ISIS in Mexico

It was reported today by Judicial Watch that ISIS is in Mexico and  has training camps  just South of Columbus, NM.  I am familiar with the town and have been there several times in the last year.

Columbus, NM is where I and many from this area get their dentistry done. – – – -U.S. quality at much lower costs.   It is about 100 miles from Las Cruces, NM.  Little remembered – – -it is also the town that Pancho Villa crossed into and raided. images

Pancho made a mistake.  He was told by his scouts that only 30 U.S. Army defenders were there so he decided to attack Columbus.  He was out of money in his revolutionary fight in Mexico and needed to replenish the larder.   He had 500 men on horseback camped in  Polomas Mexico a few miles south of Columbus.   He thought the local fort was unfortified so he crossed the border on March 9 1916 with his men to raid the town.  He was met in the middle of the town with 330  regular army  13th Cavalry led by Major Slocum.  The townspeople joined in to defend their homes.    A pitched battle occurred with many killed.  The total was 18 defenders and 80 Mexicans.  This does not count the Mexicans killed when Major Slocum pursued the attackers into Mexico.  Pancho Villa fled back to Mexico VILLAwith Major Slocum in pursuit.  “Many” more of Villa’s men were killed there.  The Photo is from Dallas Morning News, 9 March 2016.  I cannot find the number killed in Mexico.  President  Wilson immediately assigned Black Jack Pershing and 6,000 men to capture Pancho Villa.  From this city, Black Jack Pershing with his 6,000 men set up camp and went after Pancho in 1916.  He used aircraft for reconnaissance for the first time in any war battle in history.  He left empty handed in 1917  and went on to take command of the U.S. Expeditionary forces in Europe.  Pancho also raided Mescilla, a suburb of Las Cruces where I live.  He was assassinated in 1923.

One of General Pershing’s officers was a young lieutenant right out of West Point – – -Douglas MacArthur.  Douglas became an expert with a six shooter on this assignment.   On his next assignment to the Philippines, he was walking down a road and two bandits – – -jumped him.  He killed both.  I believe that they were Muslim zealots.  Why?  This was the time that the Army went into the Philippines to suppress the Muslim uprising.  They did so by publicly burying all dead Muslims killed in battle with pig entrails – they would not go to heaven so they stopped fighting.  Then MacArthur  stopped carrying a 45.   Why?  I have no idea but he was in the thick of battle many times; however, like George Washington, the bullets always missed him.

This Columbus area is open desert with no barriers to entry. It would be easy for terrorists to cross. There are a few irrigated farms and orchards, few people and few houses or buildings.


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