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February 3, 2014

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act”. Dietrich Bonhoeffer


“If England had not used the services of privateers and pirates during its long struggle with Spain, there is some likelihood that people today in North America would be speaking Spanish rather than English.” – Robert Earl Lee, Blackbeard the Pirate: A Reappraisal of His Life and Times


It is better to swim in the sea below / Than to swing in the air and feed the crow, / Says jolly Ned Teach of Bristol.” – Benjamin Franklin

Pirate and Problem Definition

I could not help but think of “Pirates of Old” when observing the financial scene of international global massive banking. There are many parallels. First, let us determine what the common definition of the term is today. A pirate is (a) “one who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission from a sovereign nation.” Another definition is, (b) “A ship used for this purpose.” Finally there is, (c) “One who preys on others; a plunderer.”

It seems to me that all of these definitions fit modern global banking. Let us examine how.
(a) Robs at sea: The modern sea is the digital flow of money about the world in the form of literally multiple trillions of dollars a day. It is extra national and for the most part unregulated by any nation.
(b) Ship Used for this Purpose: International banks controlled by Central bankers controlled by the BIS controlled by a very tight set of international banking families such as the Rothschilds, Warburgs etc. No one really knows the percentages but it seems that many know the relationships.
(c) A Plunderer: This also fits when one considers the 3rd world where banks lend money that cannot be repaid, is not expected to be repaid and then lent again with a guarantee of national assets such as mineral deposits to be attached to the loans so that the next time the nation defaults, the banks own the assets. The banks plunder this way since they create the money out of nothing. Read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins, for the full story. Greece is but one example. Most of the nations of Latin America and now Africa is emerging as ripe turf tor these banks to pillage.

On the other hand, the quote about Blackbeard the pirate above is also true. Without the banks involvement and participation, the New World Order zealots would not have been as successful as they have been. They are not interested in money. They have that. They are interested in power – over you. The fascist banks supply the money to “influence” the legislatures of the world and get laws passed that aid the governments to gain more power and control over the people. This is happening all over the world. See my article on Bail Ins and the G20 Financial Strategy plans for “Bail Ins” to take up to 70% of the savings of the citizens. See the G20 Stability Board Strategic Financial Plan, The Sting, Part I and The Sting, Part II to see what is being planned for you. It is already there in black letter law such as the Dodd Frank Law and its regulations that include the G20 Financial Strategy. Just read it and walk away in unbelief or get involved to fight it.

Pirate Captains

I was surprised to learn that pirate bands were democratic. The crew elected the Pirate Captains. When they took treasure, the Pirate Captains took a larger share than the crew did in booty. This is so today. Note the recent announcements for the largest modern pirate ships – Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Both the dates and the amounts are important, as we will see:
• January 16, 2014 – JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, gets a board award of $34 million bonus. His salary goes from $11.5 million to $20 million.
• January 30, 2013 – Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, gets a $21 million payday with a $14.5 million bonus.

Modern pirates are well paid. Let us look as to why. They increased the sales, earnings, and stock prices. However, they stole from all of us to do it. My article, “What Happened to German Gold?” explains what was stolen. Deutschebank JP Morgan and others were into price fixing of gold and silver prices. This is similar to the LIBOR rate interest rate fixing that they have already been caught doing. No one has gone to jail on that white-collar crime and theft.

The investigators of the LIBOR had two “whistleblowers” at JP Morgan surface according to a Kremlin report prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Ministry of Defense as reported by Sorcha Faal: “Catastrophe” Warned Will Shake the Entire World. This person has been known to reveal both truth and fiction and may be an asset of an intelligence agency so caution. It is difficult on the internet to prove anything. However, in this instance the events are significant. Note the dates and the people who are now dead.
• January 16, 2014 – Germany announces that the Gold and Silver markets were manipulated in a fashion that was worse than LIBOR rate fixing. This event was the same day that JP Morgan announced that Jamie Dimon got his bonus.
• January 17, 2014 – Deutschemark resigns from the bank group that fixed prices in London.
• January 24, 2014 – HSBC Imposed restrictions on large cash withdrawals and as a result the Russian “My Bank” and “Prioda Bank” were unable to withdraw their deposits and were shut down.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Then, interesting and tragic things began to happen. Fulford reports “MI5 and other sources” say that the three banker deaths were connected and associated with a concerted attack on “JP Morgan, Skull and Bones and the Bush family”. I am reporting what was in the press, what was reported by the “inside press” – Bloomberg and by Benjamin Fulford on the internet.

January 26, 2014, Deutsche Bank Executive, Bill Broeksmit,

o Press: Age 58, found dead in Chelsea, London;
o Bloomberg reports that he was found “hanging” in his home – “an apparent suicide”;
o Benjamin Fulford reports that when Deutschebank left the gold fixing cartel, they left JP Morgan owning 60% of all gold derivatives in the US “meaning it owns 65 times more paper gold than it has physical gold.” I note that JP Morgan shipped out ½ of its physical gold inventory last week – about 331,000 oz.

January 28, 2014, JP Morgan banker, Gabriel Magee,

o Press: Age 39, “falls” from 55th floor at his headquarters;
o Bloomberg reports that he was a Vice President of JP Morgan Chase London Headquarters and “jumped to his death from a building in the Canary Wharf area”;
o Benjamin Fulford reports that he was an IT specialist dealing with Europe, Middle East including Saudi Arabia and Africa. He worked on market “predictive” artificial intelligence programs that spot market movements. Benjamin Fulford reports “UK investigators suspect that “he was killed after he spotted and was about to blow the whistle on huge dollar transfers being made out of BRIC countries”.

• January 31, 2014, Mike Dueker
o Press: Age 50, Former FED economist found dead on the side of the highway that leads to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington state, employee of Russell Investments;
o Bloomberg reports that he was having “troubles at work”;
o Benjamin Fulford: Speculates that it is “likely that Russell Investments is linked to the Russell Trust that controls Skull and Bones and the Council on Foreign Relations”. Fulford further reports that “UK investigators suspect he was killed to silence him after he spotted and was about to blow the whistle on looting the pension and insurance funds by the FEDs.”

It now appears according to Sorcha Faals that the “Whistleblowers” at JP Morgan started the LIBOR investigation into a new direction of Gold and Silver manipulation and all three of these men were being investigated. In the pirate world, “Dead men tell no tales” so the investigation has at least been delayed by these deaths.

Do you smell a rat? I do. However, to smell one and to catch one are two different things. First, we have reports of three bankers, identified by whistleblowers to the investigators, as having manipulated gold and silver prices. Then we have Deutschebank and the nation of Germany validating the “manipulation” with a formal statement that prices are manipulated. Then, we have the principal lieutenants being “suicided” by someone. Finally, we have the Captains of the pirate ships walking away with their “booty” in the form of massive bonuses. Did you notice that I used the term “lieutenants”? These men probably executed the price manipulations and the movement of funds in their daily operations. Thus, all blame will fall on them. However, the Generals were the CEOs of the pirate ships – – – Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Deutschebank. Other ships had to be involved in this armada to rip off the public. These are the ones identified thus far.


I report with some jest and a lot of seriousness that the modern banks represent an armada of pirate ships that raid upon the digital flow of money about the world. When exposed and “fired upon at close quarters with investigations”, they close ranks and counter attack by eliminating people who know too much and can reveal information. However, these are smart “Pirates” and do one other thing that is masterful – they change the laws of nations and the international community to cover their thefts. For instance, the G20 Financial plan recommends that all nations use the Dodd Frank Law as a model for their own laws. These nation’s laws were changed by June 2012 as reported by the G20. Further, they defined the procedures to take over (steal) citizens’ assets using a new term, “Bail Ins”. “Bail Ins” are to be used as a vehicle for the “too big to fail” banks that they renamed, G_SIFI, Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions. However, being Pirates, they still remember the adage – “Dead Men tell no Tales”. Their modus operandi of operating on the international waters and taking from everyone has been exposed in two incidents of LIBOR, Gold, and Silver price manipulations. We have:
• LIBOR – price manipulation;
• Gold and Silver prices – price manipulation;
• Use the manipulation of prices to maximize their profits via coordinated attacks with multiple banks and to steal from the citizens;
• The banking sector over the last five years has been the best performing sector in the market;
• The pirates reward their Captains well when they increase profits by illegal manipulation of the markets;
• When totally exposed and under investigated, the pirates seem to eliminate the ones that “know too much” and make them “die” in mysterious ways. This upholds the pirate tradition of “Dead men tell no tales.”
• If questioned too vociferously, they get their “inside the Press” friends to report distorted stories to divert the public from the real facts.

I note that the cover up methodology is the same whether it is the Pirates or the Government. It makes one wonder whether the same people are involved.

How to stop this travesty? It is not easy because we are law abiding not outlaws. In the old West, they had “hanging trees”. For law-abiding citizens, it now takes investigation, proof, enactment of RICO court rulings and the repeal and or reenactment of at least the following laws that these pirates has gotten repealed or enacted via money, influence and favors.
• Reenact Glass Steagall – it is a major hindrance to the pirate ships;
• Repeal Dodd Frank Law – it is the burglar tool set that will be used for Bail Ins. Specifically, this law labels large banks as being “too big to fail” and in the same law makes all regulatory agencies and police agencies report to the FED;
• Repeal FATCA – this law starts July 1 and is a virtual “Iron Wall” for individuals to control all their investments globally;
• Repeal Graham, Leach, Bliley – This law repeals Glass Steagall and creates an umbrella for derivatives. This legalizes many forms of derivatives such that when they fail, the banks will have the “cover” that what they did was within the law and thus they cannot be convicted for criminal fraud;
• Remove and disavow the G20 Financial Stability Board plan for Bail Ins – let the banks fail. Split them in ½ per Glass Steagall – Investment banking and Retail banking. The Investment side would fail. The G20 Financial plan was the vehicle to get Dodd Frank terms legislated on the G20 and to use Dodd Frank as the form and content for other nation’s laws;
• Audit the FED and enact RICO against the banks and its Pirate Captains to take all their assets as allowed by RICO. Put as many in jail that can be convicted;
• Treat all derivatives as what they are – side bets – not investments. Thus, disavow and honor none of them. This removes this financial “nuclear” threat of $1.2 quadrillion.

Will the above happen? I doubt it. To know what to do does not make it happen. What will happen? Unfortunately, the system will most likely fail on the central bank’s timetable. The citizens will lose a good percentage of their savings through “bail ins” used to save the banks, riots will occur and then things will start to happen. However, the “cow will already be out of the barn”.

The nation of Iceland reacted strongly when faced with a similar situation. The Iceland solution is still a good and reasonable solution –
• Elect a new president;
• Investigate, prosecute, convict, and jail executives of banks and legislatures;
• Bankrupt banks and financial institutions; remove the top layers of banking management;
• Get out of the Euro and the European Union and go to a national currency. In the US case, this would be to go to Treasury notes based on gold such as was put in place with Executive Orders by JFK just before his murder. All you would have to do is reenact them. Drop Federal Reserve fiat notes as US tender. I recall that Lyndon Johnson the first week he was in office removed these specific Executive Orders. Also, get out of all international trade agreements and make each one be reevaluated as to being, “good for our nation”;
• Zero most of the nation’s debts because the people did not agree to them – the Federal Reserve (a corporation) agreed to them. For one example, it is a fact that $17 trillion went to European banks and this transaction was hidden from the American people;
• Zero out mortgage loans based on Federal Reserve debt creating the “loans” out of thin air and were illegally transferred without the knowledge of the mortgagee to ownership by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Iceland is thriving two years after doing all this and Interpol is continuing the hunt for some of the fugitive bankers and legislators who fled to Europe. No one was killed but many are in jail.

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