Barack Obama Pardons of the Clintons

Joseph P. Hawranek, Ph. D.

December 9, 2016

America’s state religion is patriotism, a phenomenon which has convinced many of the citizenry that ‘treason’ is morally worse than murder or rape. William Blum 

There’s only one reason to be crucified under the Roman Empire, and that is for treason or sedition. Crucifixion, we have to understand, was not actually a form of capital punishment for Rome. In fact, it was often the case that the criminal would be killed first and then crucified. Reza Aslan
I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been challenged by so many people, and I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either. Donald Trump


This is about a short video by Dick Morris – – – “Pay for Play Clinton Foundation”.  This 5-minute video by Dick Morris covers the Clintons – post election – and what will happen now.  Click Here or below to go to the video

This Dick Morris lunch alert to my mind is very significant.  I send it out because I trust his reporting skills because he worked with Bill and Hillary for 20 years. He understands how they work and think. More importantly, he understands how Washington politicians think.


The Donald Trump surge was due to two things. First, Donald Trump placed a seed of hope in the “have-nots” minds.  The have-nots are those people who must live with the regulations and dictates of Washington DC elites and the media misinformation and lies. They must comply but have no vote in what is being said.

A peaceful revolution is equivalent to the peaceful revolution that took place in the United Kingdom called Brexit.  People all across America have become fed up with the Clinton lies, scandals, evasions, subterfuge, diversions and distortions. In spite of what the press says, they trust Donald Trump to perform. This means that they now have hope that the government’s corruptions will be stopped and that the government will start living by the Constitution rather than ignoring it. In addition, most importantly, the 23% unemployed and the 50 million people on food stamps really do not want to be there. They want work and self-reliance.  Donald Trump paints a picture of hope for employment as he tries to turn this nation around to make it great again.


Dick Morris reports in his lunch time video – The Clinton newest scandals of emails and the Clinton foundation will be pardoned by Barack Obama. If this actually happens, then America will be hurt.

This would be a tragedy for America. The emails are related to secrecy – secrecy of information beyond top-secret. Some of these emails were compartmentalized.  This only happens at the highest level.  Think in terms of atomic secrets during WWII.   Hillary was cavalier in her server procedures put in place that did not maintain secrecy. We now think that at least five intelligence agencies of foreign sovereign nations have possession of her emails from her server. In my mind, this is Russia, China, Iran, UK and Israel.

In my book 39 Years of Clinton Scandals and Corruptions, found on my website, I am very specific as to what took place, why it is wrong, and how the Clintons and Obama covered up these felonious acts. Before I retired as an IBM Certified Communications and Security Consultant, I was a security expert for IBM.   Her actions are definitely a felony.

I took the time to read the law. In addition, her getting away with this secrecy exposure destroys procedures, disciplines and attitudes built within the intelligence and military communities that go back 90 years. It is ok for the Secretary of State to expose Compartmentalized information to the enemy but if you do so, you go to jail. Litterly 100s of millions of people lived by and are living by these rules because they exist and they love America.  Anyone else that did these things would be in jail.

We do not know because of redactions, but if is highly likely that our agents overseas were exposed and some may have been killed. The FBI knows.  The attitudes for security that were destroyed by our Secretary of State was the need to protect secrecy for government information that all employees are aware of, including her – despite her lies.  People that work in government-classified areas know that “Loose lips sink ships”.  They also know that American fellow citizens may lose their lives if the information in their personal possession is not protected and is leaked accidentally to our combatant enemies. I believe that that is what occurred in this instance but it was obvious to me that her server was wide open for a Passive attack – retrieve files but do not actively change anything. I now know that she openly exposed our secrets even after being advised to put her IPads, personal computers and server on State Department secure machines. This information is available in my book and it comes from the released Department of State review investigation that is published.  I read it.  This makes her not only guilty of a felony; it makes her complicit in any deaths that may have occurred because of her negligence.  Dick Morris only covers this lightly because he says it’s “just secrecy”, but this secrecy at the level of Secretary of State is fundamental to protecting this nation. She violated that procedure after repeated warnings to the extent that it was in my mind – treasonous. She aided and abetted the enemy.


Dick Morris is very upset about the Clinton foundation. So am I. The Clinton foundation is about bribery and extortion that goes into multiple government agencies, many corporations, international corporations, and foreign nations.  What was occurring was that the Clintons were selling access to the Secretary of State who at times provided special favors related to the US government.  Further, this access was used to sell authorizations from the US Government that had to be made by the Secretary of State.  Specifically, the Uranium transaction that allowed Russia to buy 20% of the mining capacity in the US required prior approval of the Secretary of State.  She gave it and Bill Clinton negotiated it.  In return, the Clinton foundation received a $125 million dollars donation.  The secretary of state made more favors to corporate executives, foreign officials and foreign nations. Again, these are felony violations of black letter law.   For further details, see my book, 39 of Clinton Scandals and Corruptions available on my site Here.

Dick Morris believes that Pres. Barack Obama is going to give pardons to the following individuals before he leaves office -Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Cheryl Mills, and Uma Abedin.  This would be a direct affront to criminal laws and our Constitution. I personally believe but cannot prove that Barack Obama was directly involved or is an accessory in a few of these bribery extortion’s. At a minimum, much can be learned by the citizens about the corruption in Washington DC by the release of information that I believe the FBI already possesses.  Once released, tougher laws could be enacted to catch criminals earlier in their criminal theft and influence peddling cycles.

Why do I believe that the FBI already possesses this information?  We now know that the FBI has been continuously investigating the Clinton foundation for 15 years. They started the day after Bill Clinton pardoned felonious hardened criminals.  James Comey was appointed as the special prosecutor that investigated whether Bill Clinton had done anything wrong. He gave Bill Clinton a clean bill of health. Bill had been taking money in the form of donations to the Clinton fund or Hillary’s reelection campaign or the DNC – they were very easy to get along with. In return, he granted a presidential pardon to the donator.

As a criminal investigation of the Clinton server, the FBI had the right to and probably used that right to gather information resident on the Clinton unprotected server. This is a cakewalk for the technicians and technology that the FBI possesses. The significance of this is that the FBI knows everything that has been going on.  They just have not informed the public.  Remember, they are an investigative agency not an indictment agency in spite of what James Comey may want you to believe. He had no authority to say that Hillary had done nothing that was indictable. That was the Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General’s jurisdiction.

In order to convict the Clintons, a grand jury has to be called, evidence presented, and an indictment issued. The FBI is an investigative agency.  The Justice Department in which the FBI resides is the agency that must ask for Grand Juries. The FBI requested a Grand Jury multiple times.  Senior officials in the Justice Department refused this for 15 years. This needs to be investigated and determined why

In summary, the Clintons are dirty and possibly criminals who caused American deaths while they were enriching themselves. No president, especially one who may be complicitly involved himself, should be allowed to provide pardons to these people. The reason, of course, is that this is the ultimate cover up of crimes against America that may have caused American citizens deaths. On the other hand, it is likely in this politically correct world, that Hillary and Bill will get off going to jail because Barack Obama is also complicit in at least Benghazi and the record and proof lies on the non-protected server.

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