What Are The Differences Between Communism And Socialism

When one makes a Revolution, one cannot mark time; one must always go forward – or go back. He who now talks about the ‘freedom of the press’ goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards Socialism. Vladimir Lenin

The goal of socialism is communism. Vladimir Lenin
Socialism proposes no adequate substitute for the motive of enlightened selfishness that today is at the basis of all human labor and effort, enterprise and new activity. William Howard Taft 

In practice, socialism did not work. But socialism could never have worked because it is based on false premises about human psychology and society, and gross ignorance of human economy. David Horowitz

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. Winston Churchill



The last few week’s news has been dominated by violent demonstrations against the Trump administration. In addition, it has been dominated by leaks within the intelligence community, which hurt the Trump administration.  Specifically, a massive effort has been made to discredit the White House by his opponent liberals in the government bureaucracy as well as the Democratic Party leadership.  They know the best way to do this is to discredit a political leader as being incompetent to lead the government. Then he becomes unable to drain the swamp. Now, the forces arrayed against Donald Trump raise the open question as to whether he can drain the swamp before the swamp swallows the reformer. The talk shows parade people, mostly liberal establishment, who make allegation upon the allegation without a single instance of fact or proof. This being inaccurate still influences the public and is in fact propaganda.   This methodology adds to the swamp. They are informers making allegations and directing arrows at the Trump administration. This raises the question as to whether this is by accident, directed, or an automatic follow through of previous training. Let us explore this for a moment.

I refer the reader to a video by G. Edward Griffin, More Deadly than War.   This one hour video is interesting, highly educational, accurate, and on point.  It is also almost historical.  It was recently discovered by Ed Griffin that one of his early interviews over 50 years ago was recorded and recently put on YouTube.  Upon review, he found it so accurate and relevant to today that he put it up on his website. I just reviewed it and I agree. It is for this reason that I am writing an article about it. It is a fact that Ed Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, is what turned me on to writing about geopolitics.  As a result, I wrote two books, Who’s Next?- Part One And Part Two, that are available on my website, and concern the 66 mysterious executive deaths over a two year period of vice presidents, presidents and Chairman of banks associated with the Federal Reserve banks.  Did you know that 16 deaths of VP deaths, over an 18-month period were associated with JP Morgan?

Donald Trump is up against a very strong and lethal adversary.  I hope he lives.  The American citizens who are Trumpsters need to unite about a man who has set out to “drain the swamp”.  He is now finding out that the swamp contains people who do not want it drained both within the intelligence bureaucracy (leaks) and within the Congress (Republican RINOs who do not endorse his proposed policies or departmental candidates).  He knows how to handle such things – fire them or cut them out of the Congressional pantry.  However, the press is also almost 100% against him in spite of their charter to report the news dispassionately and accurately.  Further, one senses that something else is happening here.


Karl Marx in his book, Das Capital, describes a Utopia wherein each according to his needs and where communism will come when people are no longer greedy or competitive and when people want to share equally with their fellow human beings.  I submit that will never happen.  Thus, Karl Marx believed in forceful revolution to reach his idealized world.

Further, he describes a country where no one does better than anyone else does. Finally, when this happens, there were no longer be a need for police and the state will wither away. This is called communism – a stateless, utopian world of selfless individuals with no competitive spirit and no desire for property.    This idyllic world will never happen and the communist leaders know it.  They do not care as long as it provides them power over the people.

Before that, the state will be in charge, and communists call this state “socialism”.  The communist party will control the state and the state will control the people. Let us be explicitly clear.  There is no such thing as a communist country.  China, Russia, Cuba are not communist.  According to the party leaders, they are socialist countries and called as such by the political leaders that manage these sovereign nations. Lenin’s 10 points are clear that the ninth step before communism is socialism.  The party leaders in Russia, Cuba and China do not care whether they ever get to communism because they do not believe that that will ever occur. Why?  Because they still remain in political power, which is what they want.  They do believe that a socialist country is necessary and that a revolution is required to put the Communist party in charge of that nation.  I personally differentiate between a socialist country such as Sweden that is still Christian and a communist country by noting that God’s laws have been displaced by the state in a communist country.  However, even in China, there are over 100 million Christians.

Our nation was founded by brilliant scholars who followed Aristotle and laughed at Plato and for that reason we have a nation based on a constitution and laws but the supreme law of the land is “natural law” which is God’s law”.   To our founders, this meant nature, the Bible and Jesus Christ. This is history.  Denial of this fact is deceitful avoidance of fact and lying.  Socialist and communist countries follow Plato’s philosophy of government that has a king, emperor or party leader at the top that can override any law that the legislature devises.

Socialism is transitional to communism. Socialism controls the people. The government controls all property, all the means of production and all the means of commerce.  Accordingly, they control the people.  How do they do that?


All one has to do is talk to the refugees that fled from communism in order to see how communism works when it takes over a country.  In all instances, it is characterized by these elements –

  • At first, there is a soldier on every corner. For a year or possibly two, the soldiers existed. Then the anti-Communists were liquidated. This is a nice way to say, “Killed”.
  • Then there was peace. One could live peacefully by a large park with a church nearby.
  • One had the freedom to go to the park, make a speech against the party leadership, and then go to church and pray. Nothing would happen.
  • However, the next day, the bureaucracy would start working –
    • Your food stamps would be cut.
    • Your allotment of clothing and shoes would be cut.
    • Your allocation for living quarters would be downgraded and you would have to move.
    • Your job assignment would have changed from the work that you like and had been trained to accomplish for a manual labor job at much lower pay.

This shows the type of and the degree of power that the Communist Party has over the people in their economic way of life.

Now the strange part, this is a paraphrased quote from one who is quoted in the Griffin interview –

 “You know, I came to America expecting to find a nation of free men. Instead, I see the same thing. Everywhere, I look, I see communism (socialism) coming to everyone in their everyday life. However, they do nothing.  Perhaps they are receiving a government check and are silent against programs they should oppose. The only difference is that they can get out whereas we could not”


The goal of communism is to take over all nations of the world and create a world government.  It has the same goal as the Illuminati.  The Illuminati was founded May 1, 1771.  This is the reason that the Communist party uses May 1st as their birthday. They celebrate the illuminati.differences-communism-socialism/

It is a political movement.  Karl Mark is very explicit in how this is to be accomplished. He has two approaches. The first is a violent overthrow of the existing government and the insertion of a socialist government managed by the political leaders of the Communist Party. The second is a proletariat revolution.  The proletariat consists of the working people in society.  The differences and arguments between China and Russia and peaceful communists is that China and Russia believed in violent revolution and peaceful communists in France, Germany and the U.S. believe in peaceful proletariat revolution.  However, both have the same goal – world domination and world government.  Remember, that total government control of each nation and the world of nations are by definition totalitarianism and a dictatorship.

In the United States, it is impractical and impossible to have a violent revolution and overthrow our existing Republican democracy.  The communists know this.  They have actively instituted, created and financed programs in the Negro subculture in America.  They do this in order to create cells, which are unhappy.  Nonetheless, the communists know that the cells could never grow to the extent of overthrowing our government. On the other hand, these cells do in fact create an opportunity for aiding a proletariat revolution.  Let us see how.


A proletarian revolution is a Civil War.  The Communist Party and its followers either directly or unconsciously want a Civil War to overthrow the Trump revolution. The Trump revolution is based upon the ballot box and the belief that our government needs significant changes made to it.  It is epitomized by Trump statement, “Drain the swamp”

Those using civil war rhetoric are actually following the playbook taken from the writings of Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Communist Party.  It is language that demonizes all enemies, and specifically Donald Trump is a “capitalist exploiter” and calls for overthrow of the Trump government. The listeners are not supposed to think about what would replace this government.   However, the answer is a “socialist government” with the party leaders being in the Democratic Party, which every day is beginning to look more and more like a Socialist / Communist Party.

One may think that since these demonstrations are only a few thousand people, they are not dangerous.  You would be wrong.  It never takes but a very small percentage of the population to make political change.  These are well-organized demonstrations. It is now known that George Soros funds at least some of them. All revolutions are the work of less than 3% of the population and this includes America’s revolution in 1776.  The critical element is organization and funding.  These groups have both.  These small groups are now becoming influential in the nation’s power centers – political parties, government agencies, courts, schools, activist groups, and labor unions.

The ragtag groups shown on TV are usually black hooded, violent, but get on TV regardless of their smallness of numbers. This means they had influence.    This is only half the picture.

Classic communist Lenin strategy involves two types of revolution.  The first is by force in which the opponents of government use violence, which they call the war of national liberation.  The second is political and peaceful which they call the proletarian revolution.  In fact, the two are designed to work together.  This is how it works –

  • First, there is a violent riot in the streets, which presumably comes from the bottom because it represents masses in the streets. However, it is well organized and funded. In addition, some outsiders are usually added to the locals.
  • The second comes from the top with agents inside the government waiting for any excuse to introduce legislation that will move the nation closer to the Leninist/socialist ideal.
  • The strategy is to gradually and incrementally move the country via a series of violence /reaction steps. Each one seen by the public is necessary to compromise and thus end the violence with a socialist nation.
  • The result is that the government gets larger, more powerful and more socialist.

The best analysis that I have seen that explains this process is the video recorded 50 years ago by Ed Griffin that can be found Here. This is an hour video but well worth the time spent.


This article focuses on the fact that something else is going on behind the scenes with those delaying and fighting the progress of the Trump administration.  The activity by the Democratic Party and its liberal supporters in government is too vigorous, too well funded and too well organized to be an accidental phenomenon. It has all the feel of an organized and Communist proletarian revolution.

Essentially, the people removed from power by the voters do not want to give up their power nor leave.  Further, they do not want to give their allegiance to the elected president.  The riots are orchestrated to get new legislation and give more power to government.   The power elite in government – elected and unelected bureaucracy – want to get their power back anyway they can.

The challenge for Trump is to act quickly, identify, and fire those in the government bureaucracy that are against his administration of change and to neutralize those in office who are openly against any of the moves that he makes. – I identify RINOS such as John McCain and Lindsay Graham as well as Democratic leadership such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumar who have demonstrated that they do not support Trump.  If he does not do that, they will be effective in keeping him from draining the swamp because that is where these alligators live and thrive.

Never forget that Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism”.  Also, never forget that socialism lacks selfish motivation, which is the basis of all human labor.  Further, socialism has never worked in all of human history.  Why?  It lacks the human psychology component of selfish motivation and private property ownership.  Only through private ownership of production components can one determine what should be produced, how much should be produced and at what price.  Profit for the individual owner is determined by market price.  Government bureaucrats cannot make all these decisions in an optimum way for society. Because of that, the overall benefit for society will always deteriorate under socialism.

Now, let us address the question – What are the differences between socialism and Communism? The answer to the question posed in the title follows.  First, you will find a more detailed explanation in my book, The Differences between Socialism and Capitalism, found on my site[i].  Socialism requires a government whereas the Marx Communism Utopia does not.  There are two major differences between both Socialism and Communism and our Republican democracy form of government.  First, Socialism and Communism both require a Platonian form of government with one supreme leader who can override all laws.  This is in strong contrast to the U.S. Aristotelian constitutional government and three branches and laws that must be abided by all – including the president.   The second is the belief in God and the belief that doing the right ethical thing as dictated by God is superior to the State and the Party that runs the state.  This override of the state by God is not present in a Communist / Socialist government.  The communist party acts as God for the state.

Let us be specific about this. The U.S. at times uses God to override laws.  Martin Luther King violated the state and Federal laws in his boycotts.  However, he justified his actions by saying that he was obeying God’s law as stated in the Bible and that the state’s law was wrong.  He gathered a following and changed this nation.  In a communist country, he would have simply been picked and put into jail – – – to rot. The state always overrules God.

It is time to stop appeasing the left in order to get peace. It is time to think in terms of our own posterity and leave them a better government than this one has become.

[i] Joseph P.  Hawranek, Ph.D., The Differences Between Socialism and Capitalism, www.ravengeopolnews.com, Raven Publishing, eBooks

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