“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act”. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“Patriotism means standing by your country. It does not mean standing by your President or any other public official.” Teddy Roosevelt

“There are only two kinds of people in this world; those who have a conscience and those who do not.” ― P.A. Speers, “Type 1 Sociopath – When Difficult People Are More Than Just Difficult People”

“The world is weary of statesmen whom democracy has degraded into politicians.” Benjamin Disraeli

Hypothesis – Hillary Borders Evil

It is my belief that Hillary will run and be the Democratic Candidate in 2016. I hope I am wrong. On the other hand, I also believe that she borders on evil where evil reflects the lack of any good – good for America or her country or anything that is not in her specific self-interest to gain the power of elected or appointed office. Thus, if she wins, we will again have evil in the White House. She has demonstrated that she is an opportunist and liar her entire professional life. With that said, let us look at a few reasons that I believe she is not fit for public office and that America would not be served well by her.

The Clinton Deaths

The Clintons have a long trail of deaths associated with their time in office. Bill’s list is filled with lawyers, security guards, advisors, children, embarrassing incident witnesses or anything that could be considered negative to him or his administration. Hillary’s direct list is shorter but still imposing. The message is clear that if you become close to the Clintons and get to know too much, you may suddenly suffer an accident, suicide or be murdered. Do the search yourself and draw your own conclusions.
Topping the list of reasons that Hillary should not be let into the Oval Office is
• Benghazi 4 deaths Cover Up – “What difference does it make?”
• The Clinton Deaths that include Vincent Foster

In the second list referenced below, I found 51 suspicious deaths listed. Other lists go as high as 90. They can be found on the internet. Among these 51 are:
• 12 Bill Clinton security guards – will not cover but a number were murdered.
• 7 deaths associated with Ives/Henry case of two boys found “asleep” on railroad track and run over by train.
• Ron Brown – Secretary of Commerce and DNC Chairman
• Barry Seal
• Vincent Foster
I will briefly discuss Barry Seal, Ron Brown and the Ives/Henry case. I will then analyze the David Foster death because it was very close to Hillary.

Ron Brown – Official cause of death was that an Air Force Plane ferrying he and his staff to, Serbia I recall, crashed in Europe. At the time, the Congress and government were investigating Brown in multiple investigations. Two days before, he had told Bill Clinton that he was not going “down” alone. Clinton assured him that “He would handle it.”
The stewardess in the back of the plane where he was sitting survived but was dazed. Two men unidentified in the papers rushed her to a hospital via helicopter from the crash scene. During the flight, her femoral artery in her leg was slashed and she bled to death. Subsequently, the Forensic pathologist who examined the Brown body presented his findings to a medical forensic pathologist symposium and showed the x-rays of the top of the skull where a “45” bullet size hole existed. The shot down the spine would not be detected because the bullet would exit. Presumably, he was dead before being put on the plane. Upon completion of the symposium, the doctor’s slides were taken and he was put under house arrest. For a while, the x-rays were on the internet. I saw them. This is the only Air Force plane accident in history that has never been officially investigated by the Air Force as to cause of crash. This was due to a directed “stand down” by the Clinton presidential office.

Kevin Ives and Don Henry – “The boys on the track”: There are 7 additional deaths associated with witnesses to these boys’ deaths. I made contact with the District Attorney in Arkansas during the time of the investigation while investigating something else. She told me that she was getting “too close” to the truth and had quit her job and left the state for Texas for her self-protection. Given that 7 mysterious deaths occurred during the investigation, it appears as if she made a reasonable judgment to leave. It has been reported that the young boys had their 22s and flashlights and were out in the woods hunting opossum at night. They may have seen a low flying plane dropping drugs or money in duffle bags along the tracks. This was how it was done in Arkansas. Another autopsy showed that the boys were dead before being put on the train track to be crushed by the train.
Barry Seal – Barry was an undercover operative for the CIA investigating the drug rings of Latin America. He operated out of Mena, AK. He personally had the phone number of VP Bush in his possession when arrested. In my mind, he knew too much. To this day, his testimony still is a record for putting more drug people behind bars than any witness in the history of the drug war. I believe that the government set him up to be killed. In court, the government revealed that he was the informer on the drug lords that put many of them in jail. This was a red flag to the drug lords. Then the Judge had him report to the Judges offices at 7 AM before the offices were opened. Barry complained that this was a death sentence and was ignored. He was not allowed to carry a gun or have protection of any kind including a bodyguard. Within a matter of weeks of the order, he was gunned down at those offices before he was allowed to enter. The murderers escaped.

Vincent Foster  The list of reasons why Hillary should not be allowed in the Oval Office is lengthy, but topping the list should be the Benghazi Deaths and Vincent Foster from the “Clinton Body Count”. The body count is a list of murders, “suicides” and suspicious deaths of people who have crossed paths with the Clinton political machine and not lived to tell the tale. Now let us look at one death in depth. Although some of the people included on the list are questionable, some, like Vince Foster, are by now widely recognized to be examples of politically motivated assassinations.

Vince Foster was
• A former partner with Hillary at her Rose Law Firm in Arkansas who, as White House Deputy Counsel, had been tasked with forming the Presidential Blind Trust.
• After 6 months of work on the trust, he penned a memo stressing that Whitewater is “a can of worms that you should not open”.
• Then, he confided to his wife that he was planning on resigning the position and scheduled a personal meeting with President Clinton on July 21, 1993 – presumably to tender his resignation;
• He was found dead at Fort Mercy Park the evening of July 20th 1993.

I have learned to think more critically about mysterious deaths after having written, “Who’s Next? An Analysis of 53 Mysterious Banker Deaths, Federal Reserve Board White Collar Crimes”.
For instance
• There was no White House logbook entry of his exit from his office that day. This raises a question not only of “Why” but how did he leave the White House standing or feet first?
• Clinton’s Chief of Staff looted his office after he left. The exact timing is unknown.
o It was before police had even identified the body as Foster’s
o All his documents in his office and his personal safe were taken to the Clinton’s private quarters.
• The position the body was found in unusual position with his head facing downhill. There was no blood or skull fragments at the scene.
• The gun was found in his hand. This never happens when someone shoots themselves and then fall to the ground.
• Investigators noted that in their decades of experience they had “never seen a weapon or gun positioned in a suicide’s hand in such an orderly fashion”. Independent forensic experts backed up this opinion.
• Strangely, Foster’s fingerprints nor his blood was on the gun.
• His wounds contained no gunpowder or bullet fragments that could be matched to the gun.
• His wife was asked to identify a different gun than the one found at the crime scene.
• Witnesses claimed their testimony was altered by the FBI and filed lawsuits for witness tampering.

In spite of these questions of reasonable doubt, his death was ruled a “suicide” by the U.S. Park Service that investigated the death. The FBI did not officially investigate. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled it suicide.
• The Appeals Court prevented the Wall Street Journal from publishing a story about a sealed report on the case and
• It stopped them from publishing the court’s own ruling.

Foster’s death is illustrative of the types of cases found in the Clinton Body Count. Among the dead are lawyers, journalists, police officers, personal bodyguards, political associates, underlings, fundraisers, witnesses, mistresses, children and victims of harassment. The long list stretches one’s imagination for “coincidence”.

On top of that historical list, one has the 4 deaths at Benghazi that is directly attributable to Hillary’s direct non-involvement and possible ordering of defensive units to “stand down”. This is dereliction of duty and “aiding and abetting the enemy” that is currently under investigation by the House of Representatives. In my mind, she needs to be investigated, indicted and brought to justice. However, in Benghazi, she conveniently got rid of the evidence. The records are buried in her 32,000 “private” emails that she refuses to provide to the public that were on her private servers associated with her emails while in office as Secretary of State.

Both the Clinton’s political records have a directed path of quest for power that contains a long list of body counts. They provide evidence that leaders of the New World Order must be willing to do anything and say anything to gain the positional power of elected or appointed office. Bill attended the 1991 Bilderberg conference before his 1992 election. Hilary secretly attended the 2008 conference where an alleged backroom deal gave her the Secretary of State position for conceding the presidency to the handpicked puppet – Obama.

There are many rumors about Bill Clinton that assert that Bill was recruited by the CIA as part of “Operation Chaos” during his student days at Oxford and another confirmed that he had filed a CIA informant report for the agency at a peace event in Oslo in 1969. Significantly, a college professor, Carroll Quigley, author of “Tragedy and Hope, A History of the World in Our Time” who was also the official historian of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and an admitted scout for the CFR. He recommended his student, Bill Clinton, for the Fulbright Scholarship to study in London. However, Bill has lived a “blessed” life, as a politician hasn’t he? Who was doing the blessing? From a poor politician to a multi-millionaire as a politician.

Mena,  Arkansas

In Mena, AK, when Bill was Governor, there is interesting documentation about this period in Terry Reed’s Book, “Compromised, Clinton, Bush and the CIA”. No surprise, then, that the years that Bill presided as Governor of Arkansas with Hillary as his partner saw the state racked by scandal, cover-up and controversy. One of the most obvious of these connections is the drug running that went on in Mena, Arkansas as part of the CIA’s Iran-Contra connections. Terry Reed, one of the Air America pilots running opium and heroin out of Laos for the CIA during the Vietnam war, talked openly about the CIA’s operations in Mena, and Barry Seal, a confirmed covert CIA pilot, CIA undercover agent and drug smuggler, moved his operation to the Mena airport in the early 1980s. All of this occurred under Clinton’s time of governor, a fact that has been repeatedly brought out and covered up in the decades since.

Hillary’s Record as a Legislator

Hillary’s record as legislator is no less defined by controversy and scandal, and her hands are no less covered in blood than her husband’s hands. She is a war hawk who voted for:
• The Authorization for Use of Military Force that is the carte blanche for Bush, Obama and any future president to wage any type of war, invasion, or “kinetic military action” they like in the name of the “war on terror.”
• The Iraq War before she pretended to be against it.
• As Secretary of State , she presided over the NATO destruction of Libya
• As Secretary of State, she openly gloated about the assassination of Gaddafi while the TV cameras were rolling.
• As Secretary of State, she is deep into the Benghazi scandal of gun running through Ben Ghazi into our enemy’s hand – the ISIS.
• As Secretary of State, she has been a supporter of the State Department neo-Nazis who led the Ukraine coup. The U.S. spent reportedly $5 billion to support the coup.
• She admits that the U.S. created Al Qaeda and she supported them when they morphed to ISIS and were against Assad, the current legitimately reigning king of Syria.

eMails as Achilles Heals

Of all Hillary’s many faults, perhaps the one that is most likely to actually gain traction is Hillary’s emails. She used a personal server in her home as the basis of all emails while in the position of Secretary of State. Now she wants the public to believe that she did not have a single secret, top secret to compartmentalized email sent to her or sent by her during her tenure in office. This is absurd. However, she knows that such an event, if proven, is against the law and could put her in jail. Further, her use of this same server to gain reportedly $170 million from individuals and corporations and $42 million from governments as reported by G Edward Griffin on March 25 2015 in donations for her Clinton Foundation exposes her to further scandal because it is illegal to receive donations for U.S. elections from those sources.

One thing is certain. If we are to have any hope in bringing any of the Clintons’ true crimes to the public’s attention, we cannot wait for the media to do it for us. We will have to do it ourselves.

Hillary’s Record as Secretary of State

As Secretary of State, Hillary gave official recommendations and advice to President Obama as to how to direct and run the international relations of this nation. Presumably, he accepted and espoused these views. Let us look at the record by viewing President Obama’s official positions on a number of topics. As the advisor of Obama, then these positions can be considered as her positions. Obama said she did a good job as Secretary.
• Obama wants good terms with Iran whose stated views are those of a mortal enemy
o Iran’s Islam God is great and Jesus is just a prophet
o Death to America
o Death to Israel
o Damn the Jews
• Obama states a big lie that we are winning the war against ISIS as we help ISIS, which is the morphed Al Qaeda, by supplying arms to them that enable them to extend their reach to
o Libya
o Yemen
o Nigeria
o Iraq
• Obama treats the Republicans as enemies when it comes to Iran and nuclear development
• Obama treats the Senate as not important on any international U.S. agreements in spite of the Constitution which states that they must approve all international treaties.
• Obama favors the moral legitimacy of the UN Security council over the Senate of the U.S. and the Constitution on international agreements with Iran.
• Obama Facilitates Bashar Assad’s war on his own people by focusing on the ISIS / al Qaeda element while Assad focuses his fire on our stated allies – the Free Syrian Army.
• Obama in Egypt keeps the new military coup president, trained in America and friendly to America, at arm’s length and embraces his radical Muslim predecessor as the rightful ruler.
• Obama has created an image of Israel as an enemy state rather than a friend by the U.S. in the U.N. voting to make Palestine an independent state in spite of Palestine’s record of continuous bad faith
o Mr. Abbas threatening a global religious war if Jews were allowed to pray in the Temple Mount’s Al Aqsa
o In 2014, Abbas agreed to a power sharing agreement with Hamas – deal breaker for any Israeli interested in peace
o In 2010, Abbas used the expiration of the 10 month Israeli settlement freeze as an excuse to abandon bi-lateral peace efforts
o In 2008, Abbas walked away from a statehood offer by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
o In 2000, he was with Yasser Arafat at Camp David when Palestine turned down a deal by Israel’s Ehud Barak.
• Obama on March 25, 2015 through Denis McDonough, his Chief of Staff, declared that, “An occupation that has lasted almost 50 years must end”. FDR said, “In Politics, there are no accidents”, meaning that McDonough telegraphed that Obama is about to end 50 years favorite nation status with Israel. This is the only true democracy in the Middle East and they are friends of the U.S.
• Finally, on March 24, 2015, the Wall Street Journal published that during Hillary’s tenure of Secretary of State there was no departmental Inspector General. This is a historical first and had to be intentional. The Senate has recently endorsed an appointed a State Department IG. The IG is the cop and should not have allowed the private server.


Hillary’s record is beyond repair but she goes on. The Clinton deaths, Vince Foster, Benghazi deaths, email lies, bad advice to the President – – – nothing seems to stop this “Teflon” coated woman. The Press goes on as if they love this lady because she is so competent and the liberals love her. However, do they? I do not know because the press mixes so much myth while skipping reality. I rely on the internet to find the truth. I relayed some of that truth here. Make you own judgments.

What Difference Does it Make?

For me, I think it would be the death of constitutional America if either Hillary or Bill came close to the oval office again. They know how to wield power and they would further enrich themselves and thereby further the destruction of America. These are politicians not statesmen. A Statesman has a vision and a moral compass to carry out that vision. Neither of these two meets that criterion since I believe that neither has ever displayed a moral compass in their actions in or out of office.

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