Obama And The Secret Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

“The President has already subjected American workers to profound wage loss through executive-ordered foreign worker increases on top of existing record immigration levels, . . .Every year, tens of thousands of foreign guest workers come to the U.S. as part of past trade deal. . . .However, because there is little transparency, estimating an exact figure is difficult. The plain language of TPA provides avenues for the Administration and its trading partners to facilitate the expanded movement of foreign workers into the U.S… including visitor visas that are used as worker visas.” Jeff Sessions (R. AL)

What is TPP

Obama and the secret Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a clear corporate fascist move by the powers that play behind the scene with Obama. The content of the TPP has been kept secret from all Congressional members. It has been reported that hundreds of man-days have been spent by private lobbyist organizations working for private parties not the government. They are creating the law. It is reasonable to assume that they are working for the private corporations that will benefit from this law. They have friends in Congress. Consider –

RINO Backing

There are a number of congressmen that back this bill. These men are all notorious RINOs (Republican the name only). Many are very prominent in the news. That is where these men must remain in order to be useful for the corporate entities from which they gain reelection campaign money. These men are:
• Senator Mitch McConnell (R KY)
• Representative John Boehner (R OH)
• Rep Paul Ryan (R WI)

These men joined hands with Pres. Obama to attempt to push this law through Congress on the next direct path and provide an undue amount of authority to Pres. Obama is the result. I find it strange that the men who are the political leaders of the Republican Party cooperate so closely with the Democratic Party’s president who has
• Consistently lied. He cannot be trusted;
• Supported those that hid material facts from gunrunning in Fast and Furious and Benghazi scandals;
• Does not investigate or prosecute clear violations of federal law with respect to securing of assets – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently destroyed official records and the executive officer is not looking into this.
• Does not cooperate with Congress on remaking immigration laws.
• Ridicules Christians in America by saying that America is no longer a Christian nation.
• Ridicules nations that are our friends (Israel) and supports nations that are our enemies (IRAN)

This law has a provision that the Senate cannot make changes before enaction nor after enaction. It removes the Senate from Treaty endorsement other than to rubber stamp. Congressmen are allowed to see the law but not take notes nor take any copies. I will keep this short but note that I am indebted to the article posted by the Breitbart. Senator Jeff Sessions is “blowing the whistle” on a law that is written by and for the large transnational firms but is not in the best interest of the American people.

Features of the Law

Five functions are wrong with the law as Senator Jeff Sessions highlighted from his reading.

I. Constitutional Violations:

This law removes the Senate from its constitutional duty to oversee all treaties made by the United States of America to ensure that they:
• The law must “Improve the quality of life, the earnings, and the per capita wealth of everyday working Americans”.
• This law forces the Congress to yield its authority to that of the executive branch to implement the largest global financial agreement in history. It comprises of 12 nations and 40% of the world’s GDP.
• This law needs to be fully discussed by the Senate of the United States and not allowed to be forcefully enacted by a coalition of the President and key Rino legislators.

II. Law Hurts Americans rather than Helps them:

• The TPA would increase Trade Deficits as the Korean Fast Tract pushed through by Obama.
• Labor economist, Clyde Prestowitz attributes 60 % or 5.7 million jobs lost to import driven trade imbalances. This would worsen that imbalance.
• The law provides less power to the Senate rather than more power as Obama and congressional liaison officers state.
• All treaties supersede sovereign national laws. One signed, the Congress of the United States would not have any say in stopping its precepts or changing them.
• The TPA or Trans promotion Authority eliminates Congress’s ability to amend or debate trade-implementing legislation and guarantees in an up / down vote that is not had any public view because they were not allowed to see it. The duration is 6 years but can be extended every 3 year by the President.
• If any trade bill comes to the Congress in the future that violates the TPA recommendations, it will be difficult for the Congress to remove the legislation from the fast track the Congress must rely on the Ways and Means Committee (Ryan Chairman)

III. Implementation of Law would Cede Sovereign National Authority to International Powers

• China could be made part of deal and the U.S. could not override it with respect to the U.S.
• The President, without Congressional Approval, could change any of the terms – including free immigration as in the EU between any of the 20 nations in the TPP. In English, this would mean that we could be flooded with immigrants from Latin America and the Far East with no way to stop it. The Treaty overrides sovereign nation law.
• The TPP is a “living agreement” that means that the president could update the agreement in any way he deems appropriate.
• Living agreement means that the majority could add countries to the agreement without approval of the United States.
• Workers could be subject to sudden changes in tariffs, regulations and dispute tribunals outside the U.S. by foreign nationals and not U.S. citizens.

IV. TPA and TPP will Expedite Currency Manipulation

The currency war going on is caused by countries devaluing their currency by continuous printing of fiat paper. That makes their goods cheaper on international markets. Those profiting from these trade deals in currency inflation are the banks and large transnational firms and who it seems are behind the push for the TPP fast track and President Obama seems to be interested in supporting their efforts.  Usually, there is money behind the support but we don’t know in this instance.
• Currency protection is not part of the TPP.

V. Free Immigration

• Given that outside nations need to get rid of people that they could not support, why not send them to the U.S., free immigration cross border is promised by TPP among the signatories.
• The L-1 visas become an obvious way for the Obama administration to expand immigration. There is no protection for U.S. workers.
• Language exists in the TPP to admit more foreign workers. Today, we have 23% unemployed and 49 million people on food stamps


In conclusion, it appears to me that this is a very bad law. I will do a major disservice to the American people but it would help the transnational firms and increase their fascist control of Congressmen. The best way to end this article is a direct quote from Sen. Jeff sessions:
“But the TPA would yield new power to the executive to alter admissions while subtracting congressional checks against those actions. This runs contrary to our founders’ beliefs, as stated in the Constitution, that immigration should be in the hands of Congress. The Supreme Court has consistently held that the Constitution grants Congressmen Plenary authority over immigration policy.”

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