Donald Trump is Yankee Doodle Dandy


A Yankee Doodle, do or die;

A real live nephew of my Uncle Sam,

Born on the Fourth of July.

I’ve got a Yankee Doodle sweetheart,

She’s my Yankee Doodle joy.

Yankee Doodle came to London, just to ride the ponies;

I am the Yankee Doodle Boy – Chorus, Yankee Doodle, George M. Cohan, 1904


“Throughout The Libertarian Mind I argue . . . The simple, timeless principles of the American Revolution – individual liberty, limited government, and free markets. .  . . Libertarianism is not just the framework for utopia; it is the indispensable framework for the future.”  David Boaz, The Libertarian Mind, p. ix


“American history has been a struggle between liberty and power, between those who wanted to defend and extend the liberties guaranteed in the Constitution and those who wanted to make the United States more like the countries our ancestors left, with powerful and paternalistic government.  Throughout our history libertarian sentiments have been rekindled when the federal government goes

beyond what Americans would tolerate – such as in the past few years.  “David Boaz, The Libertarian Mind, p. ix.



Donald Trump is the Yankee Doodle Dandy to the American people.  What do I mean by that statement?  He is uniting the American People with his rhetoric when speaking at his town meetings.  The press gives little coverage but the people are listening.

Donald Trump does not care whether you are black or white, rich or poor, Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Jew, blue-collar worker or intellectual.  He cares that you are American and he thinks you are tired of losing.  He says that the Political hacks running DC are losing at everything – war with ISIS, trade with China, political support with our friends like Israel, lies about government statistics such as unemployment.   This is not America and this is not American.  I paraphrase but he says,

“Enough!  We are Americans.  Let us make America Great again!  Put me into office. I know how to win and will win for you – – – the American People.  I do not need your money and I will not take money from special interests.  I love this nation and I want it to be great again.”  

This statement is universally appealing to all Americans who love this nation.  It is also classical “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.   He wants to be your jockey in this race to make America great on the world stage. He has become a unifying force for American citizens who love this nation.   They know that the current fascist protected minority represented by politicians fed by the transnational corporations that sustain them in power do not represent the peoples’ interests but those of the politicians and the transnational corporations; and, – – – they are fed up!

Let us briefly review the American history of “The Yankee Doodle Boy”.  “The Yankee Doodle Boy” is a patriotic song from the Broadway musical, Little Johnny Jones, written by George M. Cohan. The play opened at the Liberty Theatre in New York on November 7, 1904.

The play was about the trials and problems of a fictional American jockey, Johnny Jones (based on the real life jockey Todd Sloan), who rides a horse named Yankee Doodle in the English Derby. Cohan incorporates snippets of several popular traditional American patriotic songs into his lyrics as he often did with his songs.

James Cagney memorably performed the song in the 1942 film Yankee Doodle Dandy, in which he played George M. Cohan. Americans frequently see it on movie reruns on TV.  Thus, many Americans are familiar with the Patriotic Theme and the song.  They easily identify with both.

This is the first verse where “all the candy” was a slang term meaning that he is “hot stuff” and “Boodle” is money.

I’m the kid that’s all the candy, 1

I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy,

I’m glad I am,

So’s Uncle Sam.

I’m a real live Yankee Doodle,

Made my name and fame and boodle,

Just like Mister Doodle did, by riding on a pony.

I love to listen to the Dixie strain,

I long to see that girl that I left behind me;

That ain’t a josh,

She’s a Yankee, by gosh.  

Oh, say can you see,

Anything about a Yankee that’s a phony?   George M. Cohan



The controlled press has been uniform in trying to denigrate and make little of Donald Trump’s accomplishments.  The reason, I believe, is that ownership of the press is controlled by a few corporations (6) and the owners of those corporations do not want an honest American in office because he would not “go along” with the dictates of the corporations but rather with his conscience and work toward the interests of the American people.  I discuss and explain this in my book, Who’s Next?[i]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         donald trumph                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Let me say this clearly.  There has never ever been a successful businessman that did not listen and respond to his customers.  If you do not listen, you will not get the customers back.  Donald Trump has been a successful businessman in multiple industries because of this attribute.  He listens and he produces. I do not believe he is going to change his principles at this point in his life.   For more detail on Donald Trump, read my article published in Raven Report, “Is Donald Trump a Good Presidential Candidate?” rrjh11


He is 69 years old and born in New York.  His father gave him control of his real estate business after serving jointly with his mother for three years after college graduation.   He then renamed the real estate empire, “The Trump Organization” in 1971.  The size of the empire, depending upon whom you want to believe grew from $1 million or $100 million. He built the empire and he is currently worth about $4.5 billion or $4,500 million (Forbes, October 2015).  It stands out as an outstanding business accomplishment. He has had three wives but treated the first two in a way that there is no animosity.  His current wife is Melanie Knauss (m.2005). He has 3 children by his first wife, one child by his second wife and one child by his third wife.  He is a protestant Christian and practices as a Presbyterian.

He graduated from the Wharton School where I earned my Ph.D. His major was finance.  He is currently running for President as a Republican.  However, he ran in 2000 as a candidate of the Reform party.  His beliefs in America run deep.

Since taking control of the Trump Organization, he has built casinos, golf courses, hotels, and other properties, many of which bear his name.  He has clearly branded himself in real estate (Trump Tower in New York), Golf Courses and Casinos (Taj Mahal).  In all instances, he listened and built the very best hotel, casino and golf course. He used his name because it symbolized the biggest and the best in quality. Now he is running for President and the people believe him.

Trump is drawing people from the Democratic, Republican, Independent and Libertarian parties.  It is confounding the “talking heads” because they do not understand what is going on.  Also, some of the Politicos that have been in power for many years – Rhinos – McCain, McConnell, Graham, Rove; Demos, Hillary, Pelosi et al sense that if he gets to power, they are gone.  They do not want to lose their power position so they are attacking him every way they can with lies, misrepresentations, false stories, attacks on his integrity, attacks on his ability to make decisions along Republican policy lines.  This is all nonsense.  They are scared that he will not listen to them but will finally do something for the American people. They sense that the Yankee Doodle Dandy Boy may be real, may change the things the people dislike in government, and actually begin to listen to the people.

The incumbents and press misquote Trump on just about every issue.

  • Syrian immigration – he is not against it but wants to stop and determine who these 200,000 uninvestigated people are.  Stop temporarily and determine whether they are friend or foe. Build safe holding areas in Mideast to hold them until facts can be found on the people.
  • Mexican immigration – As long as they are legal, no problem.  The illegals and drugs streaming across the border must be stopped with a fence that has been promised by the political hacks for years but never acted upon.   He will build and put it in place. A nation without borders is not a nation.
  • Military position is clear – The U.S. should stay out of foreign conflicts such as religious civil wars in the Mideast
    • Rebuild our military that has dropped to pre-1939 levels
    • Make our military the best in the world – like it used to be.
    • Take care of veterans by letting them be serviced by the civilian medical community
  • Medicare – His approach here really creates havoc in the minds of the centrist state folks of both the Republican and Democratic parties.  His proposal is to remove all regulations on insurance companies that keeps them from crossing state lines.  Let them compete to create plans to meet the needs of the citizens.  Let the citizens choose.  This means – no government involvement and no government guarantee to insurance companies of profits as currently being done in Obamacare.  This implies millions of centrist folks will be out of power and out of work. Is it any wonder that they are dead set against this approach?
  • The poor, the destitute, the elderly on Medicare“We must and will take care of them”.  He shows compassion.


The followers of Trump come from all parties and it confuses the party leaders what the people see in him that they do not see in the parties or the party leadership beliefs.  I believe that there are two groups that are represented here.

  • Libertarians – People who actually believe in Libertarian principles but may or may not identify themselves as Libertarians
  • The Unprotected – This is a concept recently proposed by Peggy Noonan on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal.

Let us briefly look at these two foundational bodies of beliefs in the American landscape.


Many American hold some libertarian views but do not recognize them as such nor do they affiliate themselves as a Libertarian.  So let us examine this briefly and you determine whether you are a Libertarian in belief. I am using The Libertarian Mind [1]by David Boaz, Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute as my objective source for material.

Libertarianism has grown for two reasons

  • Ron Paul and others  have spread the Libertarian views and philosophy
  • There is a wave of negative American response to the expansion of government during the Bush and Obama administrations.

Libertarians founded America. They fled Aristocratic Europe to find religious liberty, individualism and economic opportunity. Further, they clearly defined their beliefs in the phrase of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  This phase is a variation taken from John Locke who said “life, liberty and pursuit of property”.  However, property in those days was considered self, physical and intellectual property.  David Boaz ran multiple questionnaire studies and determined[2]

  • Americans that view themselves as Libertarians:   2% – 4%
  • Hold Libertarian views on a range of questions: 15% – 20% or 30 – 40 million people
  • Agree that they are “fiscally conservative but socially liberal”: 44% or 100 million people accept this as pertaining to them. This is the Libertarian view.
  • Ron Paul attracted millions of followers with policies of
    • Anti-war
    • Anti-spending
    • Sound Money (end the FED)



Libertarianism is the philosophy of freedom.

  • Libertarians believe in the presumption of liberty
    • People should be free to live as they choose
    • It is the exercise of power and government coercion that requires justification, not the exercise of freedom.
  • We should be free to live our lives as we choose so long as we respect the rights of others.
    • The presumption of freedom should be as strong at the presumption of innocence in a trial.
  • Often we must justify each exercise of our freedom and this is wrong
    • Bloomberg, NYC, 16 ounce soda – Don’t people have a choice to what they eat or drink
    • Federal surveillance of phones. – The burden of proof should be on those who do the surveillance. Restrictions on freedom should be justified.
    • Want to add a room to your house? Want to smoke marijuana? One must prove that they need such a freedom rather than the government made to prove why they should impinge that freedom.
  • Libertarians believe in Law as defined by John Locke

“The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge Freedom: For in all the states of created beings capable of Laws, where there is no law there is no freedom: For Liberty is to be free from restraint and violence from others which cannot be, where there is no Law.”

This means that a man is free as long as he operates within the law and does not encroach on others.

Let us now summarize briefly the fundamental principles of Libertarianism

  1. Libertarianism is the view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he choose so long as he respects the equal rights of others.,
  2. Libertarians defend each person’s right to life, liberty and property – rights people possess naturally before governments were instituted.
  3. All human relationships should be voluntary.  The only actions that should be forbidden by law are those who have used force against those who have not themselves used force – actions such as murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping and fraud.
  4. Libertarians believe the code should be applied consistently – individuals and Government.
    1. Governments exist to protect rights and to protect us from might use force against us.
  1. Police should prevent crime and arrest criminals
  2. Courts should settle disputes and punish wrongdoers
  • Government should provide national defense against external threats
    1. When Governments uses force against people who have not violated the rights of others, then governments become rights violators.
    2. Libertarians condemn Government actions against people such as
  1. Censorship
  2. Draft
  • Price Controls
  1. Confiscation of property
  2. Intrusion into personal and economic lives.

In American government today, Libertarianism it is the vanguard of the future.

Suffice it here to say that Libertarianism is a fundamental principle of the American heritage.   As it again becomes more widespread and understood, people begin to realize that government intrusion into our daily lives has become forceful, overpowering and too much.  People are beginning to revolt and Donald Trump as Yankee Doodle Dandy is a convenient place for them to join, follow and vote in favor of his presidency.



This is a Peggy Noonan’s proposed philosophy and I found it to have substance.  As such, it seems to be one of the social driving forces behind and underpinning Donald Trump and his run for the Presidency.   In practice, there are two classes in the dynamic of the West.  The “protected” and the “unprotected”.

  • The Protected – These are the people who make public Policy but who are protected from the world they created. They do not have to live with the public policy. They are:

o   Accomplished

o   Secure

o   Successful

o   Figures in government, politics and media

o   Live in nice neighborhoods, safe ones, kids go to private schools, they have some money

o   Some have their own security details

o   Because they are protected, they feel that they can

§  Do anything

§  Impose any reality

§  Stay insulated from the effects of their own decisions

  • The Unprotected – These people must live with the public policy and its side effects. They are pushing back.  They have:

o   Limited resources

o   Negligible access to power

o   Absorbed lessons of 20 years of illegitimate immigration into their country. They have concluded that the:

§  Democrats will not protect you

v  The Democrats want to keep the issue alive to use as wedge against Republicans so that they can own the Hispanic vote.

§  Republicans are afraid of being called racist and illiberal so they will do nothing.

Now let us focus on one area where the unprotected are pushing back – illegal immigration.  Most Americans have suffered from Illegal immigration directly or indirectly through increased taxes for education, police, heath care or prisons.  The Protected Americans did fine. They got cheaper labor, no losses of jobs and no direct effect of immigration will be felt.

The Problem

The Protected were fine, safe and not affected. The Unprotected watched and observed that the protected in power were not looking out for them.  They felt that the elite/protected/government did nothing for them so they in turn owed the protected nothing. This is true for the EU as well as the U.S.  In Europe, the unprotected viewed the EU as a racket for the protected.

In Europe, the immigration problem came to a head against Angela Merkel on New Year’s Eve in the public square of Cologne, Germany. Packs of immigrants surrounded and molested groups of females – it was called a clash of cultures. However, only the unprotected were the victims.  The protected were not in the square.  The message was clear – the unprotected were nobodies, not important and not protected by those protected elites in power.   The unprotected went to the voting booths recently and handed Merkel a “black eye”. She may be out of office in October. Nonetheless, she persists on the policy that only negatively affects the unprotected.

The Rise of the Unprotected

Both in Europe and the US, the unprotected have now said “enough of this”. In the US, they are flocking to Donald Trump who is attacking the protected as incompetent, not looking out for America and not looking out for their unprotected fellow Americans.  The top half protected are displaying the attitude – “You are on your own, get with the program little racist”.  This means that Trump will win the popular vote and that the protected will start shattering as governmental change comes.

An ancient proverb fits this situation.  The proverb suggests that two opposing parties can or should work together against a common enemy. The earliest known expression of this concept is found in a Sanskrit treatise on statecraft dating around the 4th century BC, while the first recorded use of the current English version came in 1884.  This is the reason that millions in the US are now running to Trump.  They come from all parties – Republican, Democrat and Independent. They come from society’s sector that is the unprotected. It goes

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

The protected elite establishment cannot stand Donald Trump because he is a major threat to their status quo where they stay in political power and legislate their wishes on the unprotected.   The unprotected recognize that Donald Trump provides hope to the unprotected. Further, he will disembowel the protected monster that large government, politically correct politicians and a controlled press have become to them – “the enemy”.

Finally, Donald Trump just released this short 3-minute video on the Immigration problem.  It has gone viral in Europe.  It is short but upon viewing, you will soon see why it has already gone viral in Europe. It is a fable called the SNAKE.  ( 

In the US, Obama has a protected SNAKE in a cage and it is about to be released upon America. America will subsidize 200,000 “Mideast refugees from Syria”. They have already been funded in the recently passed Paul Ryan “Omnibus bill”. These people are being released into small town America not large cities.  It is a seed intended to destroy our culture.  They are processing the people now.  However, the FBI has said that there is NO way to process people from governments that keep no records.  These Syrian Arabs have no desire to be assimilated into America. No Arab nation has accepted these refugees.  Many ISIS will be among their midst. This action by Obama is a true TROJAN horse. 

The European unprotected know or sense that if they do not destroy this protected snake that it will destroy their several thousand-year culture.  Only in France has the equivalent of Donald Trump arisen – Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen – known as Marine Le Pen.  The rest of the EU unprotected recognize in Donald Trump what is needed but do not have a political leader that has risen to the occasion.  I believe that this SNAKE can destroy the EU while the Protected elite remain in their walled citadels.


Donald Trump is Yankee Doodle Dandy and he has hit a common note across America with anyone that is Patriotic – which is most of us. The Press has denigrated Donald Trump the Businessman, but in fact he is a successful businessman and he listens and produces for his clients. His success in hotels, casinos, apartment buildings show that he listens and he listens well. It is not by accident that he is a self-made multiple billionaire.

Trump always plays to win.  As such, he first entered politics many years ago for the presidency.  I am certain that he learned a lot from that exposure and has put it into play in this Republican run.

Trump’s policies are different from the current Democratic and Republican establishment.  They want more war, continuation of fighting in the Mideast so that their transnational sponsors can make more money. That is how fascism works.  He wants disengagement, holding areas for refugees, engagement with Israel, engagement with Russia and shut down of active wars.   When that happens, he wants to rebuild our military to be the best in the world.  That is how capitalism works.

There are two “off the radar” groups that are supporting Trump and confounding both the democrats and the republicans.  They are Libertarian thinking Americans that cross all political lines and the “Unprotected” Americans who withstand the worst part of wars by going into combat.  However, they do not make the decisions leading to war or the decisions leading to large-scale immigrations of foreign nationals who do not want to be assimilated into this nation or its culture. .  Those decisions fall on the protected who do not feel the effect of their own decisions.

The SNAKE video that has gone viral in Europe provides some insight into the barbaric atrocities perpetrated by the government enforced immigrations upon the Unprotected… The Protected political class is not affected by these atrocities.  The events are barely mentioned by the controlled press. The people in power, the Protected, in both Europe and the U.S. are reading from old rulebooks that follow the dictates of the fascist transnational corporations.  Today two new groups, oriented by patriotism, are rewriting the rulebook in a language that the current political class does not understand – the language comes from the texts called “freedom” from government control

.[1]Hawranek, Joseph, Who’s Next?, Analysis of 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths, Part I – Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes, Trafford Publishing, 2015,  pp 21-23


[1] Boaz, David, The Libertarian Mind, Simon and Schuster, NY, 2015

[2] Ibid, p.viii




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