Berghdahl, Swiftboaters, American Heroes and Treason

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This article is about the Bowe Berghdahl release for 5 terrorist leaders of the Taliban – this nation’s declared enemy. It examines the philosophical question of – what is the War on Terrorism, are the Taliban our enemy; is desertion under fire treason; what is a Hero; what is treason.  All extremely important questions during these times.   In the process, it examines the cost of the War on Terrorism, the philosophy of “no man left behind”, where the Taliban fits in the War on Terror, the Constitutional definition of Treason, a review of some true American heroes – Bob Dole, Sgt York, Audie Murphy. Finally, it investigates the facts about the Bowe Bergdahl incident, the Obama support of the ISIS terrorists and raises the question of where these actions fit within the definition of Treason.

In the Bowe Bergdahl incident, the government is using every cover up procedure at their disposal. This includes no access to Berghdahl for asking questions as well as diversionary scandals – Lois Lerner. It is as if the government feels that if they delay long enough the problem will go away. The term “Swiftboaters” was used by the press to categorize the men and denigrate them because they were calling Bergdahl a deserter. John Kerry was the original “swiftboater” where he blatantly lied before Congress about his exploits. His men say that he lied. In this instance, the Afghanistan GIs say that the government lies and it is rewarding a deserter with White House Rose Garden praise.

Finally, the young inexperienced political advisers of Obama are briefly examined. It is one of the reasons that he selectively ignores the law and the constitution. He surrounds himself with inexperience. Finally, this raises the question – is this another bitter pill that the military must swallow.  For the last 20 years, the military has been used as an experimental lab for the left’s ideas of social change from women in combat to homosexuals. Is this another poke at the military – to negotiate with the enemy?

My conclusions are clear – if Berghdahl deserted, shoot him; the 5 released Taliban terrorists will go back to their organizations and return to attack us again; Lois Lerner is a diversionary tactic; the military should be rewarded with benefits not tethered with additional social experiments enforced by someone that has never put their lives in harm’s way. Finally, an independent council needs to be put in place to investigate a charge of Treason against Obama for – Aid and comfort to the enemy. The specific investigations should consider –

  • Gun running to the Mexican drug cartel – fast and furious;
  • Gun running to Syrian ISIS terrorists – Benghazi;
  • Release of enemy combatants to the ISIS terrorists – Bowe Bergdahl and
  • Support of ISIS terrorists over the Iraq government.

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