NEW: link: “Climate Blockbuster: New NASA Data Shows Polar Ice  as Not Receded Since 1979″  Here H The above is factual and thus directly contradicts the Global Warming proponents.  Yet, they continue in their long litany of “The sky is falling” frightening  claims.   Thus, one is faced with the question:  Given that the facts say that Global Warming is a hoax, why does it continue?    Answer: Money!

Follow the Money!

Who owns the exchanges that trade in the tokens that corporations must buy in Europe (did not pass in U.S.)?   The answer is eye opening.   The ownership of the original U.S. exchanges were –  Al Gore (15%) ,  Hank Paulson (15%),  Goldman Sachs (70%)  – – -I looked this up in Government corporate records myself when this started.  It may have changed since then but I doubt it.  The U.S. exchange set up and owned the London European exchange. It appears as if Al Gore has become a $$$$centimillionaire from this fraud – – —  where $100 million net worth defines a “centimillionaire”.

Now the question 

Why do we allow this farce to continue?   Answer:  Ignorance of the facts and apathy.

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