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 All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke (1729 -1797)

 Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer; nothing is more difficult than to understand him.Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821 – 1881)

 Benghazi – Kathleen Wiley Exposes Clinton Scandals

Benghazi is just one of the scandals Kathleen Wiley exposes.  Kathleen Wiley is finally getting some revenge against the Clintons. She just opened a website called Hillary Clinton, “A Scandal a Day” seen here.

The site proposes full disclosure of all the Clinton Scandals. It will focus on a Scandal a Day. View the video to get an overview of the long, long, long list of the “scandals” that trail behind Hilary and her serial rapist husband Bill. Her record shows that she is a calculating liar devoid of any shame, has no vision for this nation, has no moral compass and is personally after positional power in order to use that power to squeeze(extort) money out of people, businesses and nations. The Wall Street JournaHillary rg0l editorial page on August 8 2015 calls her “incorrigibly dishonest” Her “charitable” foundation during her tenure as Secretary of State grew to over a $600 million endowment.

In my mind, she is a sociopath. By this, I mean her performance record has shown that she will do anything or say anything to gain positional power. Once in positional power, she uses her office to make money outside of government. It is not by accident that as a government employee always making under $250 K per year that she and Bill have become centi-millionaires. Criminal law calls her process of raising money as extortion but as a politician, she apparently gets away with this “donation” to her charity.  It is not a crime to donate to charity.

The only question, not investigated by Kathleen Wiley, is whether she and Bill are psychopaths. The list of mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons actually raise that as a possibility. Snopes gives their views here but others strongly disagree here. Having read most of the reports, I also disagree. How she stays out of jail is the big mystery to me. Anyone else would be in jail by now. She just gets another government office and hides there.


Dick Morris reports in a recent article that can be seen by clicking here$221,139,516: Clintons Income Since 2001that this team has earned $221 Million in the 14 years since leaving the White House. In 2001, the year they left, they earned $16 million.

I quote Dick Morris –

“Leaving the White House opened a gravy train that has moved the Clintons to the highest percentage of all U.S. earners.  Their annual income puts them in the top 1/2 of 1%.  So they are at the very top of the 1%-ers that Hillary often disparages.”

So do not feel sorry for her.  Below is their income from 2000 to 2014:

•  2000 = $357,629
•  2001 = $16,165,110
•  2002 = $9,556,550
•  2003 = $8,033,374
•  2004 = $20,264,179
•  2005 = $18,056,395
•  2006 = $16,063, 908
•  2007 = $21,199,212
•  2008 = $5,573,351
•  2009 = $10,223,318
•  2010 = $13,244,484
•  2011 = $14,899,484
•  2012 = $19,993,299
•  2013 = $27,093,859
•  2014 = $28,336,212

In addition, she and Bill milk the system to make more money for their Foundation – reported to be in the range of $600 million thus far. They also use the Foundation as a tax dodge. For instance, since 2008, they made $116 million and gave $14,959,450 to charity – all but $200,000 went to the Clinton Charitable Foundation that pays most of their travel expenses as well as their “secret Libya advisor” operative, Sid Blumenthal, who was used in the Benghazi debacle as proved by his subpoenaed and released 4 emails that are still classified “secret”. They were illegally sent from her private server in her home.

Recently, she melded her reelection campaign funds into the charitable foundation. This enables her to use the entire $600 million for reelection and allows all donors to get a tax deduction for charity but is in fact a contribution for her election. Currently, political donations are not tax deductible.

Benghazi Articles

I would like to focus on just one of the Scandals. Everyone owes it to themselves to review the list of Scandals noted in this video as well as to think about the Clinton income since leaving the White House. In reviewing the scandals, it was interesting to remember the long list of events where I got angry at the time. See my nine articles on Benghazi – – – this is just one of the Scandals. In addition, I have Posted other articles on other scandals that you can find on my site .

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