Obama Arming of Syrian Rebels – Another US Debacle


In the Wall Street Journal today, 27 June 2014, Obama announced that he was going to
send arms to Syrian Rebels. Let us look at some facts to see if this makes sense.
Nation of Syria – the form of government is a Kingship with Assad as king. The Civil
War background is that the Ba’ath Government (Assad) took power in 1963. The Sunni
rebels are those seeking to get rid of the government. The US should have no interest.
Syria is an independent sovereign nation.

The Uprising started with protests in 2011. The Syrian Army deployed to put down the
protests. By the time of the 2012 Benghazi attack, it appears as if the American was
supplying weapons to these rebels. By the end of July 2011, the Free Syrian Army was
formed “to bring this regime down”. By July 2012, the International Committee of the
Red Cross declared the conflict a “Civil War”.

By September 2012, the US was illegally supplying arms to the rebels. Other Nations
are supporting the Syrian government – Russia and Iran.

Follow the arms. The arms Supplied to Rebels are US (Benghazi gunrunning), Qatar
(Sunni) and Saudi Arabia (Sunni leadership and Shiite population). The Arms supplied
to the Government are from Russia and Iran (Shiite).

Thus far, the death Toll in Syria is 120,000 by December 2013 and 10s of thousands
imprisoned and tortured – reported by Wikipedia but may not be true.
The UN Position on the Fighting is relevant. In 2012, the UN called Syria “overly
sectarian in nature” fighting where Alawite government forces aligned with Shiite militias
fighting against Sunni dominated rebel groups. This article explains what this means.

This war is truly a tribal warfare Civil War. It is not “Secular”. It is “Religious and Tribal”.
Since the war began, Syria has ethnically cleansed its population. 3 million people have
left the country. Alawite and Shia make up most of the population now.

Today, we have the ISIS (Sunni) marching on Baghdad and taking over town after town
without a fight. The article explains why. It explains the differences between the ISIS
and the Sunni, the ISIS advance to date, a possible end game for the ISIS and a
possible end game if the US stays out of this Civil War.

This whole mess is like a scene from “Lawrence of Arabia” and the US is the loser. If
we supply further weapons into this chaotic melee, we will make it worse. For instance,
we currently supply advisers to the Iraqi government that is a Shiite Dictator with Sunnis
in the population and now want to supply arms to the Syrian Rebels that are Sunni with
Sunni ISIS at the gate – – — We will be supplying arms and advice to BOTH sides of
this civil war.

Now we have the White House de-facto feeding another war in the Mideast. In time, this
situation will escalate and we will have more “boots on the ground”. We will add to our
current 8,500-casualty list (the 4,235 official number appears to be a government cover
up figure) and the 32,000 wounded.

In my view, this is an insane move by a narcissistic President or a deliberate move to
escalate the war in the Mideast. You choose. This article supplies the facts, use your
own judgment.

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