Does Paul Ryan Represent the Conservative Republican Majority? 

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.Sam Walton

If children were brought up to become non-conformists it would only ruin their lives. So parents all over China who loved their children told them to do as Chairman Mao said. It was not possible to tell them anything else.Jung Chang

Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.

George S. Patton

The duty of rhetoric is to deal with such matters as we deliberate upon without arts or systems to guide us, in the hearing of persons who cannot take in at a glance a complicated argument or follow a long chain of reasoning. Aristotle 

He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it.Confucius


Paul Ryan, as Speaker of the House, is the Chairman of the House Republicans.  This means that he is responsible for representing all the electorate that put Republican members in Congress.   In our Republican Democracy there is only one boss, it is the American people.

Recently, there has been a major shift in the beliefs of the voters who are voting House members into office.  The voters have become more Conservative.

In office today, there are many Republicans who “go along to get along” with the administration.   These people need a new law, “Two terms and you are out”.  Since the Congress in power would probably never vote themselves out of office, it is not likely that this type of law would pass.

In addition, there are those Republicans who “follow orders” or “suggestions” of their fascist corporate backers.  These fascist backers are primarily Banks and Corporations in the Military Industrial Complex and Medical Pharmaceutical Complex. I call these members of Congress, the RHINOS (Republicans in name only) or DEMINOS (Democrats in name only). She is a socialist or communist in her actions. They both give hidden allegiance to their big corporate donors.   John McCain is a RHINO.  Nancy Pelosi is a DEMINO.

This brief article will examine whether Paul Ryan is a conservative Republican or a RHINO.   I have already written one article and published it in my newsletter, RAVEN REPORT – Geopolitical News From Around the World, on Paul Ryan’s actions as the House Speaker. [1]   That article shows in detail that the legislation for the omnibus budget bill just passed was

  • Agreed to by Boehner and Pelosi
  • Represents a 2-year budget when none has existed for 8 years. The government has been run on “emergency” budgets during the Senator Reid / Obama era. This means the nation will be run by the Obama budget into 2018.
  • Gives the Democrats everything that they wanted and got nothing in return – The democrats even got funding the mass migration of 200,000 Muslims from the Mideast into this Christian nation. It has already been proven that ISIS terrorists use this migration as an easy vehicle to enter the U.S.

We will now examine, “Who is Paul Ryan and what does he stand for?”

First, let us look at the makeup of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan’s army of politicians. For this, I rely on Wikipedia that provides a nice spreadsheet of our legislature.  See Exhibit 1, Party Divisions of the United States Congress.

Exhibit 1

Party divisions of United States Congresses

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, provides this spreadsheet.



Administration Total Anti Anti Pro Pro
    Admin % Admin Admin % Admin
G. Bush 435 46% 202 54% 221
109th 2005-2007          
B Obama 435 43% 188 57% 247
114th 2015-2017          

Exhibit 2, Analysis of House of Representatives

Exhibit 2, Analysis of the House of Representatives tells us:

  • The current Congress is more liberal and more radical than that of George Bush even though there are many new members, many supported by the TEA party.
    • Either they take orders well
    • Or, forgot who elected them
    • Alternatively, the fascist corporations are putting more money on the line and buying more votes.  This is my best guess as the proper way to read this chart.
  • Paul Ryan represents in his political Army more people that vote for Obama and Democratic policies than they do conservative ones.
  • The people who elected these new members have been either “hoodwinked” or

 My conclusions, based on this analysis, are the House of Representatives do not vote as if they support their constituency because they vote for the radical liberal / socialist laws that Obama proposes. Further, Paul Ryan’s positions reflect those of his Republican House Political base – Liberal Radical Positions rather than conservative Constitutional positions.


On October 8, a push by congressional Republicans to recruit Ryan to run to succeed John Boehner as Speaker of the House was initiated after Boehner had announced his resignation.  Kevin McCarthy, Boehner’s choice of a replacement, withdrew his name from consideration on October 8, leading to the interest in Ryan, Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.  On October 9, Ryan announced he might seek the Speakership.  Ryan confirmed on October 22 that he would seek the speakership after endorsement by the conservative Freedom Caucus.  On October 29, Ryan was elected Speaker with 236 votes. He is the youngest Speaker since James G. Blaine in 1875.

Now, let us examine his positions on issues.  My source is the official Paul Ryan site, available to all on the internet. 

Border Control and Immigration Control

Ryan’s home site shows his positions on this issue as”

  • Secure the border – there is no country unless we have a boarder.
  • Enforce our laws – we have current immigration laws. Let us use them. Encourage legal immigration – not illegal immigration.
    • We need a guest worker program and we need to attract the best and brightest to become citizens.
  • We need to give people a chance to get “right with the law”. No amnesty should be provided, but we should examine ways for current people are law-abiding
  • We do not want terrorists to dictate how we run our country. The fact is that ISIS will try to infiltrate within the Syrian and Iraqi refugee program.  The screening standards should be raised.

All but the last point make sense.  Obama is bringing over 200,000 and Paul Ryan funded them in the Omnibus bill so they will definitely be here at a cost of in my estimate of $2 billion with government overhead about $100K each.   The problems with this arm waving approval is that

  • These people come from areas with no government and no records and thus are non-screen able.
  • The cost will be large and the money could be better used to help Americans who are currently suffering from this depression that our government is hiding with their false statistics.
  • Introducing massive numbers of unemployables – most are completely uneducated in anything other than the Koran – will burden police, medical and schools for additional billions.
  • Education alone will be expensive.  $200K x $10K per school year means that the states will pick up another $2 billion when all the states are struggling with current programs
  • The 200,000 new Arab immigrants
    • Do not speak English
    • Are not Christian
    • Want Sharia law rather than common law
    • Do not want to assimilate
    • Whose political and religious leaders have a political agenda of taking over the nation – proof is what is happening in Europe.
    • Have 6-9 children per family because they believe the state must take care of them. The Christian families in America now have 1.5 because they know that they are responsible for and must pay and take care of their own children.
    • Do not comply with any of the current immigration laws that are keeping good applicants from entering this country.

In short, Obama has proposed and Paul Ryan has funded a program that will disrupt American society all over the nation. Again, it is now funded.

One can only conclude that this in another of Obama’s programs to “change this nation” from its Jewish Christian base to an Islamic base. The cultures are different and there will be major disruptions for at least 10 years. 

National Budget

The omnibus bill that Paul Ryan orchestrated and guided through the Congress literally gave Obama and the Democrats everything that they wanted. Let us see what that means.

On February 2, 2015, Pres. Obama submitted to Congress his budget resolution for fiscal year 2016. The President’s budget for fiscal year 2016 increases spending, increases taxes and weakens economic growth. Specifically, this proposal would:

  • Spending will increase by 65% over 10 years to $2.4 trillion per year.
  • The budget never balances and would add $8.5 trillion to the debt.
  • Finally, the President’s proposal includes a $2.1 trillion tax increase.[2]


The current Medicare embodied in Obama care is addressed on his website. Instead of removing it from the books he tries to fix it, which in my opinion is impossible. Why?  The previous medical care system was a capitalist system that worked well.  It meant that both the individual and the provider had to take risk.  Obamacare is a socialist system where the provider does not take risk. If he loses on any case, the government steps in and pays the provider so that the provider does not and never will lose money.

Everything about Obamacare is a disaster.  The software alone on the Medicare site has now been documented as costing $5 billion. America could have built at least one and possibly two aircraft carriers for that amount of money. He proposes the following fixes to Obamacare –

  • Eliminate Obama care panels that are currently empowered to cut seniors access to care.
  • Proposes that he wants to save Medicare for future generations. This means he wants and endorses socialized medicine.
  • For younger workers, rather than recognize that Obamacare is too expensive for them and stop Obamacare, he proposes government “freebee” payment supports that pay the premiums to the insurance providers.
  • He provides premium support, and more assistance for those with lower incomes.

My conclusion is that Paul Ryan agrees with and supports Obama and the Democrats on their Socialized medicine plan that is modeled after the UK and Canada.  Both countries now recognize that their programs have failed.

Export Import Bank[3]

The export import Bank was established to help manufacture sell their goods overseas. It provides credit for transactions. Some of the big international corporations have taken advantage of this program. Rather than correcting any problems that may have occurred, Paul Ryan proposes to eliminate it. This will in fact reduce goods going into the balance of payments and cost jobs in the United States.

In conclusion, Paul Ryan again endorses the Democratic Party line that manufacturing is fundamentally bad. As a result, we shipped less and manufacture less in this country. The net result will be loss of jobs.


As noted previously, Paul Ryan supported the Obama spending increase of 65%.  What does this mean?

  • Tax Increases –
    • Obama has already imposed a $1.7 trillion tax and now this is an increase.
    • An increase of another $2.1 trillion with no balanced budget.
  • Spending increase –
    • $74 billion next year and grows over 5 years to $322 billion.
    • In 2015 alone, the budget would grow $259 billion or 7%.
  • Interest Costs –
    • Interest costs will triple under Obama’s budget.
    • This year interest is $229 billion and will rise to $785 billion under Obama’s plan
    • At end of plan, interest costs would be more than the cost of the defense spending and the non-defense spending.


The nation had $8 trillion in National Debt when Obama took office. It is now at $17 trillion and expected to be at $19 trillion when he leaves office.  It is expected that total debt would climb to $26.3 trillion by 2015


Paul Ryan fully supports both TPA and TPP.  His pronouncements are nothing but propaganda.

  • “This will help us create a healthier economy and bolster our foreign policy.”
  • “It’s a big win.”
  • “I’m also pleased that our trade preferences bill has become law.”
  • “With TPA in place, our attention shifts to trade agreements currently being negotiated with our friend in Asia – Pacific.”  This is the TPP

I have downloaded the TPP and have commented on it.  When enacted, it will give up American sovereignty.  It is atrocious.  My articles on the TPP are below


In conclusion, it appears that Paul Ryan agrees with Obama on about every issue that contains money.  He endorses the Obama agenda on about every issue.  He is not supporting conservative Republican positions.  In fact, he helps the radical democratic socialist positions on about every issue.

Political Positions

In the 111th congress, Ryan sided with his party 93% of the time.  Unfortunately, that means as Exhibits 1 and 2 has shown that he sided with Obama on about every issue.  This is a typical Liberal House of Representative’s member.  On his voting record, we have:

  • American Conservative Union – 91/100 but I do not know what the parameters are for this index.
  • National Journal Voting record – 68.2 being more conservative than 68% of the House. – Again I do not know the parameters.
  • Voted for the Graham, Leach, Bliley law – – See my book on this law. It Repealed Glass Steagall and legalized Derivatives currently at a notional $1.200 trillion liability. [6]
  • Proposed the privatization of Social Security in 2004 and in 2005.

Student Loans

Paul Ryan is not a friend of students who need or want student loans.  He is a friend of the large banks like Sally Mae who want to continue their practices of looting our best intellects of the next generation. He

  • Tightens eligibility for Pell Grants.
  • Freezes the Maximum Pell Grant award at the current level
  • The Education Trust says that over 1 million students over the next 10 years would lose their Pell Grants
  • Student loans would accrue interest while in school.
  • Jordan Weissmann of the Atlantic said that Ryan’s vision is to cut federal spending and to privatize.
  • He supports private school vouchers. 


He wants the government out of this business. He favors block grants to the states and let them handle it.  This is a conservative position.


He supports the rights of gun owners.  He is from Wisconsin that has a population that likes to hunt.

  • Voted against the bill for a stronger background check.
  • Supports concealed carry reciprocity.
  • Get “A” rating from the NRA for legislative action. 


If it “quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck”, then it is probably a duck. My conclusion simply is that

  • He supports liberal ideals
  • He supports Obama in his 2-year budget.
  • He supports more government more often than less government
  • His actions on laws are liberal

I think that this man is liberal and is faking it as a conservative. Alternatively, he has been in Congress so long that he no longer remembers the Constitution.  He does not represent the people in the T party nor the millions of voters who put his Republican House of Representatives team in place.  Rather, he appears to take the positions of large bankers and large insurance companies.   Somewhere in his 18-year career in the House, the people have been forgotten.

[1] Hawranek, Joseph “Paul Ryan Betrays Republican Voters”, Raven Report,, Issue 1, Jan 8, 2016






[6] Hawranek, Joseph Who’s Next? Analysis of 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths – Part I: Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crime, p.34, p. 87

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