Illegal Aliens and Need for Deportation

There is a need to Deport Illegal Aliens that come into this country and commit felonies or who are felons before entering this county.  There is a need to start following the law and not politicians’ desires.  I can only guess what motivates Obama and his administration but recent hearings in the U.S. Senate have convinced me that they are wrong and as a result 123 Americans have been murdered, more have been raped and others have been robbed.  A nation of law is now becoming of one where the President is allowed to interpret an execute as he perceives not as to how the law reads. Accordingly, the president is not following is Oath of Office where he swears to uphold the law.  Here

This is a video of the Senate Hearing on Sanctuary — — Each witness is a family member of a person murdered by an illegal alien loose in this country who was not sent back to their native country by ICE and who had multiple felony convictions. It is eye opening.  It is real. It is wrong.  Obama and his administration put these policies in place. The press covers the situation as if they are traffic stops.

Only in a hearing like this do you find out how bad it really is.  There have been 123 violent murders by these illegal aliens in the last two years by felons who were not deported, released or under bond who are now guilty of murder.  Please be aware and pass this on.  America needs to wake up about this stupid polity of this administration.

By the way, you will recognize the names of many of these victims. They have been in the papers and then dropped.  This is standard for our modern Press.  Best way to cover up is to not mention and to ignore. I am aware of the technique from following up on 66 Mysterious deaths of executives of large banks around the world,  My book, “Who’s Next?”  should be released next month.



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