attention of citizens all over the world.  China has already done the planning and started building the projects.

Today, there are three major political power centers in the world, the US, Russia and China. Much of an information coming from China is distorted and at times wrong. It needs to be interpreted. Unfortunately, this is also true of America.

On the technical side, during the next year, my goal is to master video presentations.  I spent last year setting up the site and writing. I published five e-books last year and two softcover books the previous year. I also wrote 50 articles,  They can be found to my site.www.ravengeopolnews.com.


I consider economics as the study of man in his everyday life and geopolitics as the study of a sovereign nation in its everyday interaction with other nation states.

Accordingly, the study of geopolitics includes history, culture, and religion, chosen economic model, geographic parameters, language and the government model used by the sovereign state. It also includes the history of the state’s relationship with the adjoining sovereign states. Finally, it must include the history and events related to the sovereign state in its relations with the big political and military powers – which currently are the US, Russia and China.


Economic systems refer to the way nations have decided to allow the commerce to run. I have five e-books available on the site that explain the differences between socialism, capitalism, communism, and the New World Order.  The elitists want their concept of the New World Order to be the model to allow them to run the world.   It requires communism and fascism.  If this is confusing, I agree.  That is why I wrote my eBooks.


Geopolitics affects nation state economies.  The effect will be different dependent upon the type of economy.  Investments will be affected by the general economy of the state and the world. Today, the world has too much fiat debt.  The financial system is in risk of total failure.   Accordingly, after an analysis on a geopolitical event, you will find that I usually comment on good investment opportunities that fit the current circumstances.  For instance with 4 contenders to replace the dollar when it fails, it is currently wise to hold some physical gold and silver.  For instance, today it would be wise to you’re your portfolio contain some physical gold and some defense stocks.  Further, I recommend which ones.

Economics Lessons

All entrepreneurs need to have some understanding of basic economics. This site will provide a course in economics designed to provide a foundation in economics.  I have been slow in getting started creating and presenting the economics course.  I outlined the table of contents on my site but became swamped with the amount of work on the site. It is now done.  My goal is to get to this this year after I have mastered video presentations… I will treat it as a video lecture course.  It may end up as a text.


I write about geopolitics, economics and business which includes online marketing and network security.  I worked as certified communications consultant for 20 years so I have expertise in this area.  So occasionally, expect to see a technical article on business and network security.  I publish free articles on the site as well as paid articles. To date, I have about 200 free articles and 100 paid articles published and available on the site in addition to my 7 books.

In summary, most of my articles are now written for the Raven Report. The site is evolving but education and investment are still its main driving force.

America today is at a Crossroads.  They can continue down the path of the elitist New World Order, which requires communism and fascism.  Alternatively, they can use Trump as a vehicle to transition back to the Constitution, libertarian individuals and capitalism.  The next two years will determine which path is taken.