Gold Markets

Currently the gold markets are in turmoil  However, this is irrational and manipulated. I believe gold is about to make its move for these reasons:
• All nations are suffering recessions
• All nations have been printing fiat paper
• All nations have historically low interest rates on their bonds
• All nations have historically high debt
• If interest rates rise as little as 4%, all nations in Europe and THE US will not be able to pay the interest on the bond loans currently outstanding.
• During times like these people flee to safety which is gold.
• Gold prices have been going down since they are being manipulated down. It is not rational to see gold fall in times like these.
• China has been cornering the real gold or sold gold market.

What will happen? I believe that China will set the price of gold in the near future. When that happens, the currency wars will cease since gold will no longer be a commodity and thereby be maniputable.
• When China sets the firm price for gold, then the price will rise dramatically as Celente says.
• Inflation in each nation will determine the price in relation to the Yuan = X number of grams of gold price.
See what Celente has to say. I believe he is right.

Gerald Celente – The Great Global Panic Is On But This Is Going To Shock The World

Gerald Celente: “When the gold price rises it is not going to go up slowly, it is going to spike. You are going to see a number of up-limit days (in the gold market)….”

Almost all contributors for King World News (KWN) agree with Gerald Celente. When China fixes the Yuan price of gold, it will be removed from all community futures exchangers. Therefore, China will totally control the selling price for a single ounce of gold, and China will adjust that price per ounce slowly.

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