GREECE_The Bankers Now Want The Acropolis

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Susoni — Sunday, 19-Jul-2015 12:23:26

What surprised me about this was the pure undaunted aggressiveness of the bankers.  I knew that they wanted Greek Assets. This it the 3rd layer of the layered debt – – – created out of fiat paper which means nothing.  They usually go for the assets on the 3rd round.  I have said many times that Greece’s best option is to pull an ICELAND.

1.  Leave the Euro Zone

2.   Leave the Euro

3.    Refuse to pay any of the debt. Zap it!

4.    Investigate the bankers and politicians that put this debt on the nation – – Papandreao

5.    Indict, try and put many in jail.  Politicians and bankers.

6.     Then consider joining the BRICS as a free independent nation.

7.     Work a deal with Russia for the pipeline to Europe to get revenue

8.    Create their own currency again.

9.    Invalidate all bank debt and put the banks into receivership – fire the top three layers of management and put many in jail

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