Council on Foreign Relations – Origin and New World Order Objective, Examine Charge that it Runs the US and Discernment When Reading the Internet

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This article focuses on the Council on Foreign Relations. It examines its origin and quotes from a number of people who have been members. The charge that it runs the United States government is not far-fetched. Today, it advises both parties and consistently places a number of its members in key government positions.

David Rockefeller founded the CFR in 1921. However, its origin is really based on a conspiracy that was formed in 1891 with Cecil Rhodes. In 1891, Rhodes established his inner group and their objectives. In the early 1900s, Cecil Rhodes activated his plan by founding what he called the Roundtable Group. The group was made up of multiple English speaking countries. Each country founded a similar organization. In the United States, the organization was called the Council on Foreign Relations and David Rockefeller established it in 1921. Other Roundtable members were the Royal Institute of international affairs in England and the Canadian Institute of International Affairs in Canada. The goal of this conspiracy was to “Unite in a federal structure around Britain”. This is the old British Empire. Rhodes was a strong nationalist. He left his fortune to achieve this goal. It is still working for him and this objective. Presumably, the nations would give up their sovereignty when they joined this confederation of the Roundtable.

The popular press does not focus on the origin of the CFR, its objectives, its scope or progress. For this information, one must rely on the Internet and published books.  This then leads in the direction of comparing the Internet to the popular press for gathering information. Which is better? The research found that the internet had more truth in it but that one had to be a discerning reader to find it. The Press has become more and more a propaganda machine for the elites. How do they control the Press? A simple search shows that the press has evolved from 50 owners in the 1970s to only six owners today that control 90% of the popular media in America. One of these owners have paid no taxes in 5 years. The elites control these six institutions. Since the top members are billionaires, the motivation of the elites is not money but power. They openly promote and work toward a New World Order in which they will play a key role. In their mind, this is a world government that controls mankind.

Their view is that they can and should run this world using the vehicle of the UN. In this manner, they would get their ideas enforced on the people of the earth, as they would be the powerful men that would help choose the UN members through their influence in the sovereign nations.

In conclusion, the article reaches the viewpoint that the CFR, which currently “advises” both parties in the United States, vets and chooses the presidential candidates, has become very powerful. Its members are the chief staff members of the president and it has de-facto chosen the Secretary of State for 70 years. Further, its members use a revolving door between critical government positions and the CFR. Thus, the charge of “running the country” has significant merit.

To find the truth, search the internet but use good discerning judgment on what is returned. This is the IIG revolution but truth must be filtered from all that data recovered.

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