Post 1_Wkly_What is going on in IRAQ with ISIS?

Some highlights are oil – It went from $116 to $108.

ISIS seized Mosul which drove it up. The reason for the lowering prices is the activity of the Kurds
The Kurds seized the oil fields at Kirkuk and opened the pipeline to Turkey. This is 400K/bpd being shipped to Ceyhan, the Turkish Mediterranean port. The oil is bought by Israel. This means that Maliki is furious because the Kurds disobeyed his orders. More important that oil and its revenue means that a new nation will be formed – – — Kurdistan.
The Kurds are indifferent to what Maliki wants. Their battle hardened Peshmerga will keep both the ISIS and the Shiite Armies away from their oil and bring stability into that commodity prices in that area. The area south of Baghdad that has oil will be safe from the ISIS since the Shiite militia will keep them  Sunni Wahhabi)  away.
Meanwhile, it is being reported that the stone-age ISIS is going from house to house in Mosul and demanding daughters to serve as prostitutes for their “army”. Their cruelty knows no limit. It is likely that they will be eliminated by the other tribes if they keep this up.


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