Putin, Obama, ISIS and Syrian War

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.Edmund Burke

 I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.Mahatma Gandhi

 The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

Albert Einstein

 The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.Albert Camus

 Putin, Obama, ISIS and Syrian War

I got the idea for this article from Luke Rutkowski[1] article of the discussion between Obama and Putin at the recent G20 meeting.  In his video, Rudkowski breaks down the latest geo political news surrounding the fight against global terrorism. He goes into  details how Putin and Obama recently had a private talk at the G20 immediately before Putin’s speech.

Rudkowski notes that the Russians just confirmed that a bomb brought down their airliner and was set there by ISIS with 2.2 pounds of explosives aboard the aircraft.  Putin says there will be retaliation.  One should note that in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, it has been reported that France has “massively” bombed, Rocca, Syria, the headquarters of ISIS. In fact, it was only 20 bombs with a lot of propaganda.

Putin says that retribution is inevitable for the 224 deaths.  Thus far, Russia has already destroyed 448 targets in three days. The amount and type of destruction has been suppressed in the Western press but is being reported in the world press.

The G20 speech by Putin within the last week covered the following details

  • Putin listed 40 countries including the members at the G 20 – that includes the United States – who are supporting ISIS financially.
  • Putin specifically described the legal oil trade with ISIS with Saudi Arabia and Turkey purchasing oil from ISIS.   The ISIS oil has been stolen from the oil fields of Syria and Iraq that ISIS now controls.
  • Putin notes that there are no international sanctions placed upon Saudi Arabia and Turkey for directly supporting ISIS. The implication is that the U.S. supports this trade by their Proxys.
  • Putin refers to 40 countries of which many were at the G 20 meeting that directly support ISIS.
  • He refers to the Paris tragedy. He then notes that the sources of funding for ISIS need to be severed or other tragedies will occur.
  • It is important to note that if ISIS funding is stopped from the U.S, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc., they will not be able to make these kind of attacks.

Other things have come out about ISIS not related to the G20 meeting –

  • The Syrian government in February 2010 offered a partnership with the United States to stop ISIS.  The United States declined that offer.
  • Putin urged the United States to fight alongside them in October 2015. Putin invited the US military and the State Department to come to Moscow to work out and negotiate a deal where they can fight ISIS together.  The United States declined that offer
  • IRAQ asked Russia for help after they saw the effective measures that Russia was using against ISIS.  Then, the United States officially sent the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to meet with the president of Iraq.  Reportedly, he specifically told the president that if you join with Russia to fight ISIS, you are our enemy.  Iraq told the Chairman that they will stay with the United States. Then a few days later, they reversed course and said that the United States is in no way effective against ISIS.  Therefore, they decided to join an ally pact with Jordan, Syria and Iran and Russia against ISIS.   Their objective is to destroy ISIS together.  Remember, ISIS is radical Sunni.  Jordan, Irag, Syria are Shiite.  They have been enemies for a millennium.  This is tribal religious war.
  • A UNDOF report released by the UN, says that Israel was helping the Syrian rebels who were fighting against ASSAD.  The Syrian rebels are al Nusra and ISIS.  The Jerusalem Post acknowledges this UNDOF report and states that Israel has been doing more than just treating the wounded coming from the Syrian conflict.  Specifically, they are providing unspecified supplies to the Syrian opposition.
  • Michael T Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, in an interview talked about how the United States directly supported and financed al Nusra and ISIS inside of Syria and how he protested but was told to continue that operation.

Rutkowski uses a multitude of sources from newspapers, utube both foreign and domestic.   Here is the list of sources:


















The U.S. who created ISIS, is supporting ISIS as follows:

  • No sanctions against Turkey and Saudi Arabia for directly supporting ISIS by buying stolen Syrian oil.
  • Directly telling IRAQ to not support Russia in their attacks upon ISIS
  • Refusing to aid Syria or Russia in fighting ISIS.
  • Supporting arms shipments starting with Benghazi where our Ambassador arranged arms shipment taken from the Quadafi in the Libyan war and shipped via Turkish ships to Syria. These arms were given to Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and radicals within Al Qaeda who became ISIS.  Thus, the U.S. started the war by directly supporting the rebels with arms.
  • Refuses to work with Russia to fight ISIS.
  • Apparently, air drops supplies including arms and trucks to the Syrian rebels who abandon them to ISIS troops.

In summary, the U.S. under Hillary and Obama created and supported ISIS, ordered our DIA to “shut up and sit down” and to continue to do so.

The result of this policy is that

  • Americans were killed
  • Further Americans will be killed
  • The world has lost respect for America because of their lies and support of evil.
  • America continues to support ISIS secretly but openly says that ISIS is and evil and must be eliminated.
  • The Military Industrial complex is happy because they are continuing to supply munitions to both sides.
  • The financial industry is happy because they create the money and “lend it to the U.S.” to continue this war.
  • Millions of Syrians are displaced
  • Ethnic cleansing of the Middle East of Christians continues.

Given the above is happening and is true – I believe it to be or I would not report it – I have but one question – – Why isn’t Obama impeached?  The answer of course is that he is doing a good job – – – for the New World Order – – – his handlers.  He has created chaos in the Mideast so that transnational banks, oil companies and military industrial complex equipment supply merchants can make a lot of money.  We have already spent $500 billion there.  Eventually, they will want to enforce a government where they control everything.  That is what I observe.  On the other hand, I think they are “nuts” and all that will remain is chaos caused by little men currently in power with big ideas of greatness for themselves – and the U.S. will lose treasure of people and equipment.

Finally, this bad policy was put in place by Hillary Clinton and Obama.  We will get rid of Obama in the fall but if Hillary is elected, expect war because this is a geopolitical child playing with dynamite.

[1] Rudkowski, Luke “Putin Takes the Gloves Off with Obama, http://www.stage2omega.com/putin-takes-the-gloves-off-against-the-u-s/, We are Change.org,  November 17, 2015


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